New Andes Armada
New Andes Armada Emblem
The current New Andes Armada emblem, found on infantry and some operated vehicles
Formation June 17th 2032

Caracas, Venezuela
South America Flag of Venezuela Small

Faction Color Yellow
Allies Company of Liberty

Allied Nations
United States Task Forces
Eurasian Commonwealth

Enemies Global Liberation Resistance

Iron Dragon PLA

Type of Faction Commonwealth of South America
Leaders Henrique Solano
Officers Angelo Martinez

Mario Carmona
Rafael Solano
Mercedes Solano
Zelda Martinez

Special Weapons Prism Weapons

Red Heat Fuel
Earthshaker Weapons

Strategies Support Wars


Strengths Waves of Support Units

Combines Task Forces

Weaknesses Demoralised without support

Expensive Aircraft

Status Ingame

10% of Units Ingame
More Units Being Added

The New Andes Armada is a South American faction originating in Venezuela, the faction is part of a set of Allied Nations brigades of peace and currently allies with the Company of Liberty and the United States in their objective, to deal with terrorist forces across the world.

Currently the New Andes Armada is at war against the GLRF, GLA Separatists and Martollo Cartel due to a big account of terrorist attacks against South America, they are currently in a small conflict with the Iron Dragon PLA for possible reasons of influence or expansion of armed forces, peace talks between the two sides are being discussed by the Company of Liberty and Allied Nations officials at this time.

The Story

To be added...

Infrastructure of the Armada

To be added...

Contributing Countries

Currently main operations for the New Andes Armada is in Venezuela, within South America there are several New Andes Armada bases and outposts located in Argentina, Brazil, regions of Ecuador, Trinidad and Tobago. Foreign allies who are supporting the allience is the United States, Europe and Eurasia. Most contributors currently consist of all South American continents who provide equipment, recruits and supplies to the Andes Armada cause, whilst fighting enemy forces who oppose a threat to the South American faction.

Notable Command Flagship

Cameo Name Description
Andes Armada Placeholder NAACS Caracas

The main ship that can be deployed at anytime for offshore control within the New Andes Armada, she is named after the capital city of Venezuela, Caracas. Her capabilities can send shivers down spines of any enemy forces that oppose her, she can be good for deploying construction vehicles for emergencies and bombarding enemy units.

Her weaponry consists of long-range explosive artillery cannons to take on enemy units from the shores assisting her allies landing onto shores of nations, her secondary on the rear of the ship is a set of surface to air missiles that can take on enemy aircraft such as planes and helicopters, the munitions are equipped with Red Heat Fuel.

Built by a Venezuelan ship builder, NAACS Caracas has a unique looking design with an armoured front that can allow her to destroy other ships whilst bashing into them, allowing her to take on enemy naval forces whilst she can deal with units on the shore and aircraft at anytime, she is operated by a team of specially selected sailors and veterans of many wars along with Venezuelan naval regiments, with many assistance from other sailors from many countries that operate a link with New Andes Armada.

Legacy against the Martollo Cartel

To be added...

Infantry Regiments

The New Andes Armada consists of specially trained infantry regiments for battlefield emplacement when required to fight off the Martollo Cartel in their homeland or deal with personnel from the Global Liberation Resistance sent to capture South America. But Henrique Solano's best soldier regiments with various abilities which they can utilise in battle to disallow GLRF forces to land in Southern America and take over.

Cameo Name Description
Andes Armada Placeholder Ward

Young soldiers of the New Andes Armada from Bazil and various other countries forming the main frontline operative, Wards are fast due to too much exercise and energy which can outrun tanks and slow scout vehicles whilst on patrol.

All-thou capable of outrunning ground vehicles, he is armed with a scattergun that can allow them to deal with any nearby infantry in the open, they are also capable of capturing buildings.

Andes MTL Grenedier MTL Grenedier

Mainline specialists from Venezuela which can deal with enemy armour.

MTL Grenadiers are good in explosives in many ways when he is required to clean a path against their enemies as he can cause trouble against hostiles with his EMP grenades which can disable vehicles. He is considered a threat by the Martollo Cartel.

Andes Armada Placeholder Bulldog

Anti-Aircraft soldiers, enlisted to answer the call to fight against their foes and enemy forces who is achieving their goal of world domination.

Bulldog class anti-aircraft operatives are enlisted from Ecuador and Argentina is armed with an M249 Light MG to deal with mainly enemy aircraft, he can also take on soldiers.

