Mustang Off-Road Vehicles
Mercenary Placeholder
The current company logo, been on most modern vehicles since 2009
Founded September 27th 1978
Origin Europe Flag of Europe Small

Yerevan, Armenia

Products Automobiles

Light Military Vehicles

Type of Company Civilian Automobile Manufacturer
CEOs Raffi Mustang

Levon Mustang

Employees 38,900 Estimated
Military Connections None
Mustang Off-Road Vehicles is a civilian vehicle manufacturer founded in the late 70s during the Cold War, it was also a military vehicle manufacturer for building private military based combat vehicles whilst under military contract; Mustang Off-Road Vehicles were employed by several military forces across the world.

Its first CEO of the company was the late Raffi Mustang in the city of Yerevan in Armenia, all assets of the company was later passed on to his brother Levon Mustang after his retirement in the year of 2008 with his introduction of the Mustang Venom 30th Anniversary edition.


The company first started off in a small stage of establishment in 1978, first operations were first brought together by Raffi and Levon Mustang to, whilst during the Cold War with terrorist threats beginning to become a problem, the company became a light vehicle manufacturer that produced armoured SUVs and even armoured personnel carriers for transport use whenever needed.

Since the company was first began armoured vehicle production they became another European manufacturer for building vehicles and combat unit like several others, Mustang also produced civilian vehicles in a different factory within Armenia, their first vehicle they produced was the Fable, and currently being produced in various models and sizes. The Fable is currently being built in a generation five style, looking more sleek than its original styles & counterparts, Mustang also built various off-roading vehicles such as the Blur SUVs and Ratfink buggies.

Products of Mustang Off-Road Vehicles

The company's primary focus is on civilian vehicle construction, these range from road to off-road vehicles for civilian and private ownership for various reasons, there are also vehicles built for civilian racing purposes and even tournaments such as NASCAR and stock car racing.

Civilian Automobiles

Currently a line of production vehicles which are being constructed for civilian markets within the European and Asian sectors, these from ranges of sports vehicles to domestic road cars, SUVs and even off-roaders are mostly a priority for these markets.

Domestic Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder Mustang Fable

Available as coupe, roadster, sedan and station wagon variants, the Mustang Fable was the first vehicle that was first built in 1979 and still on the streets today, it is currently at Generation IV and built since 2010.

A 40th Anniversary model was released in 2018 using the fifth generation body as a base, came with a special leather seats and came in many colours, including gold and silver, 2,500 vehicles were built.

Mercenary Placeholder Mustang Venom

The successor of the Fable since 1997, the Venom is a station wagon which was introduced in Europe first up as a starting point before being shipped out to America and Asia, since its introduction there have been special versions of the Venom built to suit various markets, currently the vehicle is on Generation III.

There was a Mustang Venom 30th Anniversary model that was released in 2008 to celebrate thirty years, this version comes with a special sports credentials and a sports engine package along, 1,200 vehicles were built.


Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder Mustang Ratfink

First began production since 2014 as Mustang's first road and off-road baja style buggy, the vehicle was found being used by the GLA during the First Eurasian Conflict.

They were also used by civilians in off-road racing cups, a racing team known as the Revolvers used a Ratfink during the World Rally Championships of 2015 and 2016 prior to the first conflict.

Mercenary Placeholder Mustang Blur

Mustang's first SUV that hit the market in 1999, the vehicle was prefered by enthusiasts for its unbelievable capabilities off-road, the Blur is popular for its service in law enforcements across the world.

Currently the vehicle is is currently being used by the GLRF as a combat vehicle known as the Ghost, equipped with a series of weapons & salvaged armour plates, the Russian Mafia also uses the vehicle.

Mercenary Placeholder Mustang Nitrogen Built as a racer prototype in 2011, the Mustang Nitrogen was used in the Dakar Rallies of 2013 and 2015 before the First Eurasian Conflict, also in production is a military scout version of the Nitrogen currently being utilised by the United Forces of Africa for patrols across desert regions, they are also currently serving the Company of Liberty

Sports Cars

Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder Mustang K8R First unvailed at the Geneva Motor Show in 2012, the K8R was a sports car project which was built along with Japanese automobile company Rising Sun Motors, the vehicle began hitting the streets in 2013.

Motorcycles and Quads

The company built two motorcycles and a quad bike in its business cycle, currently they are being used by civilian enthusiasts and some are believed to be used by the GLRF, these motorcycles prove good in two-wheeled racing but they are risky to operate nowadays, therefore helmets and shoulder pads are recommended.

Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder Mustang Runner Dirt Bike Built for biking on private land and in dirt bike racing, the Runner is a known to be a popular choice for racers and enthusiasts, they were first introduced since 1987 and still being produced today.
Mercenary Placeholder Mustang Navigator Motorcycle Speedy and agile, the Navigator is quick and better for MotoGP races, these bikes were known to win several races against other types of bikes built by other manufacturers, some motorcycles and seen using them in escapes, police forces across the world also utilise these fast bikes to catch up with criminals.
Mercenary Placeholder Mustang Duster Quad Bike To be added...

Military Vehicles

Mustang Off-Road Vehicles has also built some vehicles licensed from other countries, some of these consist of the Soviet Union's BRDM-2 Beaver Armoured Car and the BM-21 Grad Rocket Launcher.

Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder ARV-11 Bear A licensed built version of the Soviet's BRDM-2 Beaver Armoured Car, the Bear was first buit by Mustang Off-Road Vehicles in 1977. They are equipped with twin machine guns and a missile launcher for taking multiple units, these vehicles were used in dealing with terrorist threats and those who are against Armenia.
Mercenary Placeholder RLV-21 Guidence Constructed from the Soviet BM-21 Grad, the RVL-21 Guidence was used by the Armenian Military Forces during the Cold War; Unlike the Bear, it had a different chassis design than using the current Soviet design from the 60s.


Mustang Off-Road Vehicles have a mostly big order of vehicles through their service history.

Some of these orders were the Mustang Blur which made them popular for police forces across the world, the vehicle came with various additions such as roof lamps & even rails for the roof, the Venom was popular among tuners and racers across the world, a 30th Anniversary variant was built with sports credentials.

Behind the Scenes

  • Mustang Off-Road Vehicles is a fictional automobile company in Reign of Conflagration, focusing on building vehicles for civilian markets and military use.
  • This company is inspired by many European and Japanese based automobile manufacturers accross the worlds, they will have a small presence in Reign of Conflagration as a civilian company.

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