Middle East Alliance
MEA Placeholder
The emblem of the Middle East Alliance, with a flag on uniform
Formation June 5th 2028

- India Flag of India Small
- Israel Flag of Israel Small
- Pakistan Flag of Pakistan Small
- Qatar Flag of Qatar Small
- Saudi Arabia Flag of Saudi Arabia Small

Faction Color Brown
Allies Company of Liberty

Iron Dragon PLA
United States Task Forces

Enemies Global Liberation Resistance

Forth Reich of Yuri

Type of Faction Continental Alliance

Military Peace Force

Leaders Ganika Wamika

Evan Gal
Ghous Hasan
Mostafa Saadi
Medina Shada
(Saudi Arabia)

Officers Mose Adamek

Pavel Akinjide
Catrina Baskova
Adela Posada
Mahmud Ultarak
(Saudi Arabia)

Special Weapons To be added...
Strategies Country Specific Strength

Co-operative Military Assistance

Strengths Unique Units from Countries

Organised Military Regiments
Structures Available at Start

Weaknesses One Country can be deployed

Upgrade Tiers for Better Units

Status Ingame

15% of Units Ingame
More Units Being Added

Formed through meetings with the Company of Liberty, with help from China and America providing them backup if anything goes wrong, the Middle East Alliance is a faction mainly based in the Middle East with backup from Asia that have an objective, to "Rid the world of terrorist aggression and restore order".

The faction is based in the Israeli capital of Jerusalem with several headquarters in India, Pakistan, Qatar and even in Saudi Arabia, the faction specialises in military strength and is capable of deploying a country specific unit into battle at a time but using strategies that can help out when in battle, weapons include the use of modified F-16 Falcons with Israel's unique Merkava tank series, countries have their own unique lineup of infantry, vehicle and aircraft regiments within their ranks for when they prepare to go out for combat, their main engagements at the moment is in the Ongoing Crisis within the borders of the Middle East caused mainly by the GLRF. At the time of the crisis it also started to cause the faction to become involved in the Second Eurasian Conflict being part of the AN's Coalition but not having supply or combat links with the New Andes Armada or the ECSN, but currently are looking to establish them at this time.

Rise to War

With the establishment of the Middle East Alliance, five generals from the countries collaborating to the establishment of the MEA began links with mainly Israel, Saudi Arabia and India to provide weapons and forces to allow the faction to fight any invaders or potential terrorist cells within the continent which sets the course for a full counter terrorist operation.

All-thou they have various relations to other countries including the 5 founding countries themselves, they also have links to the USA and Chinese for additional support, but after the Incident in Gaza things began to heat up which led the five nations to call arms and begin a full-scale war to take back their continents and liberate countries that have been oppressed by the GLA including the GLRF for years. During the years of planning and establishing several outposts and bases within area that were either affected with threats ranging from yellow to red alert, it is certain that some of the areas that the terrorists have affected with oppressive ways including no-mercy killings against anyone who attempts to resist terrorist rule to show a sign of a warning.

Israeli General Evan Gal along with Qatari General Mostafa Saadi and female Saudi Arabian General Medina Shada gathered in a Company led conference to plan the solution on taking back the continent from the terrorist occupation and ensure nobody is harmed again, in 2030 a transmission from generals Ghous Hasan of India and Ganika Wamika of Pakistan was received through a secure communications channel warning the three generals that several attacks have occured in the two countries and several more will possibly occur in Israel, Qatar and Saudi Arabia if the citizens there do not obey the terrorist rule, in response to the threat all five began collaborating and also began preparing to provide military weapons and assist them in the campaign.

Current Progress

To be added...

Military Forces

Despite having five countries providing weapons and firepower to the faction, the Middle East Alliance is one of many factions unique for having their own ranks in their military strength with the following country in the MEA on the battlefield without the need of splitting the faction into sectors.


The faction's infantry consist of the following, but split into seperate categories depending on what country is called into battle.

Indian Infantry Forces

Cameo Name Description
MEA India Placeholder Minuteman

Primary operatives of India's armed forces, Minutemen are the nation's ground forces equipped with automatic rifles with the option of attacking hostiles from any specific range, the training comes with their capabilities for defending their nation from those who oppose them.

Capable of capturing buildings for expansion.

MEA India Placeholder Hustler Equipped with the modern RPO-A Shmel rocket launcher, the Hustler is the country's main anti-ground personnel that mostly work Minutemen in city areas and in desert regions affected by war, their introduction into the MEA helps India's influence in their role in fighting terrorism.
MEA India Placeholder Pumper The country's anti-aircraft forces, equipped with 9K38 Igla launchers to use against enemy units and mostly taking on aircarft within their range for defense, Pumpers do not come equipped with a secondary firearm to defend themselves but they do have a knife for quick kills at close range.
MEA India Placeholder Field Medic Found to assist their wounded allies, equipped with an MSMC system to attack any hostiles who come close or attempt to stop them from trying to treat any wounded personnel and civilians, Field Medics are India's main specialist infantry which can be found with the country's infantry.
MEA India Placeholder Desert Ghost Armed with a PSG1 sniper rifle, blends in with desert areas and in bright regions of either the Middle East or in India, the Desert Ghost is good with taking on enemy infantry and is equipped with a small set of special throwing knives, he makes quick work of enemy infantry.
MEA India Placeholder Field Operative Secretly known as the country's fancy and good looking operatives, the women who sign up for the role of Field Operatives are given specialist training in infiltration of enemy bases, stealth tactics and covert-ops capabilities along with the ability to tamper with enemy structures.
MEA India Placeholder Mortar Specialist Equipped with a portable mortar which can shoot explosives at enemy units or smoke bombs to confuse them, Mortar Specialists are India's heavy infantry which can take out anyone who is nearby them, at the same time they are equipped with a pistol for defense.
MEA India Placeholder Pankaj Tapan

Known as the silent assassin, equipped with a silenced MP5, an RCL Mk.III recoiless rifle and a knife with the markings of his homeland and family, Pankaj Tapan is India's primary commando operative capable of delivering a blow to infantry units and vehicles after extensive training.

Whilst being mostly silent with his MP5 and knife, he will have to reveal himself in order to use the RCL Mk.III against enemy vehicles but he can still be hidden whilst using his primary, he can also call in an airstrike from friendly aircraft but will have to reveal himself to do so.

Israeli Infantry Forces

Cameo Name Description
MEA Israel Placeholder Watchman

Standard infantry forces in Israel's military regiments, Watchmen are equipped with a TAR-21 assault rifle for all attacks and a Jericho 941 semi-auto pistol for self defense, if needed Watchmen can execute enemy soldiers with the pistol.

Capable of capturing buildings for expansion.

MEA Israel Placeholder Intruder Equipped with a MATADOR launcher, Intruders are the anti vehicle operatives of Israel's military forces operating with the MEA forces in several cities in the country with areas that are threatened by terrorist forces, they also come equipped with an M79 grenade launcher. 
MEA Israel Placeholder Blazer Equipped with a FIM-92 Stinger launcher, with a Mini-Uzi to defend him and his comrades who attempt to harm them on the field, Blazers is the Israeli's main anti-aircraft infantry that can be spotted with Intruders and the Watchmen infantry, Blazers can good when inside buildings.
MEA Israel Placeholder Combat Mechanic Can repair vehicles and structures, the Combat Mechanic is capable of repairing any vehicles around him with his trusty kit whilst at the same time can use his kit to repair buildings, his work is known to be halted by any enemy forces with an IMI Galil assault rifle to defend himself.
MEA Israel Placeholder Ruffian Brave, don't need camoflage nets to blend in with the environment around him, Ruffians are equipped with a SR-25 sniper rifle with a night vision scope to utilise if deployed at night. These operatives are the scout units for Israel, capable of spotting enemy infantry and fighting units far away.
MEA Israel Placeholder Combat Agent Prepared with a silenced Glock-17 automatic pistol, Combat Agents are the eyes and ears of Israel's infiltration forces to tamper with hardware to cause a small disruption, if he is exposed by enemy forces in the open he will open fire on enemy forces either vehicle or infantry.
MEA Israel Placeholder

Shayetet 13 Special Ops

One of Israel's specialist infantry, the Shayetet 13 operatives is the country's elite forces which can ruin the day of any enemy forces, these soldiers can place satchel charges on buildings or vehicles, they are set to have a suppressed Ruger 10/22, an Armsel Striker or Shipon launcher.
MEA Israel Placeholder Hadara Netanya

An elite commando representing Israel, one of many female operatives in the MEA, Hadara Netanya is equipped with a Barrett M82 anti-material rifle and a Negev NG7 machine gun making her one of the deadly forces in the Middle East.

