Iron Dragon PLA of China


Chinese Placeholder
The current emblem of the Iron Dragon PLA of China
Formation 2026

Peoples Liberation Army
Peoples Republic of China Flag of China Small

Faction Color Red
Allies Allied Nations

Company of Liberty
United States Task Forces
Middle East Alliance
Eurasian Commonwealth

Enemies Global Liberation Resistance

Forth Reich of Yuri
New Andes Armada

Type of Faction Offshore Chinese Force
Leaders Chinese Government
Officers General Ta Hun Kwai

General Shin Fai
General Tsing Shi Tao
General Leiong Leang
(Spec Ops)
General Mao Li Chang

Special Weapons Nuclear Weapons

Napalm Weapons
Microwave Weapons

Strategies Electronic Warfare

Tank Assault

Strengths Heavy Tanks

Improvised Weapons

Weaknesses Weak Infantry

Slow Vehicles

Status Ingame

Original Units Ingame
New Units Being Added

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China's Story

Early instances of the Iron Dragon PLA were first recorded in 2017 with the liberation of Hong Kong, nearby China as a neighbor and being protected to ensure no terrorist threats try to cause people of the city to go into panic and to make sure no uprising occur. The government of the People's Republic of China called in the Iron Dragon PLA as their response with their corrisponding commanders to take five portions of the faction, they were involved in the GLA-Chinese Conflict after the GLA's Bombing in Beijing in order to bring down any further terrorist factions and to make sure they lower attacks with the use of the country's nuclear weapons and also attempting to lower the GLA's violent attacks.

Over the course of the GLA-Chinese Conflict they have known connections with their allies in Korea and Japan after these countries were liberated after attacks by terrorists occurred, their actions allowed co-operation and also exchanges in vehicles, infantry weapons, aircraft and supplies to ensure their alliance remain strong and to bring down the GLA's commanders and stop further attacks on their territories. The six year conflict between the GLA and the Iron Dragon PLA ended in 2022 when the faction withdrew from Asia, falling back to the Middle East with China and their allies in pursuit, joining the United States of America in stopping further terrorist attacks, despite this the First Eurasian Conflict has already started due to Terrorist Insurgancy in Africa, by the end of 2025 with a joint co-operative takedown of all further terrorist activity in the faction controlled capital of Akmola, which led to the Defeat of the GLA.

The year 2026, just a year after the defeat of the GLA, the Iron Dragon PLA was involved in a full-scale conflict again with a new terrorist threat,, the GLRF and a newer threat which posed a threat to China and its Allies, the Forth Reich of Yuri which led to the Second Eurasian Conflict, with most of the PLA's resources being based in China for home-land defenses against the Forth Reich the Iron Dragon PLA was sent out to fight the GLRF in the Middle East with newer weapons, capabilities, vehicles and aircraft. China had been widely supported by the United States and the Allied Nations' peacekeeper unit, codenamed the Company of Liberty, China and these two factions have main links between the USA and the Allies they are believed to be reported to fight terrorism along side most in the conflict.

Across the Pacific Ocean near South America, the Chinese are currently engaged in small time fighting between each other in a conflict possibly for oil, petroleum or supplies, despite claims for potential trade several armies in the New Andes Armada sees that they are trying to either take over the continent or seize the country's supplies, which led to the small time Chinese-South American War between both sides.

Their Involvement in the First Eurasian Conflict

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Battalions of the PLA

Notable Command Flagship

Cameo Name Description
Chinese Placeholder PLAS Furious Dragon

The Iron Dragon of China's capital ship. Named after the Chinese Zodiac of the Dragon, the Furious Dragon is armed with fire-breathing shells coated in Green Napalm.

Layed down in 2014, completed in 2019 and launched in 2020 after final preperations, the PLAS Furious Dragon was every soldier's nightmare from either the GLA or GLRF when it was first sighted in Kazakhstan's ocean in 2024; Her hull is heavily protected and her green napalm firepower from her heavy dual tri-barreled turrets can really cause a serious burn on any landscape it bombards.


The Iron Dragon PLA utilises well trained soldiers which fight for the security of China, its Army and to safeguard its existence against the Global Liberation Resistance Forces and the Forth Reich of Yuri.

