Mortar Acolyte
Company Placeholder
Mortar Acolyte Operatives preparing explosive mortar rounds for base shelling purposes
Faction Company of Liberty
Cost $800
Build at Barracks
Requires Artillery Brigade
Detailed Information
Company Placeholder Place of Origin Scotland Flag of Scotland Small
Trained Backblast's Mortar School - Glasgow
Role Siege Infantry

Light Anti-Structure
Light Anti-Personnel

In Service Active
- Portable Mortar

- L85A1 Assault Rifle
- Scottish to Foreign Languages Book
- Urban Camouflage Greatcoat
- Sergeants Helmet

"Thats the way ya do it!"
- Mortar Acolyte Creed -

Scottish Soldiers following Reece Adam's path to liberation of Eurasia, fielded by General Johnas Buchanan unless he wishes to send some to other Company generals. The Mortar Acolyte is mainly the key to tier 1 siege attacks on bases the enemy of the Company builds, but they are powerful because of their high explosive mortar rounds they use and mainly their fearless behavior of being blown up in the process if they happen to get close to enemy units.

These brave men advanced in the technical status of battle, they follow a motto to their kind and they are to assist a fellow ally who is under heavy fire, to defend their honour and mainly, to stop the terrorist threat from rising in Eurasia, with help from the Eurasian Commonwealth in defensive situations.

The One Man Artillery

The Mortar Acolytes are well equipped for any situation, they also come with an L85A1 assault rifle to deal with infantry trying to kill them, these well trained operatives are the guys [[Johnas Buchanan utilised for the battlefield when his commanders are preparing the real artillery attack units for their battles and even bombarding hostile positions with an assortment of rockets and shells.

When the Mortar Acolytes enter the battlefield, they are good in handling the destruction of smaller bases and outposts when guarded with fellow soldiers whilst fending off any enemy units nearby; they are mostly spotted with Rookies, Conscripted Soldiers with Tankgunners and Skyguards to assist in the defence.

Style, Translation and War

Many brave Mortar Acolytes ain't afraid of terror, but they like to get their hands dirty in a battle with his enemies when fielded on the battlefield, he also comes in style and toughness. His urban camouflage greatcoat comes in handy when trying to blend in with concrete surfaces, also wears a set of sunglasses when on sunny days on the battlefield.

His fingerless gloves also comes in handy when his hands get cold in dull and cold days, even his sergeants helmet keeps his haircut good and clean when on a mission in rainy conditions; when speaking to foreign comrades, he also comes with a book on how to speak their language.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Mortar Acolyte is like an infantry version of the Artillery Soldier, he is good in distracting the enemy and leveling small bases on the battlefield whilst his fellow soldiers move up.
  • They are often asked to defend him while he is doing what he does best on the battlefield.