National State Security Initiative
America Placeholder
A set of NSSI members with a security vehicle lit up with lights
Faction United States
Leaders Classified
Headquarters Classified, United States Flag of USA Small
Specialization State Security

Nationwide Security

Status Active

A state and nationwide security initiative founded by the United States Government, operating with the USA's functional United States Task Forces as a sub division operating with military forces providing intelligence on locating terrorist positions since the Cold War, the secret and covert National State Security Initiative (NSSI) is an intelligence agency equipped with various tactics that US commanders and generals can rely on if searching for possible terrorists and threats to national security.

Their first deployment was known to be in the 60s to infiltrate a possible terror cell with Cuban officials providing the NSSI details for the United States during the Cold War, their known successes are currently secret but they have been targeted for leaks of their operations by hackers across mainly the United States and also across the world, but with backup from the government and the President to keep things secret at all costs to avoid them being exploited by further threats such as terrorists and also crime lords. The initiative is equipped with various types of technology for their use, including weapons, drones & vehicles for various roles if they are to search for and locate possible targets to either bring them in to justice or eliminate them.


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The Cold War

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Assistance to the US Military during the War on Terror

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Eurasian Conflicts

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Despite being a large agency, the initiative mainly operates on US soil but also do have smaller instances of drone usage across the world to keep eyes out for possible threats to the United States, their allies and even targets that intend to threaten world peace. Vehicles and equipment usually vary depending on assignment their agents go on:

Nationwide Units

Cameo Name Description
American CIA Agent Icon Secret Agent Unarmed, or equipped to engage for self defense or security of his fellow countrymen, Secret Agents are equipped with pistols and SMGs for self defense and to protect their contacts & colleagues to ensure safety, many can be found with IPVs.
America Placeholder Initiative Patrol Vehicle Shape & size will vary, from 4-door vehicles to SUVs, these ground vehicles used by the initiative under the callsign as the IPV serve as primary ground vehicles to keep things safe and clean, IPVs can carry around 4 agents.

Worldwide Units

Cameo Name Description
American CIA Agent Icon NSSI Agent Privately called in to spy on terrorists and possible threats, many of the initiative's NSSI Agents can play things smooth without blowing his cover without problems, he can be either equipped with silenced pistols or mainly unarmed all-thou they won't shoot unless required.
American Predator Drone Icon Predator Spy Drone Whilst it isn't armed for combat, MQ-1 Predator Drones in the NSSI serve as the eyes from sky to keep all interests of all US civilians and the country safe, the drones also act as airborne spies that can find any targets and locate them to bring them in or eliminate.


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Behind the Scenes

  • The National State Security Initiative is inspired by a range of initiatives operating with various types of specialties from spying on possible threats to protecting fellow citizens.
  • Also based on the US based Central Intelligence Agency, the National State Security Initiative will also be present in various missions supporting the United States and their allies but they won't be common.
  • They'll also be present on skirmish maps as unplayable NPC units, also in the future they might be present in mini-missions as small playable forces.

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