Andes Armada Placeholder Shaman

An engineer and medic in one, Shaman personnel are equipped with a carry case with wrenches, medical supplies to help their fellow allies around him, all-thou he is very vunerable to enemy personnel on the battlefield and mainly to enemy forces of the Martollo Cartel.

He comes with a revolver to hold down enemy units, also he is capable of a Demoralize special ability to demoralize enemy infantry around him, but also granting allies around him a bonus.

Andes Armada Placeholder Lion

Brave, strong hearted and honoured to be on the New Andes Armada, Lion class snipers of Trinidad and Tobago rise up to the oppression against the Martollo Cartel and the GLRF.

He is armed with an M14 rifle to deal with enemies from far ranges, he is stealthed unless moving.

Andes Dagger Dagger Scout

Stealthed agents from Brazil which can cause trouble against enemy infantry.

He is a good counterpart to revealing enemy positions whilst on patrols, Dagger class scouts has a set of silenced pistols and knives to deal with enemy forces, he is not as fast as Wards but he can catch up with enemy infantry to bring down threat levels.

Andes Armada Placeholder Badger

Elite Soldiers from Argentina, the Badger come armed with a modified M79 which shoot heat tipped grenades.

He can use these specially equipped grenade launchers to deal with enemy forces inside buildings to clean out for soldiers to occupy whenever required.

Andes Challenger Challenger

Armed with a Prism Laser Rifle which can do almost destroy any ground vehicle or aircraft in 3-4 shots.

Challenger heavy soldiers are good when dealing with these sorts of threats whenever Solano requires them to be deployed, unlike MTL Grenadiers and Bulldogs, they are also good for suppressing areas for longer, also coming with heavy armour.

Andes Armada Placeholder Luigi Carmona

Well known for his heroic actions, Luigi Carmona is best for his actions against the Martollo Cartel during the dark times in South America with help from his brother Mario.

Luigi is equipped with an assortment of weapons to take on his foes and deal major damage against his enemies, he is armed with a Striker combat shotgun which comes with a small compact prism laser rifle and C6 charges to use on buildings.

He is stealthed unless he attacks enemy forces with his shotgun or prism laser rifle, he can also be revealed if he either plants C6 charges on objects or gets spotted by scout units.

Combat and Support Vehicles

The New Andes Armada vehicles consist of the finest built in South America and some imported vehicles from North America and Eurasia. Mainly half of vehicles utilised by the Armada consist of South American made whilst the other half are imported and utilised for battlefield use whenever South America is at war with terrorist groups or regionwide factions like the Martollo Cartel.

Support Units

Cameo Name Description
Andes Armada Placeholder Surveyor Excavator

Swedish excavators taking role for construction of bases for use in the New Andes Armada chain of command for base construction in South America, Volvo EC700 Surveyor is the backbone of the South American faction with hidden lightweight armour plating.

Along with their hidden inside the excavator's chassis for extra protection against enemy threats, the vehicle is known to be faster than Bulldozers and even the Company Landsweeper, EC700s have been known to be targeted by enemy forces.

Andes Armada Placeholder Fuso Canter Supply Truck

Built by Mitsubishi's truck and bus division in Japan with flatbeds in the New Andes Armada's forces, the Fuso Canter is one of many supply vehicles operating in the South American's armed forces but unarmed and must be protected.

This vehicle can transport a good set of supplies for funding the cause against terrorism and any forms of hostile elements.

Tier 1

Cameo Name Description
Andes Armada Placeholder Estoque Tank Hunter

Donated by Tekan Combat Systems of Brazil which almost resemble the ones utilised by the Eurasian forces accross the sea whilst helping peacekeeper forces.

The Estoque version of the Osorio MBT boasts a gauss cannon donated by the Allied Nations and a machine gun instead of a laser cannon which have been utilised to ensure no casualties in civilian locations which cannot causs major damage to locations.

Andes Armada Placeholder Archer AA Combat Vehicle

Wheeled for more duration unlike tracked anti-air vehicles the Tekan-32AD Archer are u is specially built for durability and equipped with unique anti-air micro-rocket launchers for dealing with enemy aircraft and ground targets when required.

However they do not have the speed but they have heavy armour and can take a beating from enemy ground vehicles.

Andes Armada Placeholder Hippo Amphibious Scout

Mainly for patrolling regions where the Martollo Cartel will possibly strike, the UltraTech-53 Hippo is good in dealing with enemy units with its light scattergun when at close or moderate range.