Her capabilities can allow her to charge up her M82 to take out a single vehicle with high velocity rounds, her NG7 is capable on taking out a full squad of enemy units around her which can made her a threat to any near terrorists, her known following participation was in the taking back Gaza from GLRF forces attempting to occupy the country incluidng the strip.

Pakistani Infantry Forces

Cameo Name Description
MEA Pakistan Placeholder Rifleman

Equipped with a G3A3 rifle at first, can upgrade to utilise an automatic bullpup assault rifle for more firepower when needed, the Riflemen of Pakistan's military like India's Minutemen can attack enemies from set ranges, all-thou they will have to switch weapons for better effects.

Capable of capturing buildings for expansion.

MEA Pakistan Placeholder Sandstormer

Armed with an RPG-7 launcher, can also blend in with desert scenery with his fatigues, Sandstormer rocket soldiers are Pakistan's primary anti-vehicle hunters in the tier 1 class.

At any point he can load a very high-explosive rocket into the launcher to cause massive damage, once he gets clearence to use the rockets through an upgrade from the barracks, which will make them more threatening.

MEA Pakistan Placeholder Hunter

Facing aircraft and helicopters head on, can utilise a modified RPG-29 rocket launcher with a laser guiding system to guide rockets into enemy aircraft if they come near, the Hunter is a fearless operative and won't hesitate to fire if the operatives feel threatened by any enemy personnel nearby.

Some may come equipped with a recoilless rifle instead of a rocket launcher, they can be reloaded faster but will do around 5% less damage than the modified RPG-29 launchers.

MEA Pakistan Placeholder Sapper

Can disable with EMP bombs, the Sapper can also utilise a series of specialist bombs that can cripple any hostile armour positions for Pakistan's armed forces to take on, along with the bombs he is also equipped with an SMG for self defense.

His bombs vary from explosive remote bombs to EMP bombs if he needs to disable enemy vehicles, he is also stealthed whilst not on the move.

MEA Pakistan Placeholder Urban Warrior

Known for hiding in the towns and cities of Pakistan, blending in with civilians and structures at any time for a hidden suprise to ambush an enemy unit, the Urban Warrior is a long range hunter equipped with a sniper rifle and an anti-material rifle.

His weaponry consists of an SSG 69 for standard anti-infantry roles, at any point any Urban Warrior on the field can be upgraded to utilise the Istiglal anti-material rifle, allowing him to take on enemy vehicles from a long range without notice.

MEA Pakistan Placeholder Patrolman

Specialist infiltrators, earning their capabilities from training as an agent for the authorities long ago, Patrolmen do not require stealth tactics to go into bases or anything. But however they can still enter structures whilst not attracting attention to himself.

If at any point he does get detected acting suspicious by enemy personnel, he can engage enemy personnel with a Glock 17 pistol for self defense before he can sneak into structures.

MEA Pakistan Placeholder Nemasis

Heavy operatives of Pakistan's armed forces, the Nemasis is equipped with a Milkor MGL grenade launcher for dealing with a large group of enemies if encountered. These specialist women operatives can put fear on enemy forces which could force them to almost drop their weapons and surrender, only rare though.

She can equip a cluster explosive grenade for her launcher or a painful incendiary grenades, making her a major threat to any vehicles and mainly enemy infantry due to her capabilities.

MEA Pakistan Placeholder Dawood Zaheer

One of Pakistan's main primary heroes who crossed into the line of fire to save some civilians from a GLA sponsered hostage situation in Multan, Punjab, Dawood Zaheer enlisted into the country's military regiments as a commando after he saw what the GLA was capable of, he also swore an oath to his people that he will end terrorism.

He is equipped with various weapons that he can utilise for roles depending on the situation at hand, either dealing with infantry or vehicles and aircraft, if desired Dawood can deployed with either an MG3 light MG or a modified RPG-7 launcher with a special guided rocket attachment to fire at enemy armour and airborne divisions.

Qatar Infantry Forces

Cameo Name Description
MEA Qatar Placeholder Pioneer

The military forces of Qatar, equipped with modified AK-47s along with a specialised combat knife given after conscription, Pioneers serve as the country's rifle infantry and is known to be brave for dealing with those who do not follow suit, the operatives are found with other tier 1 infantry.

Capable of capturing buildings for expansion.

MEA Qatar Placeholder Defender Anti-ground forces, Defenders are equipped with Carl Gustav recoilless rifles for dealing with all ground vehicles that any enemy force throws at the in numbers, their training also allows them to burrow down and deploy a long range L16 Mortar for early phases of defense of small bases and outposts. 
MEA Qatar Placeholder Bison Equipped with FN Minimi machine gun and an FIM-92 Stinger for the defense of the Qatari skies, Bisons serve as the country's primary anti-aircraft infantry that can also attack enemy infantry for extra roles, upon their defensive roles they can also be good with taking on enemy aircraft.
MEA Qatar Placeholder Land Roamer To be added...
MEA Qatar Placeholder Hidden

One of Qatar's elite forces, known for being well hidden off radar from enemy forces and even from friendly radar, the Hidden are scout operatives that depend on taking on enemy forces whilst not leaving any trace of their presence, allowing them to move around and strike whilst remaining hidden thanks to their suits.

They can also kill enemy infantry with a knife whilst hidden from scout units within a specific region.

MEA Qatar Placeholder Privateer To be added...
MEA Qatar Placeholder Pacemaker To be added...
MEA Qatar Placeholder Aisha Farida

One of Qatar's known female commandos enlisted into the ranks of the Middle East Alliance, Aisha Farida is a fearless commando equipped with a CAR-15 (or Commando) rifle with a big 150 round drum magazine to deal with all enemy infantry and aircraft around her, she is also equipped with armour piercing bullets.

Along with her training to use a CAR-15 rifle, she is also equipped with the similar Carl Gustav recoilless rifle used by her Defender allies that was modified to fire more powerful rounds against any enemy forces at a faster rate, but will have to be cooled down due to the overheating power of the recoilless rifle, but in the end she is still one of the known Commandos in Qatar's armed forces.

Saudi Arabia Infantry Forces

Cameo Name Description
MEA Saudi Placeholder Guardsman

Primary soldiers from the Saudi Arabian Land unit of the country's royal armed forces, they are equipped with a G36C assault rifle for taking on enemy infantry with an included grenade launcher for taking on any vehicles if needed, the Guardsmen are known to help out Buzzards.

Capable of capturing buildings for expansion.

