Company Placeholder
The Engineers of the OAT building a set of Sentry Turrets for combat
Faction Company of Liberty
Cost $600
Build at Barracks
Requires Radar Center
Detailed Information
Company Engineer Place of Origin United States Flag of USA Small
Trained DUDE Construction School - USA
Role Utility Infantry
In Service Active
- SPAS-12 Combat Shotgun

- Colt M1911 Pistol
- Wrench for Building Repairs
- Hard-Hat for Site Entry
- Tool-Box /w Tools

"Another Satisfied Customer"
- Engineer after building a utility structure -

The OAT Engineer is a Combat and Support Operative which specialises in deploying small Defense Turrets and Utility Buildings to help a small recon outpost survive within a matter of seconds, they can also be used for holding out against enemy forces until backup arrives to assist, Whilst being at Tier 2, the OAT Engineers can specialises in the deployment of stationary buildings & defensive turrets, specially designed by scientists and made to combat a threat it has been chosen for, he is also capable of repairing buildings which have been damaged by enemy units.

Battlefield Career

Engineers might not suitable for combat, he is specially prepared for war just in case he is attacked by enemy personnel during his building work, his French SPAS-12 Shotgun & Colt .M1911 Pistol is specially issued for defensive countermeasures which allow him to fend off infantry until his evacuation unit either a Blackhawk, a Mule or a Cheetah arrives to pick him up to escape from enemy forces if he is alone.

His wrench & tool-box is capable of building a small recon base of Sentry Turrets, Bunkers & many others which he can utilise for his defensive needs and the defensive needs of his teammates.

Support Provided

Structures in supportive stances depending on the situation they are built in; the Engineers can set up these utility structures and defensive turrets to hold out, help set up camps when waiting for enemies or building recon outposts which doesn't involve large bases.

  • Medic Node - Small healing node. This small device heals infantry in a small radious which brings them back into the battlefield if there are no Medics, Ambulances or Medical Stations in a location.
  • Guard Tower - A medium-sized structure. When built, Guard Towers can garrison up to six soldiers for base protection, they don't last long unlike Iron Dragon PLA's heavy armoured Surplus Gattling Bunkers.
  • Sentry Machine Gun - Anti-Air and Anti-Infantry emplacements which doesn't require any power to function. Good when holding out from charging enemy soldiers or aircraft. The Sentry Machine Gun is useful when a Barracks is built.
  • Sentry Missile Turret - This Turret is capable in holding out against tanks. These sentries unlike the Machine Gun Version are good for dealing with tank threats which are harassing bases in regions of the world, the Missile Turret is mainly for anti-ground defences.

Behind The Scenes

  • The Engineer is an accepted idea by Waywatch.
  • He is inspired by the Engineer Class from Team Fortress 2.
  • His building capabilities for deploying Turrets & Utility Buildings for use by fellow soldiers of the Company of Liberty are also based from the game.