With assistance from the United States Task Forces and the Allied Nations, China's objective is to liberate the world from world wide terror and help in rebuilding locations of Kazakhstan and Europe which have been ravaged with war since the First Eurasian Conflict, their forces consist specially trained soldiers for war in China's Name.

Cameo Name Description

Chinese Red Guard 1 Icon

Chinese Red Guard 2 Icon

Red Guard

The Primary Infantry of China's Iron Dragon PLA Branch. Consisting of either a bolt-action rifle or an assault rifle equipped with bayonets or rifle grenades.

Thanks to better elite firefight training issued by the Chinese Government, they now have better combat awareness and are to capture structures when required by their commander.

China Rocket Guard Icon Rocket Guard

Successors of the Tank Hunter infantry. The Rocket Guard soldier consists of an RPG-7 Launcher which can be utilised against enemy infantry on the ground, their training is to focus their attention to enemy tanks and vehicles since they can be a problem.

The Rocket Guard can plant a TNT Charge on buildings and tanks with training from former Tank Hunter veterans which now train Rocket Guards, allowing them to perform effective when in battle.

Chinese Placeholder Minigunner Guard

Anti-Aircraft Guardsmen which guard the Iron Dragon's Positions from enemy aircraft. General Shin Fai of the Iron Dragon's Infantry Division suggested to allow all of the Iron Dragon's Generals to utilise these well-trained soldiers to fight off enemy aircraft since the GLRF started utilising outdated aircraft to combat their enemies.

The Minigunner Guard can kill enemy infantry but cannot do much damage against ground vehicles.

Chinese Placeholder Dragon Guard

Special guardsmen which can clean out civilian buildings with infantry portable flame streamers. The PLA's new Dragon Guard is capable of clearing out buildings garrisoned by enemy soldiers, he is good in destroying enemy buildings and light vehicles in teams but he is known to be a target to snipers.

It is possible that the portable fuel tank on his back can explode violently if killed by vehicle or by an explosive.

Chinese Placeholder Sniper Guard

Elite class Red Guard soldiers devoting his life to defending his homeland from their enemies. The Sniper Guard class is one of the Iron Dragon's elite defensive soldiers when defending their base from enemy infantry, his trusty QBU-88 Sniper Rifle can be used for combating vehicles whilst not against infantry.

This Sniper's ammunition can be changed between normal rounds or armour piercing rounds, allowing them to take on light vehicles.

Chinese Placeholder Officer

The Iron Dragon's fierce forces relies on officers of the Chinese Army to lead the Guard Forces of the combat forces of China into war, he inspires his men with a inspirational buff which heals soldiers and make them fight harder once around him whilst he fights enemy infantry with a pistol.

He can also join hordes of his fellow soldiers when they require him for war, he can also knife enemies, stealthed unless attacking.

China Mortar Guard Icon Mortar Guard

Experienced Guardsmen utilising a portable mortar, known for using his skills in Siege warfare and he can acquire a horde bonus when the Mortar Guard are near other fellow Guardsmen and Officers which can allow him to fight harder and strong when in a battle.

He has a set of high explosive rounds and napalm rounds which he can use whenever he is required to take on specific enemies, he can use his mortar on specific grounds.

China Combat Hacker Icon Combat Hacker

The Keys to the Safe rely on the capabilities of hacking. The Hackers of China's Army were trained to become better and were known as the Combat Hacker, with new training and better utilisation of Internet access at their Internet Center and hacking capabilities where he can drain additional cash from the Internet.

Combat Hackers retain their ability to shut down enemy structures, also trained to disable enemy vehicles by default, they are now stealth unless they move or uses an ability.

China Iron Lotus Icon Iron Lotus

Heroes of the Iron Dragon PLA, equipped with advanced hacking abilities for changing the tides of a battle in the commanders favour. The Iron Lotus can capture enemy buildings, disable enemy vehicles quicker and tap into enemy accounts to steal money from her foes.