MEA Saudi Placeholder Buzzard Fearless to enemy units, also known to be a vast danger to any vehicles around them, a operative Buzzard is equipped with an M202 FLASH launcher which can launch up to 4 rockets at a time and is known to take on enemy vehicles without hesitation.
MEA Saudi Placeholder Shark Equipped with LMGs, Shark anti-aircraft operatives are the country's primary infantry forces which can deal with small tier 1 airborne threats when needed, at the same time can utilise a standard issue G36C rifles only for ground threats since his LMG can be better for airborne issues.
MEA Saudi Placeholder Field Hacker Saudi Arabia's female specialists, Field Hackers are capable of shutting down enemy communications and ground units when they are needed, also when required they can deploy a fake briefcase bomb which can be used to detonate on enemy forces.
MEA Saudi Placeholder Huntsman Blending into desert scenery, the Huntsman is equipped with a powerful sniper rifle capable of piercing through the armour of enemy infantry but takes long to reload. He is equipped with a Barrett M82 sniper rifle that can use armour piercing rounds or specialist incendiary rounds.
MEA Saudi Placeholder Infiltrator Unarmed, but is capable of disguising as infantry, the women operatives of Saudi Arabia's Infiltrator class is capable of entering un-defended bases with the disguise of any enemy or civilian, capable of tampering structures. If she is near a scout her mission might get compromised.
MEA Saudi Placeholder Riot Cleaner Equipped with combat shotguns and teargas launchers to clear out garrisons, Riot Cleaners are specialist forces deployed by the Royal forces of the Saudi Arabian Military in response to several GLRF cited riots that have broken out recently, they are known to be on scene of any situations instantly.
MEA Saudi Placeholder Farid Salman Not alone, always seen fighting with his colleagues, Farid Salman is Saudi Arabia's specialist commando operative equipped with an LMG for dealing with hostiles, without hesitation he can deploy a Milkor MGL that can fire a set of six 40mm grenaded at enemy units.


Indian Vehicles

The faction's vehicles consist of the following, but split into seperate categories depending on what country is called into battle.

Indian Ground Units
Cameo Name Description
MEA India Placeholder Felon Light Tank The light tank of India's military forces, the HVF Felon is a light tank built for the country's early defense of military installations along with some roles of recon. It is a cost effectiive tank to deploy at any point when India is on the battlefield, good for use until Arjun tanks are ready.
MEA India Placeholder Arjun Medium Tank Medium armoured battle tanks built by the Heavy Vehicle Factory for use on the field, the HVF Arjun Tank is a more armoured alternative to the Felon tank once battles begin to rage on, the tank is equipped with a 120mm rifled gun and an occassional missile launcher or machine gun.
MEA India Placeholder Sandking Heavy Tank Built as a double-barrel heavy tank, the HVF Sandking Tank is a heavy armoured AFV serving India's modern military forces as of 2018 during the country's defense campaign during the First Eurasian Conflict and is one of the country's finest combat vehicles in service.
MEA India Placeholder Injector Dune Buggy Imported from Germany to serve as the scout vehicles for India's military forces, equipped with light machine guns, the BD Injector is a durable, light armoured and cost effective dune buggy which can be used for rapid deployment for early stages of a mission.
MEA India Placeholder Gresley Armoured Personnel Carrier Polish armoured personnel carriers, the OT-64 SKOT also callsigned the Gresley by India's military forces is armed with a light machine gun and is capable of transporting 8 soldiers to the battlefield, the APC is also good with Injector Buggies when looking for resources and expansion.
MEA India Placeholder Gecko Anti-Air System Acquired from Russia before the Kalini Crisis, the SA-8 Gecko anti-air system is a rocket launcher equipped anti-aircraft vehicle which can be useful for the defense of the country's bases and escort mission, it also comes equipped with armour plating, protecting it from small arms fire.
MEA India Placeholder Dianthus Self-Propelled Howitzer Built in Russia as the Gvozdika, the 2S1 Dianthus Howitzer is a self propelled artillery used by India's armed forces with 110 currently active in service with several modifications being made to ensure better survivial for modern combat, can shoot 122mm rounds at long distances.
MEA India Placeholder Pinaka Rocket Artillery Designed and developed by the DRDO, the Tata Power SED Pinaka is a multiple barrel rocket artillery (MBRL) system capable of launching several rockets at enemy forces, it is also in the same position as the Soviet era BM-21 along with China's Iron Storm rocket artillery.
Indian Support Units
Cameo Name Description
MEA India Placeholder Bobcat Construction Vehicle Armoured, and taking on the role as India's construction vehicle, the VFJ Bobcat is a tracked vehicle equipped with a shovel to scoop up mines and a plow to clear up explosives, the Bobcat is the country's primary construction vehicle which can build and repair structures.
MEA India Placeholder Stallion Supply Truck The country's supply transporter, assembled by various manufactures including the country's Vehicle Factory Jabalpur, the VFJ Stallion is a primary transporter assigned to move supplies from docks and other warehouses to bases operated by India.


Israeli Ground Units
Cameo Name Description
MEA Israel Placeholder Magach Light Tank

Several numbers of the Magach model 5 light tank including models 6 and 7 were retired due to budget cuts before the First Eurasian Conflict and being replaced by the Merkava II and III tanks.

Several of these light tanks were called back into the country's military unit to ensure that several tier 1 vehicles are deployed at rapid response, even the tank was possibly outdated by the Merkava series it does come at a good price which can be good for early missions and recon operations.

MEA Israel Placeholder Centurion Medium Tank

Built during post World War II periods, designated as the Sho't tank in Israel, the Centurion has taken part in several past wars including being part of the Allied Nations' armoury during the Cold War including being involved in several conflicts, Israeli operated Centurion tanks were in storage until the MEA's formation.

Classed as a medium battle tank, Centurion tanks serve as Israel's tier 2 battle tank before the authorization of Merkava Mk.III, it is equipped with a 105mm Rifled cannon with a machine gun and is also a good alternate to the Magach, they are known for history in the United Kingdom.

MEA Merkava Icon Merkava Heavy Tank

The unique battle tank built by Israel's manufacturers and have been built since the 70s, the Merkava is the MEA's many heavy tanks to serve in the defense of the Middle East to ensure that enemy forces are eliminated.

Currently the Mark. III version of the tank is being fielded by the Israeli military forces, it is also known to be one of many heavy tanks that is in service with the alliance mostly backing up either teams of Magach or Centurions since the Merkava is now the country's primary battle tank.

MEA Israel Placeholder Sand Cat Recon

Also known as the Plasan Caracal, the Sand Cat is an armoured recon vehicle equipped with a remote weapon system come with machine guns and a small recoiless rifle, Sand Cats can a crew of 5 infantry whilst at the same time is also capable of spotting enemy units with a scanner system.

Despite the vehicle having a recoiless rifle, it won't take on enemy aircraft since the Machbet will be around to deal with the threat of any nearby planes or helicopters coming in, Sand Cats are also good for fast recon missions like Humvees and even other scout units.

MEA Israel Placeholder Achzarit APC

Built on the chassis of the T-54 Anvil with modifications to its chassis and the removal of the turret, capable of carrying sets of 8 infantry to battle, the Achzarit APC is a tank based transport vehicle equipped with a machine guns which can be useful for dealing with enemies from behind or in front.

All-thou the machine guns can be useful for dealing with enemy units, the gun on the back comes with a small covered turret whilst the front one can be used for attacks on the front, other modifications include a better diesel engine with some reactive armour plating for protection.

MEA Israel Placeholder Machbet Anti-Air APC

A variant of the M113 Comet APC, the Machbet is equipped with a set of stinger rockets and a M61 Vulcan rotary and is capable of transporting small regiments of four infantry around the field, it is also good for holding off enemy aircraft until backup can arrive or good for early defense.

Despite being an upgrade of the M113 Comet, the APC can still keep up with its battle tank brothers including Magach and Merkava Mk.IV battle tanks for defense, however it comes at a price. If the Machbet is destroyed on the field infantry inside will die from the explosion which can be deadly for soldiers, but if timed correct if an event occurs they will survive.

MEA Israel Placeholder Doher Self Propelled Howitzer

Used as the M109A5 acquired from the USA, the M109 Doher is an Israeli operated version of the original M109 which has recieved various upgrades to its targeting system, armour plating and its mobility, today they serve as the country's primary artillery units.

The artillery utilises mostly unguided shell but at the same time will do big damage amounts against enemy units, however they do need protecting from enemy units but it will take several shots to destroy one of these after the improvements were added, it can also fire at a specific area of desire.

