Mortar Defense Site
GLRF Mortar Site Icon

GLRF Mortar Site

A set of Mortar Sites, with crews preparing the mortars for combat
Faction Global Liberation Resistance
Cost $800
Build at N/A
Requires Worker


Specialist anti-ground defensive structures, equipped with two mortar turrets operated by a team of four inside the site operating the ammunition and the turrets for preparing to engage, all-thou today the defense structure replaces the classic Stinger Site for dealing with enemy vehicles and aircraft, the Mortar Site is a more sturdier and better equipped defense structure that can allow occupants to survive against garrison cleaning weapons.

Despite replacing the Stinger Sites, Prince Kassad has ordered the replacements of the defensive emplacements to keep any updated positions defended at all costs, several of the old Stinger Sites were still commissioned for the primary defense of Prince Kassad's fortress. The Mortar Site is cost effective and also it is known for its better capabilities for dealing with enemy vehicles which make them more deadly than their predecessors, with the base defense's cannons used by D-34MS Scorpions can very effective within numbers or if a lone unit ventures forward.


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Use in the GLRF

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Upgradable Status

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Behind the Scenes

  • Mortar Sites will be the anti-ground replacements for Stinger Sites, the base defense won't be coded like the Stinger Site and won't have soldiers inside, it will also have optional garrison capabilities.
  • The ground base defense will stick with the Anti-Aircraft Site defenses, both defenses since they will be separated from the Stinger Sites will cost differently to keep under $1000 when built ingame.

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