Libyan Civil Uprising
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Previous War on Terror
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Next First Eurasian Conflict

Kalini Crisis

Beginning January 5th 2011
End June 28th 2015
Place Libya, North Africa
Outcome - US-GLA Victory

- United Forces of Africa formed
- Terror Cells Eliminated
- Eurasian Continental Militia hunted worldwide
- Small fights noted down

Major Battles Tripoli Terror Bombing

Liberation of Bengazi
Battle of Sabha
Operation Takeback Misrata
Wadi al Shatii Showdown

- Flag of USTF United States Task Forces

- Flag of GLA Global Liberation Army
- Flag of Libya Small Libyan Armed Forces

- Flag of Unknown Faction Unknown Terrorist Faction

- Flag of ECM Red Eurasian Continental Militia

- Flag of USTF James Soloman

- Flag of GLA Lyron Mikin
- Flag of GLA Khaled Deathstrike
- Flag of Libya Small Nelson Botha

- Flag of Unknown Faction Unknown Commander

- Flag of ECM Red Unknown Eurasian Militia Commander

- 5,000 Riot Rangers

- 25,000 Cell Guardsmen
- 10,000 Union Riflemen

- 50,000 Terrorists

- 10,000 Militia Fighters

Light USA Casualties

Light GLA Casualties
Moderate Libyan Military Casualties

Heavy Terrorist Casualties

(Several Captured)
Light Militia Casualties
(Several Captured, Some Surrendered)


(100 Civilians)

Conflict to be added...

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