Utilised by the Venezuelian branch of the New Andes Armada the Hippo can cross water to reach its target, it can transport 4 Soldiers at a time.

Andes Armada Placeholder Dawn Paramedic Ambulance

Specially equipped for helping soldiers on the battlefield, the Mustang Dawn is equipped with a biological agent which can clean up pools of radioaction or anthrax whilst it can heal soldiers on the battlefield.

The vehicle is good in transporting soldiers off the battlefield for medical cases, good with Shaman agents.

Tier 2

Cameo Name Description
Andes Armada Placeholder Reventon Howitzer

Built for taking on enemy bases from a far distance, this ultimate next generation South American artillery is an unstoppable force which makes the Tekan-33SPH Reventon's firepower firepower fierce, also known to stop hearts of enemies due to its shells.

First fielded in South America during 2016 prior to the formation of the New Andes Armada it can cause enough damage to almost level a small base within minutes.

Andes Armada Placeholder Sherman Grenadier Tank

Specially ordered for use, the classic M4 Sherman which was used by the USA back during the time of World War II, today utilised by the New Andes Armada which was modified with a grenade launcher instead of a tank cannon and serves Solano's forces.

As a light grenade equipped tank with heavy sets of armour plates it is also armed with a stockpile of heat grenades, which can burn soldiers if triggered.

Andes Armada Placeholder Prophet Combat Support Vehicle

Brazil's best selling vehicle for supporting allies in the battlefield and use for salvaging destroyed battle tanks whenever required for examination, the Prophet is specially built with repair arms and a small machine gun which also comes with a bulldozer blade, the vehicle can protect Andes Armada vehicles and repair any around the vehicle once deployed.

The vehicle is good in removing mines and explosives and it is immune to small arms fire and can fight back whilst reparing its comrades vehicles.

Andes Armada Placeholder Gold Finger Stealth Tank

Built by the Trinidad and Tobago branch of Evans Military Tank and Vehicles Inc. for utilisation for the New Andes Armada's special ops division of Venezuela, the Gold Finger is selected by Henrique Solano to fight enemy infantry and enemy vehicles in the open, boasting a crisp yellow scheme for desert ops.

The Gold Finger is good in stealth covert operations whilst armed with twin vulcan machine guns and a prism cannon, it is powerful against enemy infantry and ground vehicles.

Tier 3

Cameo Name Description
Andes Armada Placeholder Steel Rain Mobile Rocket MLRS

Mostly known for raining rockets on enemy positions, the US built M655 Steel Rain MLRS is powerful for dealing with bases within a matter of seconds.

They unfortunately have weak armour and therefore must deploy to begin its attack against the enemy, the New Andes Armada utilised these North American mobile MLRS to deal with enemy positions and suppress fire against South America's enemies and the Martollo Cartel.

Andes Armada Placeholder Luz Canhão Prism Tank

Designed as a concept and built by Raul Solano as a prototype for Tekan Defense Systems, another company which can build defensive weapons for the New Andes Armada.

The Tekan-40 Luz Canhão prism is specially designed with a high-pulse prism laser which can become a destructive force when defending bases. However the Luz Canhão will require power to maintain functional status due to the high power of the tank's prism cannon.

Andes Armada Placeholder Quaker Earthshaker Cannon

A devastating artillery vehicle which is based around with the inspiration with the Chinese operated Type-100 Armageddon artillery built by Tekan Combat Systems of Brazil.

The new Tekan-74 Quaker Artillery has a shattering warhead which can stun enemy vehicles and infantry whilst deployed on the battlefield which can be dangerous to enemy forces and it is widely considered a pain to the Martollo Cartel due to its attack.

It is required that all officers of the Andes Armada to gain access from Henrique Solano to construct, build and deploy on the battlefield.

Andes Armada Placeholder Templar Heavy Battle Tank

A Heavy armoured battle tank developed by Evans Military Tank and Vehicles Inc. in Columbia. The tank designed to deal with enemy vehicles, armed with 120mm smoothbore cannons and a small set of rocket pods.

No PDL system but includes night vision and heavy amounts of armour unlike other versions the Company of Liberty and the USA uses, the Andes Armada's M10A2 Templar has red heat explosive missiles which explodes into flames after hitting any target vehicle.


Cameo Name Description
Andes Armada Placeholder Estrada Supertank

One of the biggest investments from Tekan Combat Systems and also the heaviest armoured combat vehicle used by the New Andes Armada, this new tank also known as the firm's biggest success to serve the union, the Tekan-747 Estrada is a super heavy tank with miniguns, tank guns and a set of rocket launchers.