The Iron Lotus has been a valuable asset to the Peoples Liberation Army since the first conflict; the Iron Lotus is equipped with her own personal silenced machine pistol and stealth, she can reveal herself if she attacks or if she uses an ability.


The Iron Dragon PLA utilised numerous tanks and vehicles which were used in the past, they also utilised new vehicles for combat against their enemies which replace older vehicles, some older vehicles such as the Battlemaster are currently still in active service in China's Army since they were prefered for combat and upgraded to meet modern standards since the Second Eurasian War began in 2026.

Support Vehicles:

Cameo Name Description
China Construction Dozer Icon Construction Bulldozer

The Main part of the Chinese Iron Dragon PLA is a construction vehicle, these Bulldozers were utilised by China during the First Eurasian Conflict, they serve various branches and construction Corporations of China during its time of service.

Authorised by the Chinese Government and the Peoples Liberation Army, the Shanghai Construction Machinery corporation imported the Iron Dragon PLA the Type-18B for less than average.

Chinese Supply Truck Icon Escort Supply Carrier

China's designated supply carrier vehicles which also served the Chinese Army during the first war, the Escort also serves Civilians and other factions, just the Chinese Army, due to spotting armed supply vehicles on their routes the Escort comes with a light machine gun.

Tier 1 Combat Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
China Battlemaster Icon Battlemaster Battle Tank

The main battle tank of the Iron Dragon PLA. First built in 1987 by Shanghai Battle Tanks Inc. and still being built and utilised for combat against their enemies.

Numerous sightings of Type-79BT Battlemasters in Europe & Kazakhstan which were linked to the GLRF caused new built Battlemasters to be fitted with ERA armour and a small rocket launcher kit to meet newer standard for service in China's armies.

Chinese Placeholder Toad Cannonball Tank

First unveiled as a prototype for a new short range combat vehicle in 2019, the Type-96PR Toad SRT tank is the best armoured but it's range is slightly short compared to the other tanks in the PLA vs many other armoured vehicles, the Toad is equipped with a set of cannonballs with the new SBC cannon prototype.

It launches Ironballs where it proves effective against both Infantry and vehicles who are sighted as hostile via its prototype target laser, it is not expensive as the Battlemaster but it is good when dealing with enemy units at short range when needed.

Chinese Snowbike Icon Snowbike

Equipped with flame throwers, can go through the snowy plains with ease and melt down some of it with fire, Chinese operated Snowbikes are used by specialist and elite Snow Guard divisions in the Iron Dragon PLA.

However though, despite being classed as a vehicle Snowbikes can be deployed from the Barracks, it is an ideal and effective unit for tier 1 scouting patrols at a small price which can help in various patrols if a general is sticking to a budget. 

Chinese Protector Icon Protector Troop Crawler

Amphibious Transporter vehicles were utilised by China during the First Eurasian Conflict as primary vehicles for transporting soldiers in and out of battle. During times ahead for the Type-37TC Protector troop crawler, they have been modified slightly to reduce waiting times for the vehicle itself.

Several modifications such as a lightweight chassis, a 50. Caliber machine gun, a modified engine and fireports for soldiers to fire out made it cheaper than average.

Chinese Placeholder Sparkler Anti-Air Tank

Firing AA-Shells filled napalm, the Tupe-46FIR Sparkler anti air tank is the longest ranged anti-aircraft battle tank but the Sparkler is the slowest firing aircraft hunter.

The Chinese Army has decreed that Gatling Tanks are now under Kwai's and Fai's command, replacing them in the main army with the new Sparkler AA tank

Tier 2 Combat Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
Chinese Placeholder Firefly Flame Tank

The successor of the Type-45 Dragon Flame Tank, the Firefly can fire small fireballs, designed to allow the tank to clear out garrisoned structures without causing large scale damage to buildings without causing trouble to he Iron Dragon's movement, all-thou the Type-51F Firefly doesn't have a flame streamer unlike the Dragon and Salamander Tanks but does have a turret mounted streamer for a fire wall ability to utilise against enemy attackers.

Fire cannons from Firefly's tank can clean up hordes of infantry without a problem, the tank can team up with other Chinese tanks to acquire a horde bonus.

