Medical Tent
Company Medical Tent
A Random Medical Tent healing some woulded soldiers and patients
Faction Company of Liberty
Cost $600
Build at N/A
Requires Landsweeper


Many Medics require a station to help their fellow soldiers when they use their Ambulances to take their wounded comrades off the battlefield for medical treatment. The Medical Tent is a good example of using Medical supplies when the Medics arrive on the battlefield; since Medical Tents can be set up by operators of Landsweepers, this allowed the medics to utilise their tools to help their soldiers to get back into full health.

Sometimes soldiers can guard these facilities from hostile attacks which then; the guards near the facility can be called inside the tent or nearby it to help defend it from hostile attackers, allowing them to utilise their weapons from inside and outside the station.

Battlefield Emergancy

The facilities can help group of soldiers being transported to the Medical Tent by an Ambulance, Transport Mule or being flown to the location by Blackhawk Helicopter recieve urgent attention from the medical staff inside the facility; but if the facility is under fire from the enemy, any friendly Soldiers who are close to the facility can enter the tent to get patched up and attain the required medical treatment they will require before they are released back onto the battlefield.

The Medics trained at this facility can help to the soldiers wounded and give them the required help they'll need for war, once they are fully healed and ready, they can go back into the battlefield and cause trouble again against their enemies.

Related Buildings and Units

Over time, Medic Tents are not the only types that can heal soldiers on the battlefield. During the sightings of OAT MedicsMedic Stations, Ambulances and Medical Drones, there are still some units that have been active to help protect and also heal up units.

  • Civilian Hospital - Tech Structure, can be captured to heal units if no Medical Tents are built or if the Company of Liberty are not involved in a battle.
  • OAT Medic - Operatives currently serving the Company of Liberty as field operatives to heal soldiers, equipped with modified MP7 sub-machine guns which shoots out needles.
  • Hummer Ambulance - Used to be in United States service, now currently being used by the Company of Liberty to heal and transport personel from battles.
  • Shaman - Heals soldiers and repairs vehicles. Currently in active service with the New Andes Armada in the Civil War between the Martollo Cartel.
  • Healer Drone - Replacing the Ambulance in the United States Army, built by Tenzai Robotics of Japan, the Healer Drone is utilised to heal soldiers. Can clean up biological spills and nuclear waste, also attack with a machine gun if threatened.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Medical Tent is based is based on the Civilian Hospital Structure, but will have fuctions on allowing soldiers to garrison the structure and get healed over time being.
  • Medical Tents are also good in the battlefield for any of the commanders troops to fall into the facility and get healed for time being.

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