The D-40 Marauder is a series of tanks & vehicles constructed in Pakistan, today it is known as an infamous combat vehicle for being used by terrorist factions & even supporters of the GLA & GLRF but it has also been seen in combat with various Eurasian Militia Groups fighting terrorist forces, it has three variants which were known to be usedby several factions during the course of the First and Second Conflicts in Eurasia.

  • D-40B "Marauder" Battle Tank - The first tank that was created before becoming a base for the series of vehicles produced, it is still used in combat today.
  • D-40GS "Marauder" Anti-Aircraft Tank - An experimental anti-air variant of the Marauder, currently used by the GLRF's Cobra Cell as an armoured anti-air tank, replacing the Harbinger.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Marauder Tank has been expanded into various vehicle types for Reign of Conflagration, there are some variants of the unit which will be present in the game for the GLRF/Separatists.
  • Two designs will be available for the GLRF, the normal variant will be utilised by Separatist factions.

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