Onyx-35 "Liberator" Battle Airship
Company Placeholder
The Liberator Airship in flight, weapons locked and loaded
Faction Company of Liberty
Cost $10000
Build at Special Airfield
Requires Rank 5
Detailed Information
Company Placeholder Place of Origin Sweden Flag of Sweden Small
Manufacturer Onyx Airships
Role Faction Superunit

Combat Airship
Heavy Anti-Ground
Heavy Anti-Aircraft

In Service Active
- Double-Barreled Gauss Turret

- Anti-Aircraft Turret
- Heavy Armoured Hull
- Balloon Full of Helium
- Radar Equipment

"I have something for them."
- Liberator Airship pilot -

The Company of Liberty's paramilitary were strong whilst on the battlefield, but not strong in just one unit within full scale battles, the Swedish airship organisation known as Onyx Airships offered the Company of Liberty one of its finest military verified and powerful airships, known as the O-35 Liberator Battle Airship. Filled by helium, which makes the airship almost unbeatable against anti-aircraft weapons. However the downside of the airship is that it takes alot of time to build, also costing a lot of resources.

Onyx says that the airship must have a very long construction time to put the airship itself together, therefore defense of the facility constructing the airship must be defended at all cost, but it is capable of destroying aircraft and ground vehicles alike with Gauss Cannons and anti-aircraft turrets while the target for the Liberator is in range and isn't moving at at the time. This airship is strong, but it is vulnerable foo its speed and maneuvering and therefore the airship must be defended by other aircraft which are equipped with anti-air weapons, thus can allow escorts to chase down other enemy aircraft threatening the Liberator's progress.


The Liberator is one of the most expensive airships used by the Company of Liberty, houses a large reserves of ammunition for its Gauss Cannons and anti-aircraft turrets. Since it is one of the most powerful units utilised by the paramilitary itself, the officials of the OAT also stated that it will require a lot of resources and time to build even one Liberator, Allthough it is the best unit in the entire faction, it will need the most intensive care from anti-aircraft weapons.

The Power of One

Onyx has believed to said to the Company's Paramilitary leaders that the airship will require large crew of the Company to operate the Liberator, though it is one of the best aircraft utilised by the Company of Liberty, it will take a 5-star general to take control of the monstrous beastly airship.

Unlike smaller aircrafts and planes of the Company's Paramilitary, the airship is large, heavy armoured and fully armed with ultimate Gauss Cannons and anti-aircraft turrets. Once at heroic status, Liberator Airships will be almost unbeatable and can easily decimate an entire base in a matter of seconds.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Liberator Airship is one of the strongest vehicles in the Company of Liberty at Tier 4, therefore the most expensive and time consuming aircraft for the entire faction.
  • Once built, it is mostly cannot be stopped unless there is a large presence of anti-aircraft weapons & vehicles around to defend a territory.
  • The Liberator is not yet modelled or implanted into the mod just yet.