Type-M4Z "Kanto" Hover Tank
Mercenary Placeholder
Two Kanto tanks over water, undergoing amphibious testing
Faction Allied Nations
Cost $900
Build at Nations Headquarters
Requires N/A
Detailed Information
Mercenary Placeholder Place of Origin Japan Flag of Japan Small
Manufacturer Evans Military Tank and Vehicles Inc.

Japan Division

Role Advanced Battle Tank

Amphibious Anti-Vehicle
Amphibious Anti-Naval

In Service Active
- 105mm JM70 Rifled Cannon

- Nano-Titanium Armour Plates
- Master Crew of 4
- Advanced Target and Autoloader System
- Amphibious Hover Drive System

"Royal only to the nations!"
- Kanto operator -

Experimental in Japan but seen in First Eurasian Conflict during the GLA Landings in Japan, the Kanto is a new combat battle tank which utilises amphibious hover drive systems which allows the vehicle to travel across water and flank enemy units and catch up with them thanks to its hovering mechanisms, it is known to be built using the still active M4A2 Grizzly as a base for development. Today the tank is being used by the Allied Nations as an amphibious solution to the Chinese Dragoon Tank since it cannot reach enemy units in water, but since the introduction of the Kanto in the AN's armed forces, its amphibious capabilities almost make it impossible for enemy units to run if they are being chased since it can hover over land and water.

The Kanto is the first battle tank to be built by Japan during the early time of the First Eurasian Conflict for combat against hostile factions, they have been used with the Chinese Forces in driving the GLA out of Asia, by the time they were pushed back out of Asia the Chinese backed up American Military Forces in the Middle East and plus several parts of Kazakhstan, thus Japan given several units of the Kanto to the USA and Chinese forces, Japan also says that the tank is also capable of tackling naval units, which makes the tank itself a foe on the water which also caused the loss of several naval units.


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Below are a series of battles and full-scale conflicts that the Type-M4Z Kanto have been participating in over its course of service and production, the tank was developed during the early Pre-First Eurasian Conflict times and was deployed at the time of terrorist landings in Japan, it have been in a total of four conflicts throughout its development and service period.

First Eurasian Conflict

See First Eurasian Conflict

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Kalini Crisis

See Kalini Crisis

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Second Eurasian Conflict

See Second Eurasian Conflict

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South American Civil War

See South American Civil War

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Possible Future

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Behind the Scenes

  • Kanto tanks will be based on the Grizzly Tank, but will have the beta Crusader capabilities such as being able to hover over water.
  • The tank will be based on the Tsunami Tank from Red Alert 3, but won't have the fast firing cannon or the Nano Armour, the amphibious capabilities will remain the same.

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