Rocket Launchers
Mule Rocket Launcher Upgrade

Company Mule Rocket

A Mule without Improvised Armour sporting Rocket Launchers
Faction Company of Liberty
Cost $800
Research At Mule Transport Van

A good piece of weaponary for operators who want to attack enemy tanks. Soldiers brave enough to take on tanks with rocket launchers will possibly attain a Promotion within minutes if they attack tanks with this set of rocket launchers.

Thought they are good with these rocket launchers installed onto its cabin, the soldiers inside can play around with the rocket launchers.


All-thou Mules nowadays are not ment for anti-tank beating; they can get Rocket Launchers installed onto the top of their cabins, useful when trying to hold out against tank collumns, all-thou the upgrade is expensive, it is worth many dollars for its operator.

Once the Mule has acquired a set of Rocket Launchers, they become more better against tanks than the anti-infantry infantry varient due to being better for dealing with tanks which could be a problem for the Company's commander.


Affects: Mule
Type: Weapon Add-On


Allows the Mule to Attack
Grants Rocket Launchers
Anti-Tank Attack

Pros of the Mule Rocket Launcher

  1. The Rocket Launcher like the 50.Cal allows Mules to attack enemies if there are no soldiers inside the van itself, the set of Rocket Launchers can be used for holding out against tanks.
  2. Tank Commanders sometimes see that the Mule with Rocket Launchers can be destroyed easily, but unless they see about 3 or more of them on the battlefield, it is a nightmare for the commanders themselves.

Cons of the Mule Rocket Launcher

  1. Due to being a menace to tanks, the Mule Rocket Launcher was planned to be instated for taking on aircraft, but due to problems with the rocket launchers on the turret, the operators of the mules decided to leave the launchers for anti-ground purposes, when they are required to deal with tanks.

Related Weapons

  • Mule 50. Cal Machine Gun - Installs a 50. Cal on a Mule, turning it into a light anti-infantry transport vehicle instead of an unarmed varient.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Mule Rocket Launcher Upgrade like the 50. Cal is based on the Overlord Tank upgrade system.
  • Therefore it allows the Mule to acquire this weapon if the player is to stop enemy vehicles on its own or in pairs, the Mule cannot attain machine guns after this upgrade is purchased.

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