For the classic version, see M28 Mauler Super Tank

M28 "Mauler" Super Heavy Tank
GLRF Placeholder
A Mauler escorted by Sheriden tanks, used in the Cobra Cell
Faction Global Liberation Resistance
Cost $???
Build at Arms Dealer
Requires Palace

Cobra Cell

Detailed Information
GLRF Placeholder Place of Origin United States Flag of USA Small
Manufacturer Paccar Inc. (Base)

Evans Military Tank and Vehicles Inc. (Production)

Role Super Heavy Battle Tank

Heavy Anti-Ground

In Service Active
- 105mm T5E1 Cannon

- 50. Caliber Machine Gun (Recovered)
- Toxin Sprayers x4 (Mounted)
- Ceramic Armour Plates
- Four-Member Crew

"For Salvation and Freedom"
- Mauler operator -

Built in the final months of World War II by the Company of Nations, the old but still useful super heavy tank was rebuilt by the Cobra Cell for use against those who oppose the resistance movements, the Mauler serves the cause as a last resort if there is high-threat movement which could oppose Prince Kassad's resistance fighters and armed forces. The Mauler is not as a problem unlike the G5K10A Scarab due to its size and weapons, but since its a last resort unit if battles between the Global Liberation Resistance becomes a high priority and must be finished.


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World War II

To be added...

First Eurasian Conflict

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Second Eurasian Conflict

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Behind the Scenes

  • The M28 is based on the T28 Super heavy tank prototype in 1945, which was built during World War II but never seen action, only two examples were built.
  • It is also a unit which was used by the historic Company of Nations during World War II, which will be possibly an add-on for the mod in the future.

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