Lightbringer Laser Cannon
America Placeholder

American Laser Cannon

An early design of the Lightbringer Laser Cannon, the newest heavy base defense using laser technology
Faction United States Task Forces
Cost $2000
Build at N/A
Requires Builder Drone

Strategy Center

First tested in 2019, the Lightbringer is a heavy laser cannon designed to penetrate heavier armoured vehicles in service today, was also known to destroy an entire collumn of enemy vehicles used by the Global Liberation Army in the year of 2024, prior to the end of the First Eurasian Conflict in the capital city of Akmola on the year of 2025.

As its name stances, it is known to be one of many examples of the usage of Laser Weapons today along with its lighter armed version callsigned the Torch Laser System, today the Lightbringer Laser Cannons including the Torch turrets are both utilised by Laser General Charles Townes, who is one of the USA's fingerheads in their armed forces that also proposed other applications for laser technology for infantry and vehicles.

First Development Steps

To be added...

Combat Stages

To be added...

First and Second Conflicts in Eurasia

See First Eurasian Conflict
See Second Eurasian Conflict

To be added...

Kalini Crisis, South American Civil War

See Kalini Crisis
See South American Civil War

To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • The Lightbringer Laser Cannon is a heavy base defense heavily inspired by the Nod Obelisk of Light, a heavy base defense that was used in the Tiberian series of Command and Conquer.
  • It'll possibly get updated sometime after a release, it is made with several Generals models along with some additional textures, but it'll be remade to possibly ressemble the Obelisk of Light from Tiberian Sun.

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