MEA Placeholder

MEA Placeholder

A Barracks of the Middle East Alliance operating under India's command
Faction Middle East Alliance
Cost $500
Build at N/A
Requires MEA Construction Vehicles

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Infantry Trained

Indian Infantry

Cameo Name Description
MEA India Placeholder Minuteman

Primary operatives of India's armed forces, Minutemen are the nation's ground forces equipped with automatic rifles with the option of attacking hostiles from any specific range, the training comes with their capabilities for defending their nation from those who oppose them.

Capable of capturing buildings for expansion.

MEA India Placeholder Hustler Equipped with the modern RPO-A Shmel rocket launcher, the Hustler is the country's main anti-ground personnel that mostly work Minutemen in city areas and in desert regions affected by war, their introduction into the MEA helps India's influence in their role in fighting terrorism.
MEA India Placeholder Pumper The country's anti-aircraft forces, equipped with 9K38 Igla launchers to use against enemy units and mostly taking on aircarft within their range for defense, Pumpers do not come equipped with a secondary firearm to defend themselves but they do have a knife for quick kills at close range.
MEA India Placeholder Field Medic Found to assist their wounded allies, equipped with an MSMC system to attack any hostiles who come close or attempt to stop them from trying to treat any wounded personnel and civilians, Field Medics are India's main specialist infantry which can be found with the country's infantry.
MEA India Placeholder Desert Ghost Armed with a PSG1 sniper rifle, blends in with desert areas and in bright regions of either the Middle East or in India, the Desert Ghost is good with taking on enemy infantry and is equipped with a small set of special throwing knives, he makes quick work of enemy infantry.
MEA India Placeholder Field Operative Secretly known as the country's fancy and good looking operatives, the women who sign up for the role of Field Operatives are given specialist training in infiltration of enemy bases, stealth tactics and covert-ops capabilities along with the ability to tamper with enemy structures.
MEA India Placeholder Mortar Specialist Equipped with a portable mortar which can shoot explosives at enemy units or smoke bombs to confuse them, Mortar Specialists are India's heavy infantry which can take out anyone who is nearby them, at the same time they are equipped with a pistol for defense.
MEA India Placeholder Pankaj Tapan

Known as the silent assassin, equipped with a silenced MP5, an RCL Mk.III recoiless rifle and a knife with the markings of his homeland and family, Pankaj Tapan is India's primary commando operative capable of delivering a blow to infantry units and vehicles after extensive training.

Whilst being mostly silent with his MP5 and knife, he will have to reveal himself in order to use the RCL Mk.III against enemy vehicles but he can still be hidden whilst using his primary, he can also call in an airstrike from friendly aircraft but will have to reveal himself to do so.

Israeli Infantry

Cameo Name Description
MEA Israel Placeholder Watchman

Standard infantry forces in Israel's military regiments, Watchmen are equipped with a TAR-21 assault rifle for all attacks and a Jericho 941 semi-auto pistol for self defense, if needed Watchmen can execute enemy soldiers with the pistol.

Capable of capturing buildings for expansion.

MEA Israel Placeholder Intruder Equipped with a MATADOR launcher, Intruders are the anti vehicle operatives of Israel's military forces operating with the MEA forces in several cities in the country with areas that are threatened by terrorist forces, they also come equipped with an M79 grenade launcher. 
MEA Israel Placeholder Blazer Equipped with a FIM-92 Stinger launcher, with a Mini-Uzi to defend him and his comrades who attempt to harm them on the field, Blazers is the Israeli's main anti-aircraft infantry that can be spotted with Intruders and the Watchmen infantry, Blazers can good when inside buildings.
MEA Israel Placeholder Combat Mechanic Can repair vehicles and structures, the Combat Mechanic is capable of repairing any vehicles around him with his trusty kit whilst at the same time can use his kit to repair buildings, his work is known to be halted by any enemy forces with an IMI Galil assault rifle to defend himself.
MEA Israel Placeholder Ruffian Brave, don't need camoflage nets to blend in with the environment around him, Ruffians are equipped with a SR-25 sniper rifle with a night vision scope to utilise if deployed at night. These operatives are the scout units for Israel, capable of spotting enemy infantry and fighting units far away.
MEA Israel Placeholder Combat Agent Prepared with a silenced Glock-17 automatic pistol, Combat Agents are the eyes and ears of Israel's infiltration forces to tamper with hardware to cause a small disruption, if he is exposed by enemy forces in the open he will open fire on enemy forces either vehicle or infantry.
MEA Israel Placeholder

Shayetet 13 Special Ops

One of Israel's specialist infantry, the Shayetet 13 operatives is the country's elite forces which can ruin the day of any enemy forces, these soldiers can place satchel charges on buildings or vehicles, they are set to have a suppressed Ruger 10/22, an Armsel Striker or Shipon launcher.
MEA Israel Placeholder Hadara Netanya

An elite commando representing Israel, one of many female operatives in the MEA, Hadara Netanya is equipped with a Barrett M82 anti-material rifle and a Negev NG7 machine gun making her one of the deadly forces in the Middle East.

