General Johnas Buchanan
Company Placeholder
Buchanan on a Malström Co. billboard
Name General Johnas Buchanan
Faction Company of Liberty
Birth Date 4th January 1972

Brussels, Belgium Flag of Unknown Faction

Death N/A
Age 55
Family Roxxy Buchanan (Unknown)

Jerry Buchanan (Killed)

Colleagues General Louis Carver

General Kenji Young

Current Status Right Hand Company General

Artillery Brigade General

Johnas Buchanan is a Right Hand General for Khaled Deathstrike who was born in Brussels, Belgium in 1972 and currently aged 55. In his early childhood, he an interest in artillery and tactical weapons such as Russian Rocket Launcher BM-21, Howitzers like the ongoing Type-73 Ruckus Artillery and many others; he became an Officer of the 5th Regiment of the Belgium Type-75 Iron Storm Division in 1996.

At the age of 24, he led an artillery attack on a European Cartel which was organising a revolt against the Belgian Government. This mysterious cartel also were also masters in Drugs Trade; illegal Weapon Sales and also Robbery of Local Stores across the country, with success and without damaging his home town of Brussels, his Iron Storm Division destroyed the main and primary Headquarters of the Cartel.

Unique Infantry

Cameo Name Description
Company Placeholder Experienced Pyro Acolyte

Unlike his other Pyro Acolyte colleagues, Experienced Pyro Acolytes are better trained and avaliable only to high-ranking commanders of the Company of Liberty, the faction's specialist Artillery Brigade commander Johnas Buchanan has a small hand of these specialist operatives in his ranks.

His flame-thrower is good in clearing out buildings and burning hordes of incoming infantry, the extensive training recieved from the firing range and in the armoury has allowed him to become more aware of his surroundings, also he is known to cause extra damage to enemy forces.

Company Placeholder Mortar Acolyte

Artillery isn't much for Johnas, but his Acolytes were given a set of training with handling explosive mortar utilsation, mortar using acolytes like thus are known to assist their forward units whilst deployed at the back.

Today, Mortar Acolytes are known to be tight and good with localisation with foreign people, and equipped with an assault rifle and a portable mortar for good combinations for combat if at any point he encounters enemy infantry or light vehicles.

Unique Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
Company Placeholder Maverick Battle Tank

The United States were keen to deliver some good equipment to reinforce their allies in combat. When General Buchanan needed a better tank than the Leopard, the country was happy to supply, the new M6A3 Maverick tank in Company service is equipped with a gauss cannon.

It is also equipped with heavier armour plates for extended protection against nnemy personnel and also packs a small machine gun to defend itself against enemy infantry, however only to be used in cases if the tank does get surrounded.

Company Ruckus Icon Ruckus Howitzer

Chinese built artillery, still useful today, the Type-73 Ruckus is the Company of Liberty's secondary artillery with almost the same configuration and settings as found on the newest Type-75 Iron Storm artillery, 

It serves as a Company reserve vehicle which makes up for faction commanders who don't have access to the Iron Storm MRLS, whilst it don't have shockwave or green napalm rounds to use it fires high-explosive shells.

Company Thunderstorm Icon Thunderstorm MLRS

Imported versions of the Napalm Storm MLRS half-track artillery from China, the Type-88HT Thunderstorm is used by the Company of Liberty for barrage purposes and launching sieges on enemy personnel.

Also known to equipped with a set of green napalm warheads and shockwave rockets, their light armour makes them lighter but makes them easy targets for enemy units, at the same time a half-track design makes them nimble whilst on the move.

Company Iron Storm Icon Armoured  Iron Storm MLRS

Over times, the battalions of Buchanan's Type-75 Iron Storm units have been given some extensive training for extra and improved effectiveness, they have also recieved armour plates to ensure longer survival capabilities and veteran operatives with better experience.

Armoured Type-75 Iron Storm MLRS rocket artillery have been known to be more advanced than regular versions, they are also more manoeuvrable to operate than its unarmoured predecessor whilst deployed but require protection still.

Company Bronco Flatbed Icon Bronco Supply Transport

Maybe not a much of an attack unit, but those cases were rumours, but what they don't know is that the are several Bronco Supply Trucks are equipped with light anti-aircraft launchers that their operators can use for self defense.

