50. Caliber Machine Gun
Mule Machine Gun Upgrade

Company Mule 50. Cal

A Mule without Improvised Armour sporting 50. Caliber Machine Guns
Faction Company of Liberty
Cost $600
Research At Mule Transport Van

The road to victory is always a good once when soldiers are inside many Mules, but when it comes to combat many Mule operators can install a set of 50. Cal Machine Guns, good when slicing through infantry. However, many usually go unarmed.

Mule Operators can equip weapons such as machine guns and rocket launchers onto them, allowing one of the passengers in the cabin of the Mule to fire at hostile forces.


Not much Mule operators can sometimes afford heavy anti-tank weaponry such as RPG Launchers or possibly armour plates and spiked bumpers; but sometimes, a 50. Caliber Machine Gun is a good solution to this problem.

The 50. Caliber allows the Mule to take on infantry without a problem, easing them to a quick & painless death, all-thou the guns are good for anti-ground, the guns cannot turn to attack airborne threats due to being moulded onto its turret.


Affects: Mule
Type: Weapon Add-On


Allows the Mule to Attack
Anti-Infantry Capabilities

Pros of the Mule 50. Caliber

  1. The 50. Cal allows Mules to attack enemies if there are no soldiers inside the van itself, plus it is a good option to take on infantry if trying to secure important resources.
  2. The Weapon is fast firing like the Global Liberation Army's old Technical Vehicle, it can easily slice through soldier columns without a problem.

Cons of the Mule 50. Caliber

  1. Due to being moulded onto its turret, the 50. Cal cannot take on hostile aircraft due to this problem, therefore operators must attack ground threats.

Related Weapons

  • Mule Rocket Launcher - Installs a Rocket Launcher on a Mule, turning it into a light anti-tank transport vehicle instead of an unarmed varient.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Mule 50. Caliber Upgrade is based on the Overlord Tank upgrade system.
  • Therefore it allows the Mule to acquire this weapon if the player is to stop enemy infantry patrols and to stop infantry from capturing structures which are required for anothers war effort.