Her capabilities can allow her to charge up her M82 to take out a single vehicle with high velocity rounds, her NG7 is capable on taking out a full squad of enemy units around her which can made her a threat to any near terrorists, her known following participation was in the taking back Gaza from GLRF forces attempting to occupy the country incluidng the strip.

Pakistani Infantry

Cameo Name Description
MEA Pakistan Placeholder Rifleman

Equipped with a G3A3 rifle at first, can upgrade to utilise an automatic bullpup assault rifle for more firepower when needed, the Riflemen of Pakistan's military like India's Minutemen can attack enemies from set ranges, all-thou they will have to switch weapons for better effects.

Capable of capturing buildings for expansion.

MEA Pakistan Placeholder Sandstormer

Armed with an RPG-7 launcher, can also blend in with desert scenery with his fatigues, Sandstormer rocket soldiers are Pakistan's primary anti-vehicle hunters in the tier 1 class.

At any point he can load a very high-explosive rocket into the launcher to cause massive damage, once he gets clearence to use the rockets through an upgrade from the barracks, which will make them more threatening.

MEA Pakistan Placeholder Hunter

Facing aircraft and helicopters head on, can utilise a modified RPG-29 rocket launcher with a laser guiding system to guide rockets into enemy aircraft if they come near, the Hunter is a fearless operative and won't hesitate to fire if the operatives feel threatened by any enemy personnel nearby.

Some may come equipped with a recoilless rifle instead of a rocket launcher, they can be reloaded faster but will do around 5% less damage than the modified RPG-29 launchers.

MEA Pakistan Placeholder Sapper

Can disable with EMP bombs, the Sapper can also utilise a series of specialist bombs that can cripple any hostile armour positions for Pakistan's armed forces to take on, along with the bombs he is also equipped with an SMG for self defense.

His bombs vary from explosive remote bombs to EMP bombs if he needs to disable enemy vehicles, he is also stealthed whilst not on the move.

MEA Pakistan Placeholder Urban Warrior

Known for hiding in the towns and cities of Pakistan, blending in with civilians and structures at any time for a hidden suprise to ambush an enemy unit, the Urban Warrior is a long range hunter equipped with a sniper rifle and an anti-material rifle.

His weaponry consists of an SSG 69 for standard anti-infantry roles, at any point any Urban Warrior on the field can be upgraded to utilise the Istiglal anti-material rifle, allowing him to take on enemy vehicles from a long range without notice.

MEA Pakistan Placeholder Patrolman

Specialist infiltrators, earning their capabilities from training as an agent for the authorities long ago, Patrolmen do not require stealth tactics to go into bases or anything. But however they can still enter structures whilst not attracting attention to himself.

If at any point he does get detected acting suspicious by enemy personnel, he can engage enemy personnel with a Glock 17 pistol for self defense before he can sneak into structures.

MEA Pakistan Placeholder Nemasis

Heavy operatives of Pakistan's armed forces, the Nemasis is equipped with a Milkor MGL grenade launcher for dealing with a large group of enemies if encountered. These specialist women operatives can put fear on enemy forces which could force them to almost drop their weapons and surrender, only rare though.

She can equip a cluster explosive grenade for her launcher or a painful incendiary grenades, making her a major threat to any vehicles and mainly enemy infantry due to her capabilities.

MEA Pakistan Placeholder Dawood Zaheer

One of Pakistan's main primary heroes who crossed into the line of fire to save some civilians from a GLA sponsered hostage situation in Multan, Punjab, Dawood Zaheer enlisted into the country's military regiments as a commando after he saw what the GLA was capable of, he also swore an oath to his people that he will end terrorism.

He is equipped with various weapons that he can utilise for roles depending on the situation at hand, either dealing with infantry or vehicles and aircraft, if desired Dawood can deployed with either an MG3 light MG or a modified RPG-7 launcher with a special guided rocket attachment to fire at enemy armour and airborne divisions.

Qatar Infantry

Cameo Name Description
MEA Qatar Placeholder Pioneer

The military forces of Qatar, equipped with modified AK-47s along with a specialised combat knife given after conscription, Pioneers serve as the country's rifle infantry and is known to be brave for dealing with those who do not follow suit, the operatives are found with other tier 1 infantry.

Capable of capturing buildings for expansion.