Israeli Support Units
Cameo Name Description
MEA Israeli Bulldozer D9 Armoured Bulldozer

One of many controversial vehicles used by Israel that have been active during before the First Eurasian Conflict, armoured D9 Bulldozers are specialised in heavy duty construction at the same time and can take stiff punishment from enemy units, machine guns are not available so they will have to be defended if their armour plating fails at some point.

Like all other construction vehicles, they can build bases and is capable of repairing structures if they do get damaged, along with the vehicle being known for building, they disarm mines.

MEA Israel Placeholder AIL Storm Light Utility

Based on the Jeep Wrangler III, the Israeli AIL Storm is a small infantry transport vehicle and a supply transporter, the vehicle is fast than enemy tanks and several scout vehicles including Humvess after several test runs for quick supply runs.

However the vehicle since its fast, does come at a price of armour. Due to the AIL Storm being light armoured it can be destroyed easily and only carry $225 in supplies, it is recommended to use 4 at a time.

MEA Israel Placeholder Reptile Supply Truck

A transport vehicle used by Israel's armed forces, can be upgraded with an optional infantry transport package, the American M35 2 half-tonne cargo truck under the Israeli designation Reptile is specialised in harsh desert environments which can help out.

It can be a supply transport or an armed infantry transport, the vehicle can be built from the Supply Center after building a War Factory since it does come with armour and weapons. Unlike the AIL Storm it can carry $450 in supplies for heavy runs, with this it can be good later on.


Pakistani Ground Units
Cameo Name Description
MEA Pakistan Placeholder Snake Amphibious Tank Obtained from China, the Type-63 Snake is an amphibious light tank which can swim across water and take on light armoured enemy units if they do encounter them, along with its light armour the Snake can use the water around it to an advantage.
MEA Pakistan Placeholder Al-Khalid Battle Tank

Built as a collaboration between China and Pakistan and built from 2001 and onwards today, the Al-Khalid battle tank is the country's primary battle tank equipped with a 125mm Smoothbore gun along with 7.62mm coaxial MG.

The tank is good for dealing with threats in groups if the Snake cannot take them on, once tier 2 is reached the tank can be used for all primary attacks on the battlefield.

MEA Pakistan Placeholder Al-Zarrar Heavy Tank

Next generation tanks built as a collaboration by China and Pakistan for modern combat, first introduced in the 1990s as a heavy tank for military forces for Pakistan's modern army with upgrades offered by the country's backbone company, Heavy Industries Taxila.

It is equipped with a 125mm smoothbore but can do more damage than the standard issue Al-Khalid tank, the Al-Zarrar is a heavy battle tank for harsh environments that have been known where battles take place.

MEA Pakistan Placeholder Defender Field Scout

Classed as a utility vehicle for some occassions but some coming with a light machine gun for self defense, the British Land Rover Defender is capable of carrying a set of 5 infantry into and out of battle whilst at the same time with over 5,000 units in active military service.

First built in from the original Land Rover Series in 1948, with production ended in 2015 after a long 67 years the Defender is known to be one of the known vehicles active in various military forces, it is good for various roles after it several upgrades for modern combat environments.

MEA Pakistan Placeholder Triton Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Specialised for dealing with enemy units in hazardous environments if any types of fighting breaks out, the WZ551 Triton IFV is equipped with a 25mm automatic cannon along with a light machine gun for dealing with enemy forces.

Almost being based on a 6 wheeled version of the BRDM-2, the Triton can swim across water like the Type-63 Snake for the optional tactic of flanking enemy forces from behind or ambushing them.

MEA Pakistan Placeholder Sakb Armoured Personnel Carrier

Being similar to the M113 Comet, the HIT Sakb is an unarmed infantry carrier which can carry a battalion of 8 infantry into battle when required, all-thou it don't have any weapons to defend itself the infantry inside the Sakb can fire out of the vehicle's fireports to engage enemies.

Since the vehicle is mainly an easy target to enemy units, but however they must tread with caution since there could be a suprise waiting for any foes, the vehicle comes with Sandstormer rocket squads.

MEA Pakistan Placeholder Radius Anti-Air System

Military armed versions of the Mercedes-Benz Unimog, built in a local factory by Brüder Deutschland, the BD Radius is equipped with a ZPU anti-aircaft turret to take on enemy aircraft whilst it is on the battlefield and in a deployed state.

The vehicle once it is on the battlefield will have to deploy so it can use its main anti-aircraft gun, but whilst at the same time it will be vunerable to enemy ground units when it is deployed so it will need protection.

MEA Pakistan Placeholder Rancher Rocket Artillery

Known to be a local built copy of the Soviet BM-21 rocket artillery, the KRL-122 Rancher is equipped with a set of 122mm rockets to use for long range attacks against enemy forces, all-thou Ranchers are known to be moderate armoured they will need protection at all costs.

The 122mm rockets fired from the Rancher can be upgraded to deliver an extra explosive impact to enemy forces, making them more of a primary threat and must be destroyed by any faction fighting against the MEA.

MEA Pakistan Placeholder Frogger Self Propelled Artillery

A Chinese built wheeled artillery, the SH1 Frogger is Pakistan's secondary artillery of the KRL-122 Rancher isn't available, it is equipped with a 155mm howitzer cannon for dealing with enemy units at a long range but the shells fired will mostly be unguided.

Froggers are in the same class as the African built Venom wheeled howitzer, it also features medium weight armour plating and also is capable of firing shells at locations if requested from commanders.

Pakistani Support Units
Cameo Name Description
MEA Pakistan Bulldozer Icon DUDE Construction Bulldozer

Acquired from surplus armouries within the United States after the First Eurasian Conflict, DUDE Bulldozers have seen service in Pakistan's have seen time in the country's military regiments as a base constructor after being replaced by new Builder drones.

These vehicles can clear mines and explosives within a surrounding area of choice, along with that the bulldozer can repair buildings that are damaged from enemy attacks.

MEA Pakistan Placeholder Mallard Supply Pickup

One of the pickups used in the past as technicals for several factions which either specialise in terrorism or private military work, also being based off the known Hilux pickup truck, the Mallard is a version of the pickup truck which can handle the desert regions of the world.

Built by Rising Sun Motors, the Mallard is a fast, lightweight and cost effective heavy duty supply gather which can gather supplies at a fast rate when deployed, the truck can carry around $300 in supplies.


Qatari Ground Units
Cameo Name Description
MEA Qatar Placeholder "Stinger" Battle Tank Built in France, used as all out battle tanks for the first 2 tiers and also upgradable with attachments including new armour plating & weapons, the AMX-30 Stinger is one of Qatar's best all round tank before the Leopard 2A5.
MEA Qatar Placeholder "Leopard 2A5" Heavy Tank To be added...
MEA Qatar Placeholder "Wolverine" Recon Buggy

Lightweight, also fast for recon missions, the Wolverine is a buggy built by EMTV Inc. equipped with a long range mortar capable of taking out light vehicles it is also good with a long range scanner, finding stealth units in range

Being built with carbon fibre, the Wolverine is also one of the fastest buggies manned by a 2-vehicle crew that have recieved special training on controlling the vehicle for light hit & run roles, it not armoured so extra car must be taken whilst deployed into the heat of battle.

MEA Qatar Placeholder "Phantom" IFV

Infantry fighting vehicles built in France, cannot transport friendly units into the frontlines but still capable of taking on enemy units, the AMX-10P Phantom is equipped with an automatic cannon and a machine gun.

Using its machine gun for infantry defense, the Phantom is good for light anti-vehicle duties whilst providing air cover with its automatic cannons, allowing the vehicle to become ideal for all types of theats whilst it is equipped with heavy armour plating, good for defense.

MEA Qatar Placeholder "Stockade" APC

APCs, built by Henschel based on the Unimog truck chassis for transporting infantry, the UR-416 Stockade might be old but it is has been modernised for modern combat to suit newer standards for field deployment.

Suited for mobility off-road and on tarmac, the Stockade is the second fastest vehicle used inside Qatar's ground forces whilst it can use a machine gun for anti-infantry and defense of personnel, soldiers that ride the vehicle will possibly get injured if it gets destroyed when in battle.