China Ruckus Icon Ruckus Inferno Artillery

The Finest artillery of China's forces which served the finest offshore forces, today the Ruckus serves as the main backbone with the assistance of the Armageddon nuclear artillery, modifications to the artillery such as a lighter engine, additional armour plates for survival capabilities and a portable radar which can see a longer range.

A newer Mk.II version of the Ruckus artillery unlike the old Mk.I used by the Company of Liberty can become a turret after its destruction, which makes it immobile and good for holding down enemy positions still.

China Listening Outpost Icon Listner Mobile Outpost

One of China's many aging vehicles that have been active since the First Eurasian Conflict, Listeners are secondary scout and stealth detection vehicles employed for spying on key locations operated by hostile forces and terrorists.

Recently a Mk.II version of the Type-30 Listener is deployed by the PLA and built by Beijing Auto-Works to pack new equipment and additional protection from set types of damage, the new Mk.II version packs fireports for soldiers along with protection from small-arms fire.

Tier 3 Combat Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
China Armageddon Icon Armageddon Heavy Artillery

Expensive, slow, but also armoured and powerful at the same time, the Type-100 Armageddon is one of the world's most powerful artilleries used by the Iron Dragon PLA which can be authorised as a last resort if the PLA is under heavy fire; unlike the Ruckus.

These beastly deployable artillery pieces were utilised for the battlefield, capable of blasting enemy positions within a matter of minutes with small Nukes, EMP and Neutron Warheads within miles like the ruckus artillery, the artillery must deploy to fire its munitions, they also leave a radiation pool after destruction.

China Banshee Icon Banshee ECM Tank

Built during the First Eurasian Conflict as a prototype vehicle, Banshee Electronic-Counter Measures tanks have been spotted on the battlefield around 2022 during field tests against enemy vehicles.

The Banshee is equipped with a magnetic emitter which can disable vehicles and a electro-magnetic field which repels small missiles from the tank, it is still weak against enemy tanks and small-arms fire from infantry.


Cameo Name Description
Chinese Placeholder Hammerhead Supertank Prototype

Named after a breed of shark, the Hammerhead is a prototype supertank built by Shanghai Battle Tanks Inc. with additional funding from China's government.

The tank boasts a series of cannons and rockets, along with a flat-top for additional upgrades for weapons, defensive equipment or support attachments to suit its role in combat, since the Hammerhead is an expensive vehicle and requires permission from the PLA's superiors, only one tank can be deployed at a time.

Overlord Class Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
Chinese Placeholder Warlord Heavy Battle Tank

Replacing the Overlord when its rank was used to build Overlord classed vehicles on the battlefield like the Warlord.

The Type-93RD is is designed for dealing with enemy vehicles before its name was changed, the tank has been modified to latest standard to fire a new set of EMP and High Explosive rounds on enemy contacts as spotted by its new scanning system.

Chinese Placeholder Bunkerlord Battle Fortress Designed to be a mobile Bunker, the Type-93SB Bunkerlord is a battlefield fortress which can hold 10 soldiers; and can take a heavy beating from enemy fire until it becomes weak and vulnerable to destruction. The Bunkerlord is specially designed to take on anyone, it can crush vehicles.
Chinese Placeholder Guard-Lord Mobile Barracks

Built to train infantry for additional purposes whilst no Guardsman Range is present, they can be used for recruitment of additional guardsmen and officers for the frontlines.

Many Type-93-A-LT Guard-Lord overlord tanks were spotted in several cities across the Middle East, their heavy armour and fireports can help in fending off enemy units.

Chinese Placeholder Thunderlord Propaganda Support Tank

Prototype Overlord vehicles specialised by the Iron Dragon Forces.

Type-95PR Thunderlord Propaganda Overlord class tanks help inspire infantry on the battlefield, armed with a loud cannon against vehicles, causes violent firestorms and comes with a gatling cannon to fend off enemy infantry.

Chinese Placeholder Landlord Amphibious Battle Landship

One of the Iron Dragon's expensive and powerful vehicles on the battlefield.