MEA Qatar Placeholder Defender Anti-ground forces, Defenders are equipped with Carl Gustav recoilless rifles for dealing with all ground vehicles that any enemy force throws at the in numbers, their training also allows them to burrow down and deploy a long range L16 Mortar for early phases of defense of small bases and outposts. 
MEA Qatar Placeholder Bison Equipped with FN Minimi machine gun and an FIM-92 Stinger for the defense of the Qatari skies, Bisons serve as the country's primary anti-aircraft infantry that can also attack enemy infantry for extra roles, upon their defensive roles they can also be good with taking on enemy aircraft.
MEA Qatar Placeholder Land Roamer To be added...
MEA Qatar Placeholder Hidden

One of Qatar's elite forces, known for being well hidden off radar from enemy forces and even from friendly radar, the Hidden are scout operatives that depend on taking on enemy forces whilst not leaving any trace of their presence, allowing them to move around and strike whilst remaining hidden thanks to their suits.

They can also kill enemy infantry with a knife whilst hidden from scout units within a specific region.

MEA Qatar Placeholder Privateer To be added...
MEA Qatar Placeholder Pacemaker To be added...
MEA Qatar Placeholder Aisha Farida

One of Qatar's known female commandos enlisted into the ranks of the Middle East Alliance, Aisha Farida is a fearless commando equipped with a CAR-15 (or Commando) rifle with a big 150 round drum magazine to deal with all enemy infantry and aircraft around her, she is also equipped with armour piercing bullets.

Along with her training to use a CAR-15 rifle, she is also equipped with the similar Carl Gustav recoilless rifle used by her Defender allies that was modified to fire more powerful rounds against any enemy forces at a faster rate, but will have to be cooled down due to the overheating power of the recoilless rifle, but in the end she is still one of the known Commandos in Qatar's armed forces.

Saudi Arabia Infantry

Cameo Name Description
MEA Saudi Placeholder Guardsman

Primary soldiers from the Saudi Arabian Land unit of the country's royal armed forces, they are equipped with a G36C assault rifle for taking on enemy infantry with an included grenade launcher for taking on any vehicles if needed, the Guardsmen are known to help out Buzzards.

Capable of capturing buildings for expansion.

MEA Saudi Placeholder Buzzard Fearless to enemy units, also known to be a vast danger to any vehicles around them, a operative Buzzard is equipped with an M202 FLASH launcher which can launch up to 4 rockets at a time and is known to take on enemy vehicles without hesitation.
MEA Saudi Placeholder Shark Equipped with LMGs, Shark anti-aircraft operatives are the country's primary infantry forces which can deal with small tier 1 airborne threats when needed, at the same time can utilise a standard issue G36C rifles only for ground threats since his LMG can be better for airborne issues.
MEA Saudi Placeholder Field Hacker Saudi Arabia's female specialists, Field Hackers are capable of shutting down enemy communications and ground units when they are needed, also when required they can deploy a fake briefcase bomb which can be used to detonate on enemy forces.
MEA Saudi Placeholder Huntsman Blending into desert scenery, the Huntsman is equipped with a powerful sniper rifle capable of piercing through the armour of enemy infantry but takes long to reload. He is equipped with a Barrett M82 sniper rifle that can use armour piercing rounds or specialist incendiary rounds.
MEA Saudi Placeholder Infiltrator Unarmed, but is capable of disguising as infantry, the women operatives of Saudi Arabia's Infiltrator class is capable of entering un-defended bases with the disguise of any enemy or civilian, capable of tampering structures. If she is near a scout her mission might get compromised.
MEA Saudi Placeholder Riot Cleaner Equipped with combat shotguns and teargas launchers to clear out garrisons, Riot Cleaners are specialist forces deployed by the Royal forces of the Saudi Arabian Military in response to several GLRF cited riots that have broken out recently, they are known to be on scene of any situations instantly.
MEA Saudi Placeholder Farid Salman Not alone, always seen fighting with his colleagues, Farid Salman is Saudi Arabia's specialist commando operative equipped with an LMG for dealing with hostiles, without hesitation he can deploy a Milkor MGL that can fire a set of six 40mm grenaded at enemy units.

Upgrades Available

Cameo Name Description
Capture Building Capture Building This allows all rifle infantry regiments to capture enemy buildings, they can also acquire tech structures which could prove important.

Behind the Scenes

  • Like all infantry recruitment & training facilities, the Barracks in the Middle East Alliance will be the home of all regiments of the entire faction along with separate lists that can be accessed.
  • Depending on any country is deployed, the lists will be available for commanders of the faction select one of the five at the start of a skirmish game or in the re-built Generals Challenge.
  • However, the lists of infantry depending on what country will be set to default country based lists during the course of the Middle East campaign.

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