MEA Qatar Placeholder Renault "Sherpa" Scout To be added...
MEA Qatar Placeholder "Barrage" Howitzer

Heavy artillery, built to level bases in minutes whilst in sets of teams for better effect, the PzH 2000 Barrage is the primary artillery used in Qatar's armed forces when they are needed for long range.

Whilst it is heavy armoured it can be good for picking off any lone straggler units, its high explosive shells make it ideal for attacking long range targets but it will be wise to keep it protected, but it can survive most damage.

MEA Qatar Placeholder "Astros II" Rocket Artillery To be added...
Qatari Support Units
Cameo Name Description
MEA Qatar Placeholder Construction Bulldozer To be added...
MEA Qatar Placeholder "Stralis" Supply Truck To be added...

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Ground Units
Cameo Name Description
MEA Saudi Placeholder Abrams Battle Tank

Imported from the United States, the M1A2 Abrams tank is the main battle tank which serves as Saudi Arabia's main armour division for the role of dealing with enemy tanks, Abrams tanks are equipped with a 120mm smoothbore with a light machine gun to help fellow soldiers.

Despite being almost outclassed by the newer M1A3 Abrams even its new laser equipped counterpart, the Abrams serves as the main armour of the Saudi Arabian tank divisions which can attain armour plating to enhance the tank's survival when deployed, making it good for modern combat.

MEA Saudi Placeholder Gage Light Combat AFV

Built by Cadillac Gage, under the Commando family under the designation as the Gage V-150 and equipped with a 90mm cannon it can take on light armoured vehicles and scout units, at the same time the Gage V-150 can transport a team of 2 infantry to various areas.

Despite being light armoured, it is also known to have higher mobility that can be used to evade slow moving vehicles including tanks, its armour can also be useful for taking on even light tanks and it also makes it superior to other scout vehicles used by other factions.

MEA Hotknife Icon Hotknife Heavy Tank

Unveiled as a prototype in 2014, began production as a heavy battle tank in 2021 after authorisation as part of a modernisation program for military forces in the Middle East and also in Saudi Arabia, the SAM-51 Hotknife is a modern battle tank with heavy armour with an optional machine gun.

The SAM-51 Hotknife is equipped with a pair of 140mm smoothbore main cannons to deal with enemy forces, its also comes with Saudi Arabia's special built heavy armour allowing it to take more damage than other type of heavy armour which also extra resistant to small-arms fire

MEA Saudi Placeholder Liophis Armoured Personnel Carrier

Based on the Brazilan EE-11 Urutu which was built until 1987, a newer built version of the vehicle under the callsign the Tekan-11 Liophis built by the firm Tekan Combat Systems is a modern armoured personnel carrier which is capable of transporting 12 infantry to various battlefields.

The vehicle is equipped with a 25mm automatic cannon and an anti-tank rocket launcher to deal with anti-personnel threats, several of these were used to suppress GLRF associated riots in Saudi Arabia in order to start an uprising, which have also led to the country joining the MEA

MEA Saudi Placeholder Al-Fahd Armoured Infantry Transport

Armoured vehicles, capable of gaining an optional 40mm gun or a 105mm recoiless rifle for dealing with enemy personnel, Al-Fahd transports can be used to take infantry personnel across the water which can help them reach the battles taking less time.

Once built they will come out unarmed as standard which will make them vunerable to enemy personnel, until an Al-Fahd recieves a weapon to use in combat it can be useful in a fight when needed to defend the men travelling inside that particular vehicle.

MEA Humvee Icon Humvee Combat Scout

Imported from the United States, equipped with a standard issue machine gun along with a grenade launcher in place of a TOW launcher, the Saudi military operated Humvee is the country's scout vehicle which can seat a group of 5 infantry in and out of battle.

The vehicle's grenade launcher can be acquired through an upgrade if the Saudi Arabian sector of the Middle East Alliance is deployed into battle to defend military facilities and towns affected by war, the vehicle was also modified to suit modern combat environments.

MEA Saudi Placeholder Astros II Rocket Artillery

Rocket artillery built in Brazil, the SS-40 model of the Astros II MLRS can fire a barrage of 16 180mm rockets at enemy targets from long range, the artillery is known to be used if the M109A9 Surge self-propelled artillery isn't available any Saudi Arabian commanders.

Being in service after introduction in 1983, the Saudi Arabian military owns a good portion of the Brazillian artillery to use against positions and have seen action during the First Eurasian Conflict, the vehicle can recieve upgrades to utilisea set of  ATMT-3000 cruise missiles for better damage.

MEA Saudi Placeholder Surge Self Propelled Artillery

Based on the M109A9 Paladin, the M109A9 Surge callsign is an artillery imported from the United States and is one of many modern variants of the M109 artillery being used by the Saudi Arabian military, it also known to be equipped with high explosive shells for better damage ratings.

When deployed in combat, it does come with heavy armour which can allow it to take a beating from enemy units from the ground but still being vunerable to aircraft, it can take a long time to destroy unless aircraft is used against the artillery if spotted, can be an alternative to the Astros II.

Saudi Support Units
Cameo Name Description
MEA Saudi Placeholder Fieldmaster Construction Vehicle The country's modern construction of Saudi Arabia, the modern and latest Sabretooth Fieldmaster Construction Vehicle is the country's advanced construction vehicle suitable for specialist roles in repair and construction, also it can dig up mines in a surrounding area.
MEA Saudi Vader Icon Vader Supply Truck

Built by the country's Saudi Company Trucks foundation, the Vader is a modern supply truck baring the similar design of the USA's Bronco with a specialist flatbed trailer.

Currently the SCT-41 version is in use by the Saudi Arabian military forces and support unit, its equipped with a set of bullet proof windows and all-weather tires to travel in desert and jungle conditions, the vehicle is capable of transporting $600 in supplies every run.


The faction's aircraft consist of the following, but split into seperate categories depending on what country is called into battle.

Indian Air Force

Cameo Name Description
MEA India Placeholder "Tejas" Multirole Fighter

Equipped with Kh-59 laser guided missiles or Python 5 anti-air missiles to deal with enemy vehicles or aircraft, the HAL Tejas is the country's primary combat aircraft used by India as part of their membership in the Middle East Alliance.

The Tejas multirole fighter is known to be a competitor to the other aircraft also used by members of the MEA but some of these were mostly known for training exercises, the fighters can be improved for better survival.

MEA India Placeholder "Relic" Stealth Fighter

Developed by Russia and India under the designation as the HAL FGFA and as a derivative of the Su-50 Raycaster before the Kalini Crisis, the HAL Relic is a stealth fighter which is hidden from enemy radar and can attack hostiles secretly.

The Relic today is a competitor of China's Black Eagle and even the USA's Raptor fighter, it is equipped with a set of 6 rockets to deal with enemy forces once it takes off its stealth mode if it is needed to fire its rockets against enemy units.

MEA India Placeholder "Adder" Supersonic Bomber

A collaboration between India, the United Kingdom and France to create a supersonic bomber for combat, the MEA exclusive HAL Adder is an upgraded version of an aircraft that was used by the UK and France called the SEPECAT Jaguar.

The Adder is equipped with a pair of laser guided bombs for its primary role in attacking against enemy units, also despite being a supersonic bomber it must cool off its engine after a bombing run, but lucky enough it can be reloaded in a short part of time.

MEA India Placeholder "Rudra" Light Scout Helicopter Fast helicopters, also capable of using a nose gun along with a set of light rockets against enemy units, the HAL Rudra can be useful for tactical response, the helicopter is also one of many quick going helicopters that entered service in 2012.

Its light armour and is known to make the helicopter fast allowing for quick getaways if things go wrong, it is also used mainly as a patrol helicopter during India's membership into the MEA, it can also spot hidden units along with bombs.