It also comes with the heaviest armour plating Tekan can offer and also known to be number one targets for the Martollo Cartel due to being a threat to the gang along with their allies, since they are one of the fierce battle tanks to have been built in South America for service in the New Andes Armada.

Misc Units

There have been vehicles which have been utilised by the New Andes Armada for defensive purposes in South America and patrols for reservist forces in the army itself. Authorised by Solano himself for deployment during times of engagement in jungles and rugged terrain, these vehicles were deployed for various purposes including homeland defense and VIP escort.

Cameo Name Description
Andes Armada Placeholder Lobster Missile Humvee North American ex-scout vehicles which have never seen combat out of South America, the Lobster humvee is known for its missile launchers for dealing with ground forces and aircraft personnel in the open, It can transport soldiers and allow them to fire out of the vehicle fireports.
Andes Armada Placeholder Rumbler Combat SUV Equipped with a RMG.50 machine gun and M202 FLASH launchers for defense, the Rumbler is mostly common in several parts of South America as mostly VIP transport vehicles for officials comes with armour plating to protect people from enemy attacks.

Aircraft Units

Cameo Name Description
Andes Armada Placeholder Falcon Fighter Jet

Also known as the F-16 Fighting Falcon, the F-16 Falcon is a long range combat jet fighter equipped with a set of sidewinders and maverick missiles that the pilot can switch to at anytime, the Falcon is also fast to evade enemy aircraft.

First operated by the United States Air Force first back in the 70s and currently operated by Chile and Venezuela right at this moment, the F-16 Falcon is known to be replaced by new planes such as Raptors and such but however orders for the aircraft is still known to be on demand, many have been upgraded for today.

Andes Armada Placeholder Viper Attack Helicopter

Introduced in 2010, replacing most AH-1 SuperCobra copters in the US Air Force with numbers going to several South American nations, the AH-1Z Viper is an advanced combat helicopter used for airborne security along with escorting ground units.

Whilst an upgraded version of the AH-1 Cobra, the Viper is good for dealing with enemy forces when tier 2 is reached with the establishment of an Airfield, it is also good for speedy attacks and is equipped with an M197 gatling cannon along with a set of missiles and rockets to deal with enemy units at a fast rate.

Andes Armada Placeholder Iroquois Scout Helicopter

Used during the Vietnam War and can be called the Huey by many veteran military officers, the UH-1 Iroquois is a helicopter suitable for scout roles and is equipped with a light machine gun to take on enemy infantry whilst dropping off soldiers.

Equipped with an FN Minimi machine gun along being operated by pilots with enhanced instincts, the Iroquois can detect any hidden forces without a flinch on the flight stick allowing ground units near the helicopter to engage enemy forces, suitable for early patrols.

Andes Skycrane Icon Skycrane Heavy Helicopter

Primary transport helicopters for vehicles, the S-64 Skycrane is an American built civilian counterpart of the retired military flown CH-54 Tarhe for heavy lifting, these heavy transports are known for their capabilities but can transport 1 vehicle per helicopter.

Unarmed, but also expensive with only room for 1 tank or AFV for transporting operations, the S-64 Skycrane can be easy targets along with its cargo due to its lightweight cargo so precautions will have to be taken if transport missions, it can be upgraded later on with some jamming equipment to stop any vehicles self defense.

Andes Armada Placeholder Hornet Multi-role Bomber To be added...
Andes Armada Placeholder Super Stallion Transport Helicopter To be added...
Andes Armada Placeholder Galaxy Cargo Plane A new and upgraded version of the classic C-121 Constellation, the new C-121 Galaxy is an advanced cargo plane using better materials with its construction along with next generation engines and aviation tech.

Despite looking weak they might look like easy targets, but with the new enhancements however the Galaxy can survive the harsh conditions on battlefields across the world, despite not being used by the United States Air Force the aircraft is exported to many countries since it is classes as a budget and money saving option.

Andes Armada Placeholder Stratolifter Heavy Cargo Plane

Classic transport planes, modified to suit today's standard for all airlifts and unit deployments at anytime, C-135 Stratolifter planes used to serve as the US Air Force as a cargo planes to airlift all types of cargo across the world until they were retired.

Several numbers of the C-135 Stratolifter is currently in service with the New Andes Armada and were upgraded by companies to employ better tech, due to the new modifications the Stratolifter has been known to be more efficient thanks to its overhaul, thus it entered service with various South American nations.

