Dragoon Mortar Upgrade
Company Dragoon Tank Mortar
A Dragoon sporting a personel Mortar Cannon with a Radar System
Faction Company of Liberty
Cost $1200
Research At Dragoon

The Dragoon Mortar Upgrade is applied when a selected Type-99MT Dragoon Tank of the Company of Liberty can upgrade into a light artillery tank. Not just increasing its power, but also gain the ability to attack enemies from far distances, detect stealth units and can also see further out.

Pre-Research Mortar Cannon

Before the Dragoon had a small mortar cannon; there have been proposed plans to equip a series of Dragoon Battle Tanks in the Company of Liberty with longer cannons which will increase range, but will give the Dragoon inaccurate results for fighting enemies at long range.

All-thou the similar looks of the tank like the Radar system was still present; but due to costing of equipping the larger cannon, small mortar cannons was an alternate option to save money. However, Johnas Buchanan utilised several Dragoons with larger cannons due to heavy damage with permission from OAT Command.


Company Dragoon Tank Mortar Pre-Up

Dragoon Battle Tanks before having small cannons

Affects: Dragoon
Type: Range Increase, Firepower Increase


Increases Attack
Range Increase
Ability to spot enemies

Pros of Dragoon Mortar

  1. Dragoon Tanks effected by this upgrade can fire at long range, causing massive damage than its regular tank cannon, all-thou cannot change back, the Dragoon can attack ground.
  2. Affected Dragoon Tanks can help in searching for stealthed and camouflaged hostiles on the battlefield, it can also seek out positions from long range due to its special radar.
  3. Any affected Dragoons can still go at its same speed, its health is also not increased nor decreased, therefore keeping its original condition but just changes to its weapons and adding in additional parts.

Cons of Dragoon Mortar

  1. All-thou the Dragoon is changed into an artillery, the vehicle unfortunately cannot change back into a battle-tank, and therefore requiring protection from hostiles that wish to eliminate the tank.
  2. Its artillery cannon cannot attack enemy forces at close range, therefore leaving the tank vulnerable from enemy infantry and vehicles moving in close-range.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Artillery Upgrade for the Dragoon Tank of the Company of Liberty is an accepted idea by Waywatch.
  • From the benefits of this upgrade, this changes its layout from a standard MBT into an Artillery.

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