MEA India Placeholder "Tempest" Attack Gunship

Originally designated as the HAL LCH during its development stages, the HAL Tempest is a next generation gunship used for combating enemy vehicles as a primary means, the Tempest is equipped with an automatic cannon and 80mm caliber rockets.

Despite being a light gunship, the helicopter is is also India's answer to Cobra, Apache, Commanche and other modern day helicopters used by many factions today, it is also the country's main gunship when deployed by the Middle East Alliance

MEA India Placeholder "Merlin" Heavy Helicopter

Classic British helicopters utilized for the heavy airlift of vehicles, the AgustaWestland AW101 Merlin is a heavy duty capable of transporting heavy loads such as armoured vehicles, at the same time it also useful for transporting infantry if the Polaris isn't present at any point during a battle.

Despite almost being outdated, the Merlin can hold about a set of 4 vehicles or 12 infantry for transportation into combat, the helicopter can be equipped with optional unguided rockets for use against enemy vehicles.

MEA India Placeholder "Globemaster" III Cargo Plane

Medium weight cargo planes acquired from the United States for transport and supply drops, C-17 Globemaster IIIs is the Indian Air Force's heavy weight cargo planes that are capable of dropping various loads, including infantry and vehicles.

All-thou Ilyushin Il-76 Great Dragon will be brought in later during battles, the American Globemaster III is also known for its armour plating and its improvements for flying in the desert environments in the Middle East.

MEA India Placeholder "Great Dragon" Heavy Cargo Plane

In service prior to the breakup of Russia and the breakout of the deadly Kalini Crisis, the Ilyushin Il-76 Great Dragon is a heavy lift cargo plane designed to carry tanks and even extra supplies, smaller vehicles to the frontlines than the C-17.

Called in at later times when a commander gets up to levels 2 and 3 they can call in these heavy duty Russian cargo planes to drop about one or two tanks, Great Dragons also have more armour and is good for the desert environment anytime.

MEA India Placeholder "Scanner" Spy Plane

Built by Embraer as a platform, modified for spying on enemy forces by DRDO's Centre of for Airborne Systems, the ASP-145 Scanner is a version of the Brazilian ERJ-145 regional jet which can go faster than other spy planes.

All-thou it is modified by DRDO's Centre of Airborne Systems for use in finding enemy positions, the Scanner is fast and it can get out of the area quickly but however it equipped with heavy armour plating to help it survive against anti-air weapons.

MEA India Placeholder "Poseidon" Heavy Bomber

Used for its primary role for anti-submarine warfare with some modifications to them for bombing runs, the American built Boeing P-6 Poseidon is India's primary bomber replacing its old Tu-95 Bear fleet for bombing runs.

The Poseidon is serving the country's need for the Middle East Alliance's strategic bombing if there are enemy positions that must be eliminated, however some have also been spotted in attacking enemy naval units with depth charges & rockets.

Israeli Air Force

Cameo Name Description
MEA Israel Placeholder "Ra'am" Fighter Jet A variant of the F-15E Strike Eagle, the Israeli F-15I Ra'am is the country's primary fighter aircraft equipped with a set of missiles and flares to defend itself from enemy attacks.

Ra'am fighters are known for their role for dealing with terrorists in Qatar with support from the Qatari military, the jet's payload consists of a set of four Sparrow rockets with Sidewinders for ground and airborne attacks along with flares to launch if enemy rockets or missiles are fired.

MEA Israel Placeholder "Sufa" Multi-Role Fighter Built from the F-16 Fighting Falcon, the F-16I Sufa multi-role fighter is assigned with a set of mini-bombs to utilise whilst flying over an enemy base in order to attack.

Despite being almost similar to the USA's Fighting Falcon, the aircraft is one of Israel's best bombers if needed to go on a mission for taking on any hostile forces, along with the country's Ra'am fighter the Sufa can also be upgraded to recieve flares to stop enemy rockets and missiles.

MEA Israel Placeholder "Cobra" Attack Helicopter No longer used by the United States' Air Force, but still field a series of newer models such as the AH-1 SuperCobra and the AH-1Z Viper, the classic AH-1 Cobra today is still in service with the Israeli's airforce since it serves as the country's main attack helicopter.

The helicopter is equipped with a mounted minigun pod with a set of main anti-ground rockets to use against any enemy vehicles, all-thou it don't have any rocket pods the helicopter can still be deadly to not only ground vehicles it is also good for dealing with enemy infantry.

MEA Israel Placeholder "Heron" UAV Drone Controlled from the ground, the IAI Heron UAV is an Israeli built drone which comes unarmed but is good for recon missions, Heron drones are good for scouting areas once an airfield is built but it will take a slot on the same airfield once built in order to stay maintained.

Along with being a UAV Drone, the Heron can fly around any designated areas whilst at the same time it can locate units from a far distance with onboard cameras allowing military forces to plan ahead, it is capable of spotting anything hidden via camouflage or stealth with its detection system.

MEA Israel Placeholder "Sea Stallion" Transport Helicopter Retired from the United States, acquired through foreign trade over the years before the First Eurasian Conflict and the Kalini Crisis, the Israeli operated CH-53 Sea Stallion helicopter comes equipped with a door mounted machine gun.

Whilst its newer counterpart, the CH-53E Super Stallion is being used by the US, other nations & factions, Israel's version of these helicopters are known to be the primary transport for Israel's main infantry regiments, the helicopter cannot transport vehicles.

MEA Israel Placeholder "Hercules" Cargo Plane Acquired through trade with the United States, the Hercules is the country's primary cargo transporter which can be spotted in the sky easily with its desert and jungle combo like camouflage whilst bringing in heavy supplies such as ATVs and deployable scout vehicles.

The C-130 Hercules is also used by Pakistan and Saudi Arabia for dropping units and supplies into battle, all-thou they do have their own camo paintwork Israel's version of the American aircraft is equipped with different types of aircraft specialist equipment depending on roles.

MEA Israel Placeholder "Onyx" Strategic Bomber

First built in various facilities across America, also shipped off to Israel for fitting, Boeing has introduced a new series of bombers based on the 707 jetliner with more efficient engines, the new and modernised Boeing B-707 Onyx is a strategic bomber built mainly for export markets and also for other countries.

Despite the design being based on the Boeing 707, the Onyx is a bomber for strategic attacks against enemy forces despite that Israel uses smaller bombers for these roles, this bomber is used for long range attacks since smaller bombers will be easy targets for enemy anti-aircraft.

Pakistani Air Force

To be added...

Qatar Air Force

To be added...

Royal Saudi Arabian Air Force

Cameo Name Description
MEA Saudi Placeholder "Tornado" IDS

First acquired from the United Kingdom and first flown by the RSAF in 1986 and recently upgraded for better combat use in battle, the Panavia Tornado is a ground attack aircraft suitable for early defense once an airfield is built.

Equipped with 27mm Revolving cannons and a series of four Brimstone missiles, the Tornado today is suited for mainly ground assault and defense due to their aging design these classics can be upgraded to use countermeasures.

MEA Saudi Placeholder "Louisiana" Transport Helicopter

Built in the United States, named after the American state of Louisiana, the Bell 205 Louisiana is a transport helicopter equipped with a side door machine gun and is capable of transporting a team of 5 infantry.

It isn't equipped to carry vehicles so a C-130 Hercules may need to be brought in, all-thou the helicopter is capable of transporting light cargo it is fast and also agile to evade any enemy forces on the ground if pursued.

MEA Saudi Placeholder "Little Bird" Scout Helicopter

Little helicopters, but at the same time very fast and also agile for quick attacks during combat, Boeing AH-6 Little Birds are fast response helicopters that can be deployed quickly and in a short amount of time with M134 Miniguns and hellfire rockets.

Once an Airfield is built, the helicopter can recieve a set of rocket pods separately once deployed so it can be good for all combat until tier 2 combat forces are deployed, it is a modern version of the MH-6 and more upgraded allowing it to become effective for combat on the battlefield.

