MTL Grenedier
Andes Armada Placeholder
MTL Grenediers utilising their Electro-Magnetic Pulse Grenades
Faction New Andes Armada
Cost $400 - Pairs
Build at Recruitment Barracks
Requires N/A
Detailed Information
Andes MTL Grenedier Place of Origin South America Flag of Venezuela Small
Trained MTL Training Facility - Venezuela
Role Basic Infantry

Basic Anti-Personnel

In Service Active
- M67 Grenades

- EMP Grenades
- Backpack
- HUD Visor
- Body Armour

- MTL Grenedier preparing to throw a grenade -

To be added.

Behind the Scenes

  • MTL Grenediers, are based around the GDI Grenediers.
  • They serve as the secondary basic infantry for the New Andes Armada.