M719 Mechanic Humvee
Civilian Mechanic Humvee
A sketch of the Mechanic Humvee, known to be the first use of mechanics for vehicles after 2013
Faction EMTV Inc.
Cost Unknown
Build at EMTV Warehouse
Requires N/A
Detailed Information
Civilian Mechanic Humvee Icon Place of Origin United States Flag of USA Small
Manufacturer AM General

Evans Military Tank and Vehicles Inc.

Role Combat Support

Light Anti-Infantry
Repair Vehicle

In Service Unknown
- 50. Caliber Machine Gun

- Repair Modules /w Arms
- Welder & Tools (For Repairs)
- Fuzzy Dice (Free with each purchase)
- Armoured Wheel Covers (Free with each purchase)

"Awaiting Assignment"
- Mechanic Humvee operator -

First developed from the Hummer H1, which served as a base for the Hummer H1 Ambulance and the USA's M707 Humvee, the Mechanic Humvee was built from the two vehicle designs but giving it a look allowing the futuristic look with retro design. The Mechanic Humvee is equipped first up with a 50. caliber machine gun, used for self-defense purposes if the vehicle begins to become a target to enemy units within the range, but it is capable of reparing vehicles owned by friendly units and ground units owned by allies of factions operating the M719 itself.

Service Entry - 2013

To be added...

Libyan Civil Uprising

To be added...

First Eurasian Conflict

To be added...

Second Eurasian Conflict

To be added...


There have been a series of vehicles built by other countries, a drone built by Tenzai Robotics, a robotics company in Japan and a heavy duty multi-role support Crawler; these new competitors are replacing the M719 Mechanic Humvee for future battles, operated by pilots or remote control instead of a pilot, it was capable of repairing vehicles whilst doing other tasks such as bomb defusal and defending themselves.

All-thou the M719 Mechanic Humvee proved to be popular for its multi-tasking capabilities whilst equipped with a machine gun for dealing with light anti-personnel and repairing vehicles at the same time while the torches are mainly for reparing vehicles, the vehicle was found utilised by the Company of Liberty in the past, it was also used by various factions across Eurasia, even some numbers.

  • Tenzai-59 Welder Repair Drone - Built by Tenzai Robotics, the Welder is equipped with a welding torch for reparing vehicles owned by friendly factions; the drone also use its torch for attacking light units, It is a low level threat to light vehicles and infantry operated by enemy forces.
  • Type-38 Cheetah Mechanic Crawler - Originally built as a construction vehicle and built by the Chinese from 2020, the Cheetah is a heavy-duty vehicle which serves as multi-role support. It can go into a series of modes allowing it to utilise its capabilities for a series of tasks, such as the defusal of explosives and deploying mines, the vehicle is based on the Protector series.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Mechanic Humvee is a mix of a combat and support together, capable of repairing vehicles whilst defending itself from any enemy units on the battlefield.
  • It is inspired by the Mobile Repair Vehicle from Nod, featured in Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun.

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