General Louis Carver
Company Placeholder
Louis during his service in the First Eurasian Conflict with the British Armed Forces
Name General Louis Carver
Faction Company of Liberty
Birth Date 13th July 1983

Manchester, United Kingdom Flag of UK Small

Death N/A
Age 44
Family John Carver (Unknown)

Kate Carver (Unknown)

Colleagues General Johnas Buchanan

General Kenji Young

Current Status Left Hand Company General

Peacekeeper General

Louis Carver is the Left Hand General of Khaled Deathstrike, born in Manchester in the United Kingdom in the year of 1983, currently aged 44 years old. In his childhood, he had a thing for Napalm Weapons and Gauss Cannons which most defenses, vehicles and battle tanks utilises in the battlefield.

In the year of 2002, he joined the Special Air Service as a squad leader to storm enemy outposts in Afghanistan after believing that a terrorist group was reported causing trouble and also were responsible for the attacks on America and also causing trouble against the world, causing him to go to war against the terrorist group, where they were backed-up by Belgian Rocket Artillery and United States Marine Corps Regiments trying to suppress the group and ensure that their leader was captured, after capturing the terrorist group leader, he was brought to justice and then the war in Afghanistan ended in 2013 as the reign of terror ended.

Unique Units

Louis Carver utilises most units usually made from the United Kingdom; with some soldiers from the UK to supervise and assist infights, he utilises some foreign equipment on some purposes when most of his units ain't avaliable when required.


When required, he dosn't have to field much infantry within his brigade. But some soldiers or mercenaries are mostly expensive to hire for battlefield against enemy forces; Louis Carver has in his force a small selection of Territorial Officers which can help allow his men around the officers to fight harder than usual and elite Royal Marines to combat enemy personnel.

Cameo Name Description
Company Placeholder Territorial Officer

British elite operatives there to help their fellow comrades on the battlefield, these territorial officers were selected by the Company of Liberty's elite Spec-Ops Acolytes to take the role of support fellow soldiers and increase the morale of his fellow men to fight.

The Territorial Officers are equipped with USP-45 pistols or MP5 SMGs to deal with hostiles nearby, fellow allies around the officers can achieve better combat effectiveness if they are near them they are given motivational moral that they'll become war heroes, thanks to the support of these top tier officers.

Company Placeholder Royal Marine

Replacing the Volunteer Squads, specialist Royal Marines in service of the Company of Liberty's Peace Brigade are top elite operatives equipped with L85A2 Assault RIfles to combat enemy personnel with smoke grenades to distract unaware forces.

Being given specialist training in the UK, the Royal Marines that are under contract with the Peace Brigade are usually tasked with their respective allies and comrades for support and defense roles when required, however to use smoke grenades a commander of the Peace Brigade must grant use of them through upgrades.

Ground Vehicles

Most of Louis Carver's ground vehicles are mainly built from the United Kingdom, he dosn't utilise some units from anywhere not from Europe; but mostly on some occasions.

Cameo Name Description
Company Placeholder Saracen Transport

A recognised armoured personnel carrier, the Alvis Saracen is currently in service with other countries across various parts of the world in self defense against the GLRF, capable of carrying a set of 8 soldiers in and out of combat.

Louis Carver uses the Alvis Saracen, equipped with as a grenade launcher and a 30. Caliber, the use of the Saracen replaces the Mule within the Peacekeeper forces since it does come with sets of armour plating and pre-installed weapons.

Company Placeholder Movano Ambulance

At start it don't have off-road capabilities unlike the Hummer H1 does, several orders of the Vauxhall Movano vans have been modified to utilise off-roading specifications like several other vehicles in the world.

These ambulances are known to have mosterous capabilities to get patients to hospitals or medical facilities in-time, along with that the vehicle does come with a reinforced bodywork allowing it to survive longer, the vehicle can lower itself for passengers to get out or get aboard once it stop.

Company Placeholder Locoust Light Tank

Replacing the Steelrat, the UAC-47 Locoust light tank is a new and modernised version of the FV101 Scorpion Tank equipped with light armour but at the same time faster than any other tank or other units in the Peace Brigade.

The tank is equipped with a modern 90mm rifled cannon & a new coaxial machine gun for use in combat instead of using a grenade launcher, when deployed into combat the tank operators prefer to roll into war without Missile kits.

Company Placeholder Collider Heavy Tank

Used to be a tank known as the FV214 Conqueror, developed in favour during the Cold War to face off with Russian IS-3 Blaster tanks that were operated by terrorists, the UAC-52 Collider is a modern built tank with a new 120mm cannon and 2 machine guns.

UAC-52 Collider tanks are currently in active service within the Peace Brigade's armoured divisions under Louis Carver's forces, they are mostly around if no Challenger I tanks are in combat and have been spotted taking on enemy GLRF and Yuri's forces, their armour can be upgraded at any point during battle.