The Type-99LSP Landlord Landship Overlord is specially built from the classis of the Emperor, the Landlord Landship is specially equipped with a set of gatling cannons which shoot tank shells, These prototype Overlords have amphibious capabilities and good with transporting soldiers across the battlefield, only 1 can be deployed on the field.


Built fresh in China and Asia, the aircraft in service inside the Iron Dragon Peoples Liberation Army consists of modern and present day aircraft; Consisting of Stealth Fighters, Helicopters, Support Aircraft, Strategic Bombers and Heavy Airborne Transport, the Chinese are currently maintaining the following aircraft in their active service.

Cameo Name Description
Chinese Placeholder Annihilator Interceptor

Involved along side with the famous Russian MiG-1.44 during the First Eurasian Conflict for China, the J-10 Annihilator serves the air force for the offshore combat force as their main airborne superiority.

The fighter recieved upgrades after the war ended to ensure their capabilities were good on the battlefield, It is equipped with a set of 23mm cannons and napalm rockets for all purpose attacks when in combat, the fighter was improved to meet specifications.

China Black Eagle Icon Black Eagle Stealth Fighter

Sleek and powerful whilst in a fight against enemy aircraft, the new J-20 Black Eagle was recently introduced into the Peoples Liberation Air Force as a fifth generation stealth fighter in 2017.

The jet taken on targets of the Global Liberation Army's ground forces and even including the faction's naval fleet in battlefield encounters, they are known for sinking GLA Gunboats attacking locations in Eurasia, the fighter is equipped with a set of missiles for attacks and is capable of going around whilst hidden.

China Zedong Icon Zedong Strategic Missile Platform

Named after the famous politician Mao Zedong, the H-16 Zedong Strategic Missile Platform is based around China's licensed version of the Tu-16 Badger, the H-6 Pounder.

China's Zedong class strategic missile platform built by Xi'an Aircraft Industrial Corporation, serves China's airborne siege aircraft for dealing with heavy armoured targets and tank columns and attacking structures in two runs.

The Zedong cannot fit inside airfields, therefore the H-16 must be housed in special Bomber Airstrips where they must reload and recieve repairs if damaged.

Chinese Placeholder Tianchao Attack Helicopter

One of China's new helicopters which have been in combat for the PLA's Airforce before and during First Eurasian Conflict times, the WZ-10 Tianchao is an attack helicopter equipped with autocannons and a set of unguided rockets with anti-air missiles.

Assisting the Ka-27 Helix for dealing with enemy threats on the ground and being into league with the AN-Company Apache, USA Comanche, Russia's Havoc and many more, the helicopter began its service entry with the PLA's Air Force in 2010.

China Helix Icon Helix Transport Helicopter

Built in Russia, maintained by several civilian operators and used in combat by military forces around the world, the Ka-27 Helix was introduced in the Soviet Union in 1982 as submarine warfare combat helicopter during its time.

With several variants built during its timeline before Russia was in ruins during the Kalini Crisis, the Helix helicopter is tough to take enough damage before it can get shot down, it is large and slow but it can hold 6 Soldiers or 2 vehicles.

Misc Units

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Generals Specific Units

Not all of the Iron Dragon PLA's forces which operate across the Eurasian and European Sectors don't have the usual equipment as listed by the Chinese Government, several contractors and clients given China's generals advanced equipment from storage and sometimes best units utilised by the government which was used during the First Eurasian Conflict against the Global Liberation Army.

Tank General Units

Cameo Name Description
Chinese Placeholder Warmaster Battle Tank Better for fighting vehicles on the battlefield and serving China's best armed forces, the Type-87 Warmaster was introduced in 1993 with the Type-99 Dragoon battle tank, these medium armoured tanks tend to replace Battlemasters for General Kwai.
Chinese Supply Truck Icon Escort Heavy Supply Carrier

Given access by General Kwai of the PLA's tank forces, heavier versions of the Beijing Escort allows transportation of additional supplies to help fund the Iron Dragon PLA and their march against the GLRF and the Forth Reich.

In hoping to restore Eurasia to its former glory, the truck is slow due to a trailer on the back of the vehicle instead of a standard issue flatbed.