Andes Armada Placeholder Lancer Strategic Bomber To be added...
Andes Armada Placeholder Spooky Airborne Gunship

Replaced by the AC-150 Death Bringer in the United States as an airborne gunship, the AC-130U Spooky airborne gunship is a variant of the Hercules operated for special missions during early years of operation.

The AC-130U Spooky can circle an area and barrage any units with bullets and artillery shells and are more armoured than their older US counterparts, allowing them to act like their successor and jet powered AC-150 Death Bringer counterparts, the aircraft makes a good addition to the New Andes Armada's regiments of taking on groups of enemies.


The New Andes Armada is known for their defensive bases, coming up with support roles rather than just going into combat first off but good for supporting their allies when required on the frontline, these buildings in South America's united forces can be good for various types of roles.

Cameo Name Description
Andes Armada Placeholder Command Tower

Primary structures that hold all generals powers that can be used at any point during a battle, the tower can deploy the Volvo built EC700 Surveyor for base construction and also repairs, it also holds primary radar control.

Being a tower, the Command Tower can also be a big target for enemy aircraft and also artillery due to its size, due to this they will require extensive protection from any sorts of enemy forces but if it gets destroyed, a full force of occupants that escaped from the wreckage will unleash a beating on forces.

Andes Armada Placeholder Geothermal Reactor

Unique designed stations to power bases and provide energy for base defenses and even Luz Canhão tanks, Geothermal power reactors can provide steady lines of power with levels between the Wind Turbine and Nuclear Reactor.

The structure provides a good set of ines that can power up even small to medium sized bases, Geothermal Reactors are also renewable along with that the structure can be built quicker than regular reactors.

Andes Armada Placeholder Recruitment Barracks

Flags flying, men and women being inspired to fight against those who oppose them, the Recruitment Barracks are used for the recruitment of combat, defense & support class infantry for various situations. In regiments it'll raise morale.

Infantry from countries linked with the New Andes Armada do come with various types of capabilities from basic combat to infiltration, operatives such as Shaman regiments can also be trained from these facilities to raise morale further.

Andes Armada Placeholder Supply Warehouse

Drop-off points for gathered supplies, Supply Warehouses serve as the main structure for the Andes Armada's force of Fuso Canter supply trucks to bring in important tools and anything that'll prove useful, however it does have a secret.

Being a target to the theft of cash, the warehouse comes with a long range artillery cannon that can be useful for defense of supply trucks that could be under fire, it is unlikely to see the facility to be armed but it is under Solano's code to keep all workers safe from many threats, including hit & run attacks and even GLRF and Martollo Cartel members.

Andes Armada Placeholder Vehicle Commissionary

Vehicle production facilities, the Vehicle Commissionaries serve as shop keepers of combat and support vehicles for the commanders of the New Andes Armada to deploy at any point for use on battlefields, serving South American security.

A wide selection is available for commanders to pick and use for various situations, Vehicles Commissionaries serve as the primary contacts for Henrique Solano's commanders for operations, once built they will be up & ready for business.

Andes Armada Placeholder Airfield

The hub of all airborne regiments of the New Andes Armada with the exception of the Galaxy, Stratolifter, Lancer and the Spooky gunship, Airfields of the South American military force can maintain all fixed wing aircraft & bombers.

In its inventory, the Airfield consists of various options that commanders can deploy into battle at anytime, these aircraft types consist of the American F-16 Falcon fighter and S-64 Skycrane helicopters, these facilities can deploy around 6 types of aircraft for use in combat if war does break out.

Andes Armada Placeholder Research Labs

A series of laboratories that research new technology and at the same time unlock units for Tier 2, Research Labs can provide the latest technology for the forces of the Armada to deploy, also to keep on providing support for fellow soldiers.

Upgrades researched at the labs can help out the men and women of the entire faction to fight on harder and support the people in need, unlike the Red Fuel Oil Refinery the labs can also be good in various bases if one isn't enough.

Andes Armada Placeholder Red Fuel Oil Refinery

Tier 3 facilities, Red Fuel Oil Refineries are medium sized buildings that can unlock access to the best units inside the New Andes Armada along with Red Heat Munitions that units can use whilst deployed, only one can be built at a time.

Despite its costs to build, the refinery can also provide extra funds around $100 every seconds from Red Heat sales to various military contractors and countries, allowing the facility can provide a steady stream of funds if supplies run low.