MEA Saudi Placeholder "Eagle" Fighter Jet

Advanced versions of the USA's F-15 Eagle fighter, the F-15C is an advanced version of its original variant of the fighter for extensive flight and better effectiveness in the desert regions of West Asia and the Middle East with better capabilities.

Equipped with automatic cannons and a set of rockets for all anti-ground and anti-aircraft purposes, this Eagle variant serves as Saudi Arabia's tier 2 all purpose fighter that can outmatch the British built Tornado IDS.

MEA Saudi Placeholder "Anka" UAV Drone

Launched from airfields, TAI Anka UAV Drones are Turkish built drones capable of scouting any specific regions for any hostiles who oppose the Saudi Arabian forces, Anka UAVs were launched in 2013 and now full service.

Competing with Israeli Herons, American Predators and even many more types of UAV scout and recon drones from other countries, the Turkish built TAI Anka today is used by armies including Egypt and even Turkey.

MEA Saudi Placeholder "Kiowa" Combat Helicopter

Originally classed as the RSAF's secondary scout and also observation helicopter instead of a combat helicopter, the aging American built Bell OH-58 Kiowa is a refurbished and special equipped helicopter for combat roles.

Despite being old, OH-58 Kiowas helicopters in the RSAF were given special enhancements that made allowed them to become suitable for desert environments and also upgrades to their specifications and weapon lineup to allow them for attacking enemy forces along side with AH-6 Little Birds.

MEA Saudi Placeholder "Eurofighter Typhoon" Bomber

Built as a multirole fighter first launched to the world's armed forces in 2003 and onwards today, with several variants in most armed forces being used for missile attacks, bombing runs and straifing, Eurofighter Typhoons serve as the Royal Saudi Airforce's finest in the fleet.

Surpassing the American Eagles and even the British built Tornados, the Eurofighter Typhoon is a European fighter built by three companies that is currently used by the Royal Saudi Airforce for various combat roles but mainly right now it is used for bombing enemy forces, it can recieve guided bombs once it is upgraded.

MEA Saudi Placeholder "Sentry" Spy Plane

Used as a spy plane, Boeing E-3A Sentry spy planes have been used for various operations to keep enemies within the range of the aircraft and is also capable of spotting enemy units from a higher altitude unlike the TAI Anka UAV.

All-thou it is larger and heavy armoured unlike the Anka, the E-3A Sentry has a big reveal and scanning range so any hidden enemy forces won't have much time to react if they do get spotted by these large planes.

MEA Saudi Placeholder "Sky Storm" Light Cargo Plane

Spanish built cargo planes, some used for Royal Flights, the CN-235 Sky Storm is a light and fast cargo transport plane that is capable of transporting regiments of infantry and light AFVs to battlefields around the Middle East and Asia when required, they serve as the main regiment for Paradrops.

Despite being intended at first for Royal Flights, not for troop and AFV transportation, several more CN-235 Sky Storms were ordered for these roles since Saudi Arabia announced their membership to the Middle East Alliance, also there to take the fight to the GLRF after years of being shadowed.

MEA Saudi Placeholder "Hercules" Heavy Cargo Plane

Ordered from the United States, around 67 in service for many purposes such as a military transport, air refueling roles and VIP transports, the C-130 Hercules is one of the Royal Saudi Airforce's oldest running aircraft still used in the RSAF along with other countries today.

Replacing the CN-235 Sky Storm light cargo plane for the country's Paratroopers protocol, Hercules cargo planes are known as the best cargo planes for transporting tanks and AFVs to the battlefield since the Sky Storm will be on the task of transporting soldiers & scout vehicles.

MEA Saudi Placeholder "Stratofortress" Strategic Bomber

Classic but still reliable, B-52 Stratofortresses were sold to the Israeli air force for various bombing runs but were also upgraded to suit modern environments to ensure they don't get shot down easily whilst in flight.

Today, several numbers of the B-52s in the Israeli Air Force have been given more efficient engines and were also given an extra speed boost to ensure quicker arrival and bombing runs to ensure their survival, their chassis have also been improved to survive longer whilst deployed in the air.


Cameo Name Description
MEA Placeholder Command Center

The main structure of operation for all commanders and generals of the Middle East Alliance, MEA Command Centers are primary structures that hold all special powers for ranging from airstrikes to paradrops, they are also stronger than others built by factions.

Equipped with a radar, along with a large vehicle storage station next to the main quarters for construction vehicles to move out and begin operating, these Command Centers are the main basis of the military forces in the Middle East Alliance.

MEA Placeholder Hydro Reactor Provides all forces in the MEA with power, Hydro Reactors come linked to an underground network of pipes that supply with water to allow bases to operate, this source can allow a free flow of power from the pipes which can be replenished at any time.
MEA Placeholder Barracks Based on tents with basic defenses such as sandbags and tank traps to defend the men and women of the MEA from attacks, the Barracks can be used to train all infantry and commando units into the battle at any time, depending on which country is deployed.
MEA Placeholder Supply Center

Stores supplies from supply docks the Supply Trucks collect from in order to operate the war machine of the Middle East Alliance, the classic refinery style Supply Center can deploy supply trucks for the collection of supplies.

Comes with 1 free Supply Truck, depends on the country that is deployed on the battlefield like with all production structures, the structures due to their robust construction allows it to become more strong and resistant to enemy attacks.

MEA Placeholder War Foundry

Deploys all combat, utility and scout vehicles for the battlefield for various missions ranging from combat roles to rescue and defense missions, War Foundries serve as the main facility to build all of the MEA's primary vehicles for these purposes.

All countries in the Middle East Alliance is equipped with their own lineup of units to build and deploy into battle, the workforce at these facilities can build units nearly 2x time quicker than others built by other factions.

MEA Placeholder Airfield Deploys and maintains aircraft depending on which country is on the battlefield, Airfields serve as a main base for all fixed wing aircraft so they can be re-armed and refueled for their next combat roles, the Airfield can deploy helicopters quicker than others.
MEA Placeholder Research Lab

These facilities unlock the best units within tier 3 for commanders of the MEA, Research Labs also have a series of upgrades that can allow combat and utility vehicles, infantry and aircraft to perform to better standard that can help all deployed forces fight enemy units at a faster rate with better upgrades to its defensive capabilities.

MEA Placeholder Repair Post Small and cost effective, the Repair Post is a structure that can repair any nearby vehicles if they returned to base after a fire fight with enemy forces, they are equipped with a set of welding torches and a small crane to provide the repairs.

At a cheap cost, and next to a line of base defenses, Repair Posts can assist a line of vehicles during a mission if something is needed for defense, at anytime the post can be utilise outside of bases for use with small outposts & recon bases.


Cameo Name Description
MEA Placeholder Mini ICBM Storm

Using information and the data recovered from various SCUD Storm sites that were neutralized by MEA forces, a new system which can launch a set of small ICBM missiles from a station without the need of transports or submarines.

The Mini ICBM Storm can launch a set of 9 small ICBM missiles at any location for destruction of enemy bases, they are also equipped with a mass detail of high explosive missiles and will require timing, but at the same time is good if a last stand is imminent.

Requires general level 5 Clearance.


Cameo Name Description
MEA Placeholder Combat Bunker

Heavy, sturdy and also cost effective at the same time, MEA built Combat Bunkers serve as a basic core of defense for operatives and soldiers in the Alliance to utilise.

At some point the bunker can be upgraded to use a weapon to use against enemy personnel, along with this the bunker can also get an armour buff which can allow it to last longer. It can equip advanced machine guns, rocket launchers or maybe a long range artillery that can make the bunker effective, once upgraded it cannot revert back.

MEA Placeholder Machine Gun Nest

Basic anti-infantry defenses, the Machine Gun Nest isn't expensive to deploy and maintain since it is known to be easily quick to put up for quick defense. Along with the quick setup, the nest is equipped with a light machine gun, also has sandbags and light armour.