Company Placeholder Crocodile Anti-Air Tank

Built with less traction but with additional armour plating to take the role of the Skysweeper, the UAC-56 Crocodile is an anti-air tank built off the FV510 Warrior IFV which was set to transport soldiers and replace the Mule in combat.

The role for transporting operatives and soldiers in and out of battle was given to the Alvis Saracen within the Company's Peace Brigade, but however a small group of 4 soldiers can take a ride in the transport but must take caution since they could possibly die if the vehicle gets destroyed..

Company Placeholder Challenger I Battle Tank

Replaced by the Challenger II Tank, currently utilised in Jordan by its armed forces, today it still being built for export by the British based United Armour Corporation, who also provides the first generation Challenger to Louis Carver and the Peace Brigade.

Built today under the under the designation UAC-66; the new built Challenger I tank is equipped with a L11A4 rifled cannon and an L8A2 machine gun, the tank replaces the standard Company operated Dragoon tanks in Carver's brigade.

Company Placeholder Roller Stealth Tank

Built as a prototype by United Armour Corporation as an alternate solution and competitor to the American built M7A3 Vertigo, the design is based on the FV 4201 Chieftain battle tank that was used during the Cold War by the United Kingdom.

The UAC-89 Roller is equipped with mono-wheels instead of tank tracks, currently under prototype status, its weapons include a pair of rocket launchers and a 120mm tank cannon; it is silent and swift but will have to turn its stealth system offline to attack.


Same as ground vehicles, all aircraft utilised by Louis are built in Britain. Apart from the RHP-69 Gorilla, built in co-operation with Sikorsky Aircraft, based off the S-64 Skycrane but with modifications to meet his standards of Heavy VTOL Aircraft.

Cameo Name Description
Company Placeholder Vulcan Support Aircraft Restored for combat use, they are equipped with shockwave bombs and replacing the Pelican for support runs. Originally utilised during the Cold War, the new built versions of the Avro Vulcan are clear for drop-pod runs, sending soldiers into combat.
Company Lancaster Icon Lancaster Bomber Mk.II

Four engined legends returning from World War II.

These famous bombers were known to have a long history in World War II, they were also used to face off with terrorists within territories of Europe, Louis Carver utilised the Avro Lancasters with an armoured chassis & jet engines.

Company Meteor Icon Meteor F8 Interceptor Restored WWII British jet fighters utilised for covert operations. Replacing the Tycoon RC Dive bomber for General Louis Carver, the legendary Gloster Meteor F8 blends in with the night light, the interceptor's munitions are two green firestorm rockets, which can be deadly.
Company Placeholder Spitfire Fighter Plane Another legend from World War II, served as Britain's best fighter planes along with the Hawker Hurricane from the war. These restored planes are set to have an onboard remote control system similar to the Ju-87RC Tycoon, equipped with autocannons.
Company Placeholder Skyline Attack Helicopter

The Skyline, one of Louis Carver's favorite helicopters as a variant from the licensed built Westland Apache gunship built by the Royal Helicopter Plant.

The RHP-56 Skyline is equipped with advanced sensors and weapons, its missiles were replaced with green napalm auto cannons.

Company Placeholder Infernus Airborne Gunship The RHP-63 Infernus is designed from the AgustaWestland AW101 Merlin to take role of the Mi-24 SuperHind in the Peace Brigade, from joint co-operation with AgustaWestland and the Royal Helicopter Plant, the Infernus is the first transport gunship with Gauss Cannons & Rocket Pods.
Company Placeholder Gorilla Heavy VTOL A Heavy vehicle and infantry transport. The RHP-69 Gorilla is a licensed built from the S-64 Skycrane with specially designed VTOL engined with a large cabin replacing the crane for transporting vehicles and infantry, the Gorilla is currently experimental but is known to be used by Carver's forces.


In Louis Carver's force, he sometimes dosn't have a Mirage III Bombers, M7A3 Vertigo tanks, Type-75 Iron Storm MLRS, Mantis Tanks. These changes tend to save time and resources for his peacekeeper forces, there are some operatives within Reliable Executive Defenses which Louis can hire for a cheaper price; some mercenaries like Pyro and Mortar Acolytes tend to be expensive to hire.

Contractors and Partners of General Louis Carver

Over his military career in the Company of Liberty, British Corporations which serve General Carver were commissioned by the Company of Liberty to build and utilise tanks, vehicles and aircraft for Louis to utilise, since he prefers mainly British Made Weapons.

United Armour Corporation

This armour manufacturer built for General Carver the Collider MBT for the Leopard, Crocodile AA Tank for the Skysweeper, the Challenger for the Dragoon, Roller Stealth Tank for the Vertigo and many more top units his forces can utilise for battlefield use and to help his fellow soldiers in battles. This corporation is currently assisting the Company of Liberty by providing British battle Tanks which assisted in the battlefield if any commander don't have access to equipment from America, Asia or possibly somewhere in Eurasia.