Chinese Placeholder Shatterer Gatling Tank

A modified version of the Slicer gatling tank, the upgraded and better equipped Type-53TG Shatterer is a specialised version of the tank and is capable of piercing enemy armour on ground vehicles and aircraft when deployed.

It is still good for attacking enemy infantry units on the ground but may cause some problems for several factions and also against light armoured units on the field, however the Shatterer is still equipped with the armour of the original Type-53 Slicer tank but it can upgrade its cannons with powerful chain guns.

Chinese Placeholder Hedgehog Combat Support Crawler

Prototype vehicles which can transport soldiers, heal them, inspire nearby units and fend off enemy units.

This combination of a Type-45 Dragon flame tank flame streamer and propaganda speakers installed on the front and back of the vehicle, it has replaced the Type-37 Protector as a combat transport but due to modifications which were made effective for the Protector to reduce costs

Despite being a prototype, the Type-38CR Hedgehog was first acquired for battlefield use by General Ta Hun Kwai to utilise as an alternate to the Type-37 Protector and Type-45 Dragon flame tank.

China Napalm Storm Icon Napalmstorm Rocket MLRS One of many launchers currently in active service in the Iron Dragon PLA, the Napalmstorm one of many advanced of half-track vehicles. This vehicle replaced the Mk.I versions in 2027, it is currently China's one of many rocket artillery on a half-track chassis.
Chinese Placeholder Emperor Heavy Battle Tank Description to be added...
Chinese Placeholder Pyromaniac Apocalypse Heavy Tank

Heavier Pinnicles of the Iron Dragon PLA's armed forces, the Type-105 Pyromaniac Apocalypse of Shanghai Battle Tanks Inc.'s division in Russia before the Kalini Crisis was a heavy tank which first existed in Russia in the early year of 2012.

The tank seen battle in the First Eurasian Conflict during the year of 2021. With success of the Russian version, the Chinese version was built with a fireshell cannon and an ECM jammer system which can allow the tank to slow down vehicles.

Chinese Placeholder Airguard Interceptor

Supporting the J-10 Annialator mainly as an airborne patrol aircrafts; the J-7 Airguard Interceptor is a light armoured but cost less than a J-20 Black Eagle and more agile to their newer counterparts.

The J-7 Airguard is very fast and can intercept enemy aircraft with its autocannons, without any needs to reload.

Chinese Placeholder Flounder Light Bomber

Built by the Xi'an Aircraft Corporation in China to serve as a light bomber, the JH-7 Flounder is a lightweight bomber that can serve for mid battle attacks despite being replaced by the expensive and powerful H-16 Zedong after 2017

There are several accounts of JH-7 Flounders still being used mainly in the PLA's Tank Brigade.

Infantry General Units

Cameo Name Description
Chinese Battlefighter Icon Battlefighter Light Tank

Light battle tanks which were delivered to China by the Russian Army before the Forth Reich of Yuri formed and started to rule Russia, T-55 Winsor Tanks were nicknamed the Battlefighter due to leading Russia and China throughout various wars, unlike the Reich's Wolf variant of the T-55 Winsor.

The Battlefighter consists of a lighter cannon which is abit weaker than some used on Battlemaster tanks and a 50. Cal, Battlefighters can acquire a horde bonus.

Chinese Placeholder Dragoon Battle Tank To be added...
China Ratfink Icon Ratfink Rocket Buggy Acquired by Chinese mercenaries which work for the Iron Dragon and utilised for homeland defensive after the first war, they are weak but they are good for ground recon and long range attacking and clearing out enemy units with its specially designed flame streamers which can deal with enemy units within reach, they are good for dealing with structures which are occupied by enemy infantry.
China Grasscutter Tank Icon Grasscutter Gatling Tank

Upgraded versions of the normal variant of the Slicer gatling tank, the Grasscutter is better in dealing with enemy infantry and aircraft which threatens the army whilst on their path against terrorism.

Grasscutters were currently part of the second war when the tank was originally set with a single gattling barrel during their first appearance in the first Eurasian war. Grasscutter has a horde bonus.

Nuclear General Units

Cameo Name Description
China Brawlmaster Icon Type-55 Brawlmaster Battle Tank To be