Base Defenses

Cameo Name Description
Andes Armada Placeholder Scattergun Emplacement

Basic, cost effective and also an ideal defense for dealing with tier 1 infantry attacks, the Scattergun Emplacement can do small work against enemy infantry and light vehicles for a short amount of time and if used effectively, they can serve well with bigger defenses such as Prism Towers & Voodoo Turrets.

Andes Armada Placeholder Prism Tower

A heavy defensive tower built with enhanced Prism based laser technology, Prism Towers serve as a heavy invasion stopper and defensive structure designed to take on enemy vehicles in its range to stop attackers, it can connect with other towers.

Vulnerable to enemy aircraft but known to be heavy at times to take on vehicles, Prism Towers are brilliant defenses with long range capabilities and also good penetration of armour whilst it can charge the laser with others around it.

Andes Armada Placeholder Voodoo Laser Turret Inspired by the USA's Torch laser system, the Voodoo is a laser equipped turret designed to deal with aircraft and is known with a more unique design, It is equipped with yellow type lasers to deal with various threats around said defense.


Cameo Name Description
Andes Armada Placeholder Superweapon Unknown To be added...


With the latest improvements, special weapons along with various strategies that can be used whilst deployed into combat for dealing with enemy personnel at any point during combat, the New Andes Armada's combat and defense initiatives come with their own strategies and units to use to change the tides of any situation in most situations if a war is on the verge of being lost.

The Initiatives of the New Andes Armada are specially known for their unique capabilities and are known to change things once a specific unit is deployed from the Command Tower, once a specific initiative is called into the field they'll be deployed mainly for the rest of any specific batle but however their own strategies and capabilities can help them change the course of said battle, results may vary depending on the unit deployed by Henrique Solano's primary officers.


Cameo Name Description
Capture Building Capture Building This allows Ward operatives to capture enemy buildings, they can also acquire tech structures which could be important.

Generals Promotions

Rank 1 Promotions

To be added...

Rank 2 Promotions

To be added...

Rank 3 Promotions

To be added...

Supporters and fighters of the New Andes Armada of South America

Flag of NAA

Ground Forces
Infantry WardMTL GrenedierBulldogShamanLionDagger ScoutBadgerChallengerLuigi Carmona
Armoured Cars UltraTech-53 HippoM708 LobsterRoyals Rumbler
Tanks Tekan-36B EstorqueM4 ShermanM7A5 Gold FingerM10A2 Templar
Supertank Tekan-747 Estrada
Support Units Mustang DawnTekan-34SV Prophet
Anti-Aircraft Platforms Tekan-32AD Archer
Self-Propelled Artillery Tekan-33SPH ReventonM270 Steel Rain MLRS
Experimental Vehicles Tekan-40 Luz CanhãoTekan-74 Quaker
Naval Personnel
Main Ships NAACS Caracas
Transports Huracán Transport ALC
Deployable Naval Vessels HydrofoilJarama Assault CruiserGenesis Battleship
Combat Vessels NAACS SolanoNAACS Rio (Sunk) • NAACS Salvation
Support Vessels NAACS MatildaNAACS Diablo
Air Forces
Combat Helicopters AH-1Z ViperUH-1 Iroquois
Utility Helicopters CH-53E Super StallionS-64 Skycrane
Fighters & Interceptors F-16 FalconF-18 Hornet
Bombers & Gunships B-1 LancerAC-130U Spooky
Other Planes C-121 GalaxyC-135 Stratolifter
Prominent Characters
Main Command Command Tower
Production Structures Recruitment BarracksVehicle CommissionaryAirfield
Resource Structures Geothermal ReactorSupply WarehouseResearch LabsRed Fuel Oil Refinery
Defences Scattergun EmplacementPrism TowerVoodoo Laser Turret
Superweapons Superweapon Unknown
Prominent Characters
Leaders Henrique Solano
Military Personnel Rafael GonzálezMartin RamírezFidel RomeroLouis RodríguezRamon Gallardo
Officers Angelo MartinezMario CarmonaRafael Solano
Generals Mercedes SolanoZelda Martinez
Faction Technologies
Weapons Prism WeaponsRed Heat FuelEarthshaker Weapons
Support Medicines
Military Sectors
Andes Armada Faction Sectors Prism Weapon InitiativeRed Heat InitiativeBattlefield Support InitiativeHomeland Defense InitiativeAndes Covert-Ops Initiative

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