Middle East Crisis
Mercenary Placeholder

The current situation in the Middle East with reports of battles in India and Pakistan, reaching out into Asia with areas of MEA and GLRF Occupation

Previous Second Eurasian Conflict

Kalini Crisis

Concurrent South American Civil War

GLRF-North American War

Next World War III

War Against Machine

Beginning July 24th 2029
End Ongoing
Place Middle East

- Iran
- Iraq
- Israel
- Qatar
- Saudi Arabia
- Turkey
- India
- Pakistan

Outcome Crisis Ongoing

- MEA Begins Operations
- GLRF Terror Bombings
- Company of Liberty Involved
- Middle Eastern Countries Lock Down
- India and Pakistan Provides Support

Major Battles In the Middle East

- Al Udeid Air Base Break-in
- Betzet Airfield Attacks
- Gaza Terror Bombings
- Iranian Oil Field Bombings
- Liberation of Iran
- Operation Israeli Takeback
- Qatar Lockdown
- Saudi Arabia Defensive
- Tabuk Airport Attacks
- Terror Bombings in Turkey
In Asia
- Cholistan Desert Ambush
- Kargil Airport Attacks
- Murid Airbase Break-In
- Mumbai Liberation
- Operation Islamabad Liberty
- Punjab Lockdown
- Ranchi Terror Attacks

Flag of Unknown Faction Middle East Alliance

Flag of CoL Company of Liberty

Flag of GLRF GLRF Insurgents
Flag of Unknown Faction Unknown MEA Commander

Flag of CoL Julius Jackson

Flag of GLRF Asliraf Masori

Flag of GLRF Ibrahiim Omar Solimaan

MEA Associated Countries

Julius' Commando Brigade

Masori's Cobra Cell

Solimaan's Armadillo Cell

Unknown MEA Casualties

Unknown Company Casualties

Unknown GLRF Casualties
Unknown Civilian Casualties

"Middle East experts say that an Israeli based alliance will fight GLRF aggression, field units will advise further"
- Company commanders on the situation in the Middle East -

Information to be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • This crisis will take place sometime after the Company of Liberty's establishment with the new Middle East based alliance being organised to fight the GLRF, both CoL and MEA will tasked in taking the terrorists,
  • GLRF terror cells involved in this conflict include the Armadillo Cell and the Cobra Cell

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