Mafia Nightclub
Mercenary Placeholder
A Mafia Nightclub being guarded by Mobsters
Faction Russian Mafia
Cost N/A
Build at N/A
Requires N/A

Operating as cover for the Russian Mafia across New Russia, these nightclubs serve as hideouts for the mob to lay low and keeping an eye out on the field for personnel to observe. Throughout time, there have been reports of mobsters and personnel of the mafia coming out of garage doors armed and ready for combat; mostly settled for business deals and fights against government forces, but most of them were rumours.

The Mafia can mainly main business due to the helicopter port located to the side of the club, they also hold secret blueprints to Soviet Era vehicles and a good stash of SUVs and weapons. Due to being a low presence in New Russia following the Civil War between Russian Resistance forces and Forth Reich Loyalists, the mafia during the civil war have kept a low profile over the time and will strike at anyone who attacks their nightclubs or members, several Nightclubs have been attacked by the Russian Resistance during several battles in the Resistance-Mafia Conflict, causes of the fight between the Resistance and the Mafia is currently unknown.

Units Available

Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder Mobster Using an assault rifle with a grenade launcher attachment for anti-personnel, Mobsters are known to be armed and dangerous to anyone who attacks them. They are good in dealing with infantry and light armoured vehicles on the battlefield, they also make good whilst in buildings.
Mercenary Placeholder Reaver Expert members in the cause, former veterans and soldiers who fought in splinter cells and loyalist groups in the Kalini Crisis, Reavers are skilled to take on enemy aircraft who oppose the Russian Mafia with their rifles equipped with anti-material rounds.
Mercenary Placeholder "Ghost" Combat SUV Whilst patrolling areas occupied by the mafia itself, the cause utilised several amounts of Ghost SUV's to attack anyone who poses a threat to the Mafia's operationa in Russia. Armed with basic machine guns, they transport 5 personnel.
Mercenary Placeholder "Hammer" Medium Tank Serving as the Mafia's personal armour, Sergei and Josef ordered several Soviet Union T-34 Hammer Tanks to be restored to support their members on the frontlines; they also serve as the cause's main armour along with the Ghost.
Mercenary Placeholder "Anvil" Heavy Tank Heavy, equipped with a 100mm rifled cannon and well armoured than the Hammer Tank, the Anvil serves as the Russian Mafia's heavy armoured division when business is beginning to become rough in their divisions. They are heavy armoured but moderately slower than the T-34.
Mercenary Placeholder "Hip" Helicopter Dispite the Russian Mafia using small numbers of units at once, they can rely on Hip Helicopters stolen from the Forth Reich to transport their mobsters across Russia. Mostly for deployment or business deals, they come equipped with a pair of machine guns and a small set of rocket pods.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Russian Mafia's Nightclub is a mix of a Barracks, War Factory and a Helipad which will be used for the mini-faction's fielding purposes of vehicle deployment.
  • It will have civilian buildings along with a well built helicopter pad for Mi-8 Hips.