Command Center
MEA Placeholder

MEA Command Center

The Command Center in all its glory operated by the Middle East Alliance
Faction Middle East Alliance
Cost $2000
Build at N/A
Requires MEA Construction Vehicles

Forming the main basis for commanders of the Middle East Alliance, the Command Center is the primary structure for all operations which can also allow the construction of base building vehicles and also comes with radar to keep things on the field in view for commanders.

The structure comes with various features for various staff members of any MEA General, war and planning rooms for strategies and to hold meetings to discuss current battlefield situations and also plan out operations against any hostile forces, the garage next to the main complex can build and send out construction vehicles to allow base building along with expansion purposes to ensure more MEA influence can spread throughout the world to improve the morale of soldiers and civilians.


The primary design of the structure is based on a mix of offices along with a garage like with other command centers used by other factions, with a garage to assemble and send out construction vehicles to assist MEA Commanders with base construction, repairs, expansion and clearing out any explosives that could be deemed unsafe to all personnel.

At the moment, the site has a series of offices which be used by military personnel and scientists to plan and research vital moves and technology to use for combat personnel and to upgrade them to make them become effective whilst on the battlefield, along with this the Command Center comes with a war room to plan out all operations and discuss the situation with commanders and soldiers. A science quarters below the complex can allow operatives assigned to improve and research new types of technology for use on the field, along with this Scientists can use a radar to keep an eye on the battlefield and locate any enemy personnel on the battlefield that could be close to the bases where Command Centers are located. Along with these parts of the facility being present, a Generals Room is where the Commanders & Generals of the MEA can plan out various operations and send out either reinforcements to allies or plan out strikes on enemy forces.

Next to the main complex, is a garage that also acts as the primary warehouse for construction vehicles where all assembled vehicles are checked before being sent out onto the battlefields, however the structure can also build more if needed.

Generals Powers

No military force is complete without Generals Powers and protocols, listed below are a series of Protocols that the Middle East Alliance can utilise at anytime during a battle as long the commander or general of the faction is at the right rank, they can be obtained at any point when in battle.


Cameo Name Description
MEA Placeholder

Spy Plane
(Rank 3)

A cheaper alternative option to the Spy Satelite, using country specific Spy Planes can allow MEA Commanders to locate and spy on enemy personnel through this classic tactic, it can also be used to locate personnel and any explosives on the field.
American Carpet Bomb 1 Explosive Carpet Bomb

(Rank 3)

Calls in a strategic bomber depending on the country deployed to bomb an area with high explosives, can cause wide damage against enemy forces and bases with a payload of 8 bombs to also clear out positions, bomber style depends on country.
Airborne Paratroopers 2 Paratroopers

(Rank 3)

Reinforcements on the battlefield can be essential to all military operations around the world, MEA Paratroopers can be a called in to drop around 10-20 soldiers into battle with an occassional scout vehicle, infantry & scout vehicle varies whilst deployed.
Emergency Repair 3 Emergency Repair

(Rank 3)

In a surrounding area, Emergency Repair can repair any units that got damaged during the heat of combat. Starting small, this special power can be upgraded to repair more of the damage through using promotions acquired from any battles. 
MEA Placeholder Airstrike

(Rank 3)

Calls in a series of bombers country specific to barrage an area with bombs and clear out a small group of enemy forces, when upgraded using promotions, the airstrike will get a formation and also to drop additional bombs on a target area.
MEA Placeholder Ultimate Airstrike

(Rank 5)

Any situation could escalate to a level where it could go out of control, the solution to any situation that may occur is to call in all fixed wing airborne regiments to unleash all ordinance on a target position, ranging from rockets to bombs of any size.
MEA Placeholder ICBM Missile Strike

(Rank 5)

One of many heavy weapons for the Middle East Alliance and their commanders, an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile strike can cause heavy damage on a single position.

Many soldiers and scientists in the Middle East Alliance today see this as an inspiration for the faction's superweapon, known today as the Mini ICBM Storm that launches small long range ICBMs, similar to an older weapon, the GLA's SCUD Storm.

Units Built

Cameo Name Description
MEA India Placeholder Bobcat Construction Vehicle

India Exclusive

Armoured, and taking on the role as India's construction vehicle, the VFJ Bobcat is a tracked vehicle equipped with a shovel to scoop up mines and a plow to clear up explosives, the Bobcat is the country's primary construction vehicle which can build and repair structures.
MEA Israeli Bulldozer D9 Armoured Bulldozer

Israel Exclusive

One of many controversial vehicles used by Israel that have been active during before the First Eurasian Conflict, armoured D9 Bulldozers are specialised in heavy duty construction at the same time and can take stiff punishment from enemy units, machine guns are not available so they will have to be defended if their armour plating fails at some point.

Like all other construction vehicles, they can build bases and is capable of repairing structures if they do get damaged, along with the vehicle being known for building, they disarm mines.

MEA Pakistan Bulldozer Icon DUDE Construction Bulldozer

Pakistan Exclusive

Acquired from surplus armouries within the United States after the First Eurasian ConflictDUDE Bulldozers have seen service in Pakistan's have seen time in the country's military regiments as a base constructor after being replaced by new Builder drones.

These vehicles can clear mines and explosives within a surrounding area of choice, along with that the bulldozer can repair buildings that are damaged from enemy attacks.

MEA Qatar Placeholder Construction Bulldozer

Qatar Exclusive

To be added...
MEA Saudi Placeholder Fieldmaster Construction Vehicle

Saudi Arabia Exclusive

The country's modern construction of Saudi Arabia, the modern and latest Sabretooth Fieldmaster Construction Vehicle is the country's advanced construction vehicle suitable for specialist roles in repair and construction, also it can dig up mines in a surrounding area.

Behind the Scenes

  • The MEA's version of the Command Center is based on the Construction Yard, a primary building used by the Allied Nations and the Soviet Union in Red Alert 1.
  • Being used by the Middle East Alliance, all countries operating with the Alliance have access to the structure to field construction units for expansion and command all abilities that can be used any time.

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