MANTAK "Merkava" Heavy Tank
MEA Israel Merkava
Several MANTAK Merkava tanks defending a Middle East Alliance installation
Faction Middle East Alliance
Cost $1000
Build at War Factory
Requires Research Lab

Israeli Deployment

Detailed Information
MEA Merkava Icon Place of Origin Israel Flag of Israel Small
Manufacturer MANTAK

IDF Ordnance Corps

Role Heavy Tank

Heavy Anti-Vehicle
Light Anti-Personnel

In Service Active

1990-Present (Mk.III)
2004-Present (Mk.IV)

- IMI 120mm Smoothbore Gun

- 12mm Light Machine Gun
- Composite Armour Plating
- Specialist Fuel Tank
- Crew of 4

"Israel's Tank Division"
- Merkava operator -

To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • The Merkava tank is based on its real counterparts, the following generations and versions of the tank that will be present in RoC be Mark.III and Mark.IV versions of the tank featuring various configurations.
  • Model by Anus_Panda, skinned, boned and tweaked by SmasherJackson.
  • Like other heavy tanks in the Middle East Alliance, the Merkava is competing with the Indian Sandking tank along with the Pakistani Al-Zarrar tank, the Qatari (Unknown) tank and the Saudi Hotknife tank.

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