The trucks are known to be a light threat due to the rocket launchers they are equipped with, the operators know when to attack if they see any hostiles incoming.

His Career after 1996

During his career in the Belgian National Homeland Security forces, he and his Iron Storm Artillery Regiment forces were stationed in Afghanistan to deal with a terrorist organisation starting up threats and causing trouble to the United Kingdom Armed Forces and United States Marine Corps.

His Iron Storm MLRS and his newly arrived imported Shanghai Battle Tanks Inc. Type-88 Napalmstorm MLRS leveled many terrorist emplacements including battlefield outposts which allowed British and American Forces to clean up the terrorist threats by the end of the year of 2013, which also ended the reign of Terror in the country and therefore honoured by the Government and his family for restoring peace and taking part in Counter Terrorism operations; therefore giving him rank as Artillery and Tactical Weapons General of the Belgian 5th Regiment of Belgium Artillery.

The First Eurasian Conflict

When the Global Liberation Army was turned into a terrorist faction, this announcement was given out by people who defected from the GLA which sparked a war against peace of the world in the late year of 2016, Johnas Buchanan was assigned to help in defending Belgium from Terrorist Control with assistance from the United Nations and its fellow allies. Until one day in 2019, he was on loan to the United States Army along with his platoon of Iron Storm and Dragoon Mortar Tanks to help in defending American Forces as they escaped from the Global Liberation Army, his explosive set of artillery vehicles which dealt massive amount of damage against pursuing enemy vehicles.

His Artillery Regiment was also assigned with a powerful American Heavy Tank built by Evans Military Tank and Vehicle Inc. known as the M6A5 Maverick Tank with a Rail-Gun, Which assisted America greatly with his mission in assisting the forces of freedom. During 2024, his regiment was called again to assist for a second time in taking out a Global Liberation Army army battle station which was large enough, it could have an entire army inside it.

It was a challenge for General Buchanan to take on, but after 4 days, he levelled the base with his artillery, ending the Global Liberation Army's main supply in a location which was classified in Kazakhstan; after the end of the war in 2025, he returned to Belgium and was honoured for his work in keeping the Global Liberation Army at bay and separated the entire faction.

Introduction to the Company of Liberty

The Global Liberation Resistance risen during the middle ages of 2026, he was stationed into the Company of Liberty by order of the Belgian Government. Afterwards the Company of Liberty assisted in forming the faction known as the Eurasian Commonwealth Security Network, consisting of countries in Eurasia which also includes Belgium; Johnas Buchanan was inducted into the Company of Liberty as head of the Artillery Divisions and leader of Tactical Weaponry.

He also works for as the CEO for the Company of Liberty's Mineral trade, funding the Eurasian Commonwealth Security Network and was known for his action by the new Eurasian Commonwealth Council which allowed them to take the continent back from the Global Liberation Army, which was known as the Global Liberation Resistance Forces as a successor faction which does the same thing as the Global Liberation Army did during the 2016-2025 Conflict.

The Forth Reich of Yuri's Involvement and the Second Eurasian Conflict

During the year of 2031, an intermission from the Belgian Government, advised all Belgian Generals about the involvement of the Forth Reich of Yuri into the war, which started a full-scale conflict between the joint forces of the Company of Liberty Acolytes and Eurasian Commonwealth Security Network Forces and Forth Reich forces in Russia and other parts of Eurasia.

During 2031, the United States Task Force and Iron Dragon Peoples Liberation Army of China was called in to assist the Company and the Commonwealth Security Network in taking on both Global Liberation Resistance and the Forth Reich of Yuri; this is due to the attempt to restore Eurasia to its former glory and annialate the GLRF and the Reich from existance and to ensure it never happens again in the future.

During his time in the Company of Liberty, his artillery branch was strong still than normal during his fights against the Resistance and the Reich. His Leadership caused him to become a war-hero to the Company of Liberty and his actions were remembered by his friends and family back in Belgium.

Behind the Scenes

  • Johnas Buchanan is a general made up by Cameo Artist Waywatch.
  • He is also based off another General from the RTS Game Mealstrom, ideas property of Waywatch.
  • An extended story and overview on General Johnas Buchanan is by SmasherJackson.
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