Martollo Crime Cartel
Mercenary Placeholder
The current emblem of the Martollo Cartel
Formation 24-02-2016

South America Flag of Unknown Faction

Faction Color Lime
Type of Faction Local Gang

Anti-Government Organisation

Leaders Kurtis Martollo
Officers None
Special Weapons None
Strategies Hit & Run, Large Numbers of Units
Strengths Moderate Numbers, Heavy and Expensive Vehicles
Weaknesses Weak Units, Being Outnumbered
Status Ingame

90% of Units Ingame

Nothing is known about the mysterious Martollo Cartel, the gang has been around since 2016. They didn't have any connections with the Global Liberation Army or anyone else since they started out as a small time drug running cartel, it has been a threat towards athorities in the region since its rise into the criminal underworld relating to drug rings and serious cases of gang wars; Everything in the cartel changed in 2028, when they went to war with the New Andes Armada which started the South American Civil War with the cartel's attempt to take over the entire continent, during the civil war they have been given support by terrorist forces of the GLRF to attempt to gain control along with the assistance from the GLA's Theron Guards, the Cartel is currently losing the full-scale civil war.

Their forces consist of gang members who decided to take it out to the streets and take on the Andes Armada with their own tactics of ambushes and small use of tanks along with technicals, they have the experimental Geschutzwagen Panther-V Artillery, which was never built during WWII. Along with the Panther-V Tank and the Jagdpanther Tank, the cartel may be sneaky but they are not strong in terms of combat strength since some units they use can be somewhere around weak to moderate strength, lucky enough they can rely on infantry numbers and use of combat vehicles like the Panther tanks which can utilise various weapons and roles.


Cameo Name Description
Martollo Watcher Watcher Several gang members enlisted to take the streets with rage as they decided to take on government forces of the New Andes Armada across South America. The Watcher is armed with a Steyr Wonder 2031, they can do a decent amount of damage, trained in fours.
Martollo Guerilla Guerilla Rocket soldiers of the gang, they are reliable against enemy vehicles with their RPG-13 Direct 2028 rocket launcher. Armed with a set of Red Heat Fueled rockets which causes burns on anything they hit, trained in pairs.
Mercenary Placeholder Heartstopper Expert Snipers which operate within controlled cities and neighbourhoods across South America, Heartstoppers are good in dealing with piercing enemy armour and killing enemy infantry from miles away.

Ground Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
Cartel Cavilera Icon "Cavilera" Light Tank

Light armoured divisional tank, the tank was built and designated in South America as the D-35 Cavilera through a manufacturer licensed by Russia, it saw action in the Cold War along with action from the GLA and the Eurasian Continental Militia.

Mostly used for diversion purposes, their light armour can deal with enemy tanks in teams of 4-5, all-thou weak armoured due to its rusting armour, it has a small rocket launcher which does decent damage against enemy vehicles.

Cartel Talon Technical "Talon" Scout

A fast transport, also serving as the standard technical of the gang equipped with a machine gun it is also capable of decent scout operations.

Whilst transporting gang members or other occupants, they won't be able to use their weapons from inside, it has decent armour whilst taking on enemy forces, occupants will have to get out of the vehicle to help out..

Cartel Gladiator APC Icon "Gladiator" APC

Light armoured transport vehicle, armed with a pair of 50mm cannons for dealing with enemy personnel if it encounters any form of resistance.

It is decent in dealing with enemy vehicles whilst boasting decent armour, the D-38AP Gladiator Armoured Personnel Carrier can transport 8 soldiers around the field.

Cartel Panther Icon "Panther" Battle Tank

Refurbished tanks which were built from knockdown kits, the known Panzer V Panther tank comes with new and improved equipped armour plating, it comes with an 75mm cannon and several armour pieces and spike bar to help the tank survive.

It don't have much speed unlike the Cavilera but it does have good armour and decent attack power.

Cartel Hunter Panther Icon "Hunter Panther" Tank Destroyer

Tank destroyers of the Martollo Cartel, it is based off the German Panzer V Panther Tank chassis with a locked cannon for its effectiveness against tanks.

The Hunter Panther was first built during World War II, rebuilt through robust materials, refurbished with advanced equipment and heavily armoured to withstand power against tanks, it can destroy anything the enemy throws at them.

Mercenary Placeholder "Panther" Artillery

Experimental artillery version of the Panther that was designed and built during World War II as a prototype model that didn't make production, despite not being produced it was known by the German military as a possible heavy armoured artillery but shots fired were inaccurate.

All-thou the prototype of the Panther Artillery was built during World War II, the Martollo Cartel decided to mass build the tank to see how it operates through various captured production facilities, after results from bombarding several bases, the mysterious cartel used these artileries to bombard positions.

Other Units

Cameo Name Description
Martollo Fanatic


Allthough uncommon around Southern America, these operatives have strapped themselves with miniature biological explosive charges on their belt, causing damage upon his death. They usually come out of nowhere when ordered by their leader, their faith against the New Andes Armada is currently unknown, mostly inspired by Prince Kassad in the GLRF.
Mercenary Placeholder "Python" Patrol Boat Fast boats which have been known to assisting in drug smuggling operations, several numbers of the Python was stolen from New Andes Armada operated docks and several harbours for conversion, these Russian Patrol Boats have been known to come equipped with a 90mm Cannon and known to have boxes of drugs disguised as fishing bait.
Mercenary Placeholder "Catapult" Mortar Buggy The Martollo's version of the GLRF Bucanneer Mortar Buggy. The Catapult can bombard several positions, but however due to use of the Panther-V Artillery, the Catapult even it was good at evading enemy vehicles at high speeds, the vehicle was in reserves or scrapped due to the that the buggy was weak against everything.
Mercenary Placeholder Martollo Command Truck Using a big rig with several modifications and a flatbed from an old flatbed built truck, the Martollo Cartel's version of the Command Truck were found in the field fighting several paramilitary forces from outside of South America who classified the cartel as terrorists, however despite the trucks being vunerable they do provide radar and scanning capabilities.


Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder

"MD-500 Defender"

Stolen light gunship helicopters used for air superiority, armed with 50. Calibers and Rocket Pods. During time, there have been several robberies of military helicopters that the Martollo Cartel have stated, the MD-500 had several units stolen from plants across South America. They are light armoured but equipped with good weapons.

Production Building

Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder

Martollo Gang House

Currently scattered across South America, the Martollo Cartel uses these structures to house equipment, gang members for deployment and vehicles to field. The gang house is common around the continent, it won't be anywhere around the world unless the GLRF has intervened with their operations; they also have a makeshift helipad on top for the MD-500 Defender Helicopter.

Defense Structure

Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder

Watch Tower

Built to keep a closer watch on their territories across South America, the Martollo Cartel uses these large towers equipped with a set of long range miniguns and rocket launchers to deal with enemy units, the rockets can also target aircraft.

Behind the scenes

  • The Martollo Cartel is a mini sized Global Liberation Army, inspired by modern day gangs which roam the streets but adding several elements of the GLA from the original Generals game.
  • However, the Martollo Cartel is one of many minor-factions which will be present in the game.
Martollo South American Crime Cartel

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