Like Combat Bunkers, each Machine Gun Nest recieve upgrades which can make them more effective against enemy personnel, the package consists of a specialist and cost effective overhaul which can replace light armour pieces & sandbags with newer armour and other types of equipment, making them sturdier and harder.

MEA Placeholder Rocket Site

Can recieve optional upgrades like Combat Bunkers and Machine Gun Nests on the field, Rocket Sites form the backbone of the line of defense for MEA bases around Asia and the Middle East that can deal with enemy vehicles and aircraft effectively.

These sites can recieve a series of upgrades to make their rockets lock onto enemy targets effectively, some such laser guided lock-on systems and also heavier defensive materials such as concrete and composite armour plating, to make them more harder to destroy but at the same time effective for late defensive roles during missions.


Cameo Name Description
Capture Building Capture Building This allows all Riflemen of the Middle East Alliance to capture enemy buildings, can also acquire tech structures which could be important.

More will be added.....

Countries Deployed

Today, most major factions and countries deploy regiments and even combat units, however within the ranks of the Middle East Alliance, the entire faction can deploy a specific country onto the battlefield depending if the battle is in either within Asian regions or in the Middle East. Despite their regions being originally controlled by forces of the Global Liberation Army and the Global Liberation Resistance Forces in the past, military commanders with representitives from the Company of Liberty decided to crack down on terrorism within the affected areas.

In a cost effective and time saving matter, the Middle East Alliance can deploy a specific country to the fields of either Asia or the Middle East to serve and protect the people of the affected areas, the five nations that form the faction is equipped with various equipment and weapons making them one of the world's factions more unique for using country operated resources rather than specific ones, a specific country can be deployed any time from a Command Center.

Other Regiments and Units

To be added...

Generals Promotions

The Middle East Alliance along with their allies from India and Pakistan can provide their comrades in battle the upper hand with various capabilities, support powers, defense and offense powers are similar but units will be different and vary depending on which country is on into the battlefield.

Rank 1 Promotions

Cameo Name Description
MEA Placeholder Heavy Tanks Grants commanders of a specific country to build their unique heavy tank to support their main armoured divisions on the battlefield
Guardsmen Training Regular Infantry Improvements All tier 1 infantry, including riflemen, rocket infantry and anti-air infantry will recieve more training for combat, granting them veteran status
MEA Placeholder Specialists Enables commanders to deploy specialist operatives capable of helping allies and hindering enemy progress, capabilities depend on country deployed

Rank 3 Promotions

Cameo Name Description
MEA Placeholder Heavy Infantry Deployment Allows the deployment of heavy infantry into battle, combat style and capabilties vary on which country in the MEA is deployed
MEA Placeholder Spy Plane Calls in a country specific spy plane to reveal enemy territories, a Spy Plane can be used to locate any enemy advancements better for planning ahead
American Carpet Bomb 1 Explosive Carpet Bomb Strategic bombers from a specific country can be called in to deliver a set of 8 explosive bombs to enemy positions.
Airborne Paratroopers 1 Paratroopers Level 1 Base Level, Deploys 5 riflemen and 5 rocket infantry and 1 scout vehicle by plane, allowing them to help out allies in combat with enemy personnel
Airborne Paratroopers 2 Paratroopers Level 2 Upgrades from level 1, Deploys 10 riflemen, 5 rocket infantry and 1 battle tank by plane, allowing them to help out allies in combat with enemy personnel
Airborne Paratroopers 3 Paratroopers Level 3 Upgrades from level 2, Deploys 10 riflemen, 10 rocket infantry and 2 battle tanks by plane, allowing them to help out allies in combat with enemy personnel
Emergency Repair 1 Emergency Repair Level 1 Repairs Vehicles with 15% health
Emergency Repair 2 Emergency Repair Level 2 Repairs Vehicles with 30% health
Emergency Repair 3 Emergency Repair Level 3 Repairs Vehicles with 50% health
MEA Placeholder Airstrike Level 1 Base Level, calls in a light bomber to drop a bomb an enemy position
MEA Placeholder Airstrike Level 2 Upgrades from Level 1, calls in 2 bombers to drop a bomb each on positions
MEA Placeholder Airstrike Level 3 Upgrades from Level 2, calls in 3 bombers to drop 2 bombs each on positions

Rank 5 Promotions

Cameo Name Description
MEA Placeholder ICBM Missile Strike Launches an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile from an off-map MEA operated silo, which can cause massive damage in a wide radius
MEA Placeholder Ultimate Airstrike Calls in all aircraft in a specific country's airforce to barrage an enemy position
MEA Placeholder Mini-Missile Barrage Allows access to the Mini ICBM Storm, the MEA's superweapon
Defenders and commando units of the United Middle East Alliance

Flag of Unknown Faction

Ground Forces
Indian Infantry MinutemanHustlerPumperField MedicDesert GhostField OperativeMortar SpecialistPankaj Tapan
Israeli Infantry WatchmanIntruderBlazerCombat MechanicRuffianCombat AgentShayetet 13 Special OpsHadara Netanya
Pakistani Infantry RiflemanSandstormerHunterSapperUrban WarriorPatrolmanNemasisDawood Zaheer
Qatari Infantry PioneerDefenderBisonLand RoamerHiddenPrivateerPacemakerAisha Farida
Saudi Infantry GuardsmanBuzzardSharkField HackerHuntsmanInfiltratorRiot CleanerFarid Salman
Scouts & Armoured Cars BD InjectorSand CatLand Rover DefenderEvans WolverineCadillac Gage V-150OT-64 GresleyWZ551 TritonAMX-10P PhantomTekan-11 Liophis
Tanks HVF FelonHFV ArjunHFV SandkingMagachCenturion IIIMerkava IIIType-63 SnakeAl-KhalidAl-ZarrarAMX-30 StingerLeopard 2A5M1A2 AbramsSAM-51 Hotknife
Anti-Aircraft Platforms SA-8 GeckoMachbetBD RadiusUR-416 StockadeAl-Fahd AIT
Self-Propelled Artillery 2S1 DianthusSED PinakaM109 DoherKRL-122 RancherSH1 FroggerPsH 2000 BarrageAstros II MLRSM109A9 Surge
Support Vehicles VFJ BobcatVFJ StallionD9 Armoured BulldozerAIL Storm IIIM35 ReptileDUDE Construction BulldozerRSM MallardQatari Construction BulldozerIveco StralisSabretooth FieldmasterSCT-41 Vader
Air Forces
Fixed Wing Aircraft HAL TejasHAL RelicHAL AdderF-15I Ra'amF-16I SufaPanavia Tornado IDSF-15 Eagle
Helicopters HAL RudraHAL TempestAW101 MerlinAH-1 CobraCH-53 Sea StallionBell-205 LouisianaAH-6 Little BirdOH-58 Kiowa
Spy Aircraft ASP-145 ScannerIAI Heron DroneTAI Anka DroneBoeing E-3A Sentry
Indian Cargo Planes C-17 Globemaster IIIIl-76 Great Dragon
Israeli Cargo Planes C-130 Hercules
Pakistani Cargo Planes CN-235 Sky StormC-130 Hercules
Qatari Cargo Planes C-17 Globemaster III
Saudi Arabian Cargo Planes CN-235 Sky StormC-130 Hercules
Strategic Bombers P-8 PoseidonB-707 OnyxTu-95 BearB-52 Stratofortress
Main Command Command Center
Production Structures BarracksWar FoundryAirfield
Resource Structures Hydro ReactorSupply CenterResearch LabRepair Post
Defences Combat BunkerMachine Gun NestRocket Site
Superweapons Mini ICBM Storm
Prominent Characters
Military Personnel Ganika WamikaEvan GalGhous HasanMostafa SaadiMedina Shada
Officers Mose AdamekPavel AkinjideCatrina BaskovaAdela PosadaMahmud Ultarak
Faction Information
Countries IndiaIsraelPakistanQatarSaudi Arabia
Regiments & Units To be added...
Weapons To be added...
Support To be added...
Technology To be added...

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