Royal Helicopter Plant

The British high-rolling venturing business known as Royal Helicopter Plant, was part of Company of Liberty which supplied the Company's British generals and soldiers with British Helicopters, their latest model on their production line is the RHP-69 Gorilla VTOL, based off a licensed built version of the S-64 Skycrane with onboard jumpjet system, this new VTOL transport has been an evolution since the Harrier and the Swedish Boxer.

General Carver was provided with these aircraft such as Gorilla VTOLs and Skyline Helicopters for battlefield specialisation. On occasional purposes in terms of support or defensive, aircraft from the Royal Helicopter Plane were utilised to take roles of any task for the job that Louis co-ordinates with; along with specialisation of Gorilla Transport VTOL aircraft and Skylines & Infernus Gunships.

After 2013

The end days of the Terrorist Reign in Afghanistan allowed the soldiers of America, Belgium, Britain and other United Nations Associated lived in peace after the wars end in 2013, he went back home and seen everything has changed after his tour in Afghanistan ended, where he returned to his family and taken a break after the war, things around his hometown.

There were welcome home Louis Carver banners all-over his home, even friends, family and relatives of his Aunts & Uncles came to congratulate him on his successive return home, where he rested until he was required by the Special Air Service again for battlefield utilisation. He was called in by the SAS Lead Commander to be rewarded a medal of honour and bravery, where he taken his role against the terrorist threat in Afghanistan.

After 3 years of hanging out and having a job in training cadets for the Armies of the United Kingdom, he was called back for the battlefield when the Global Liberation Army taken its hands.

First Eurasian Conflict (2016-2025)

It was the year of 2016, war broken out in Eurasia. The Global Liberation Army taken its play into world conquest and domination in their goal to cause terror to the entire continent and to take further control of the region from Allied Nations Control, causing a major incident. Where a joint task force of the United States Army and Peoples Liberation Army met for their war on Terror.

The first incident taken place during 2016 in the Capital City of Beijing Province - China, disrupting the Chinese Grand National Parade which involved America to assist the Chinese in securing their homeland against the Global Liberation Army. Louis Carver, now aged 33, was recalled into the Special Air Service for battlefield deployment against the GLA to assist America, where he was also granted role as leading commander of the SAS Regiments 3, 10 and 5.

There were also sightings of Belgian Military and United States vehicles attacking Global Liberation Army settlements in areas Louis Carver sent in his men for attack, the Allied Nations came down hard on the GLA during the middle year of 2025, where they announced their surrender.

The Company of Liberty - Second Eurasian Conflict

Louis Carver left the Special Air Service after 2025, where he was inducted into the Company of Liberty to fight against the GLA's successor faction, the Global Liberation Resistance Forces. An Army almost similar to the Global Liberation Army but with different weapons and tactics, organised by Former General Prince Kassad, now he is now the Global Liberation Resistance Leader, he was in-charge of the GLRF in fighting against the factions such as the Company of Liberty itself and the Eurasian Commonwealth Security.

Louis Carver was stationed in the army as the head officer of the Company's Peace Brigade where he has the worlds best weapons and vehicles such as B-Type Vertago, Advanced European Tanks and many more good weapons of the past & modern day era in his hand to turn the tides of war against his enemies.

Bombing with the Past

Upon recieving his required equipment ordered by Khaled Deathstrike, he also recieved blueprints and a set of permits from the Royal Air Force which allowed the Company of Liberty rebuild the famous Avro Vulcan and Avro Lancaster Bombers for battlefield utilisation against the Global Liberation Resistance Forces.

Both aircraft have been updated to modern statistics such as powerful engines, armour, bullet proof glass, Green Napalm Payloads, Shockwave Bombs and much more modern equipment for battlefield commanders under General Louis Carver's command to utilise, for special occasional events like airshows all over Europe and Eurasia, the Company of Liberty utilises Lancaster Bombers and Vulcan Bombers for these occasional events rather than bombing their targets, they boast special paint-jobs for the events.

Behind the Scenes

  • General Louis Carver is based on General Granger and General Kwai, combined together with different weapons and vehicles the Company of Liberty can acquire.
  • Louis is the next Company of Liberty General to be revealed for the mod, his units work to their best for Carver himself, making him almost an unstoppable officer like General Johnas Buchanan.
Exclusive units for Company of Liberty General Louis Carver

Flag of CoL

Ground Forces
Infantry Territorial OfficerRoyal Marine
Armoured Cars Alvis Saracen
Armoured Battalions UAC-47 LocoustUAC-52 ColliderUAC-66 Challenger IUAC-89 Roller
Support Vehicles Vauxall Movano Ambulance
Anti-Aircraft Platforms UAC-56 Crocodile
Air Forces
Combat Helicopters RHP-56 Skyline
Multi-Role Helicopters/VTOLs RHP-63 InfernusRHP-69 Gorilla VTOL
Fighters & Interceptors Gloster Meteor F8Supermarine Spitfire
Bombers & Support Avro LancasterAvro Vulcan
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Military Allies General Johnas BuchananGeneral Kenji YoungGeneral Julius JacksonCommander Dane ClarenceCommando Acolyte Khaled Deathstrike

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