KO-67 "Kirov" Dreadnought Airship
Reich Kirov Airship
An artists impression of the Kirov Airship, found in archives in Yuri's government
Faction Forth Reich of Yuri
Cost $2200
Build at Advanced Battlefield Facility
Requires Tier Upgrade 3
Detailed Information
Forth Reich Placeholder Place of Origin New Russia Flag of New Russia Small
Manufacturer KOSAIR Aeroships
Role Airborne Siege

Heavy Anti-Ground
Heavy Anti-Structure

In Service Active
- Radioactive Dreadnought Missiles (x2)

- Airship Propellers (×7, restored)
- Armoured Helium Baloon
- Reinforced Hull
- Cabin with Tinted Windows

"Any friends along the way?"
- Kirov Airship Operator -

First developed as one of Russia's first artillery airships utilising the same idea from the H-16 Zedong operating in China, the KO-67 Kirov Airship was first set to have Gamma-Radioactive Bombs, but decisions have been made to utilise Dreadnought Missiles instead. Their armoured hull, along with supports, allowed the Kirov Airship to be more of a threat to ground targets and enemy forces. All through they are heavy armoured, enemy commanders will have to take a lot of time and resources to take even one Kirov down.

Operation History

To be added...

Radioactive Terror

To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • Inspired by the Kirov Airship from Red Alert 3, but with Dreadnought Missiles instead of bombs.
  • The Kirov Airship is modeled by V. Metalic
  • Currently the missiles seen in the render are placeholders for Dreadnought Missiles, will be replaced immediately when the model will be done.