Local Market
GLRF Local Market Icon

GLRF Local Market

An overview of a Resistance operated Market, used to hide activities related to the GLRF
Faction Global Liberation Resistance
Cost $2500
Build at N/A
Requires Worker


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Criminal Links

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Other Links

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Upgrades Available

Cameo Name Description
Armour Piercing Bullets Armour Piercing Bullets Increasing all bullet type damages for all infantry and vehicles equipped with any machine guns, AP-Bullets will give a 10% damage increase.
Armour Piercing Rockets Armour Piercing Rockets All rockets within the GLRF including home-made rockets will recieve a small damage increase of 10%, this applies to aircraft, combat mobs and vehicles.small damage increase of 10%, this applies to aircraft, combat mobs and vehicles.
Junk Repair Junk Repair Repairs are usually often expensive, but not for Prince Kassad. Officers and operators which operate vehicles can repair their vehicles if they are not in combat, it helps if many best vehicles are weak from a fight and in need urgent repairs.
Frontier Rocket Ammo Frontier Rocket Ammo Adds a set of additional rockets to all Frontier Rocket Tracks deployed on the battlefield, increasing fire power and adding extra ammunition for the vehicle to launch more rockets.
Drug Treatment Drug Treatment Whilst there are no medics on the field, operatives are given painkillers and health to help them survive harsh conditions on the field, these will allow all soldiers to heal themselves on the field.
Mortar Improvements Scorpion Mortar Improvements These add another mortar barrel along with an extra bolt-on missile with a newer turret, these classified improvements can make newer Scorpions an extra threat.
GLRF Placeholder Junk Armour Plating (Cobra Cell Special) - Adds pieces of salvaged scrap armour for battle tanks within the Cobra Cell, these pieces of armour unlike Reinforced Armour Plating come cheaper but at a cost provide less protection from enemy attacks.
GLRF Placeholder Reinforced Armour Plating (Armadillo Cell Special) - Instead of packing junk armour for his tank divisions and aircraft since most are mainly new and robust still, Reinforced armour plating can ensure longer for Solimaan's forces battlefield unlike salvaged armour.

Behind the Scenes

  • These structures will provide the basis for all major Tier 3 upgrades, keeping the original design of the structure with adding four additional ones for Reign of Conflagration that can be used at any time.
  • It is changed to the Local Market since it provides a special underground service for the GLRF and even to commanders of the cause, a Black Market will appear in the game but as a tech structure.
  • All-thou the model currently will be similar to what it was in Generals & Zero Hour, there will be chance for a restyle to keep it similar to the Black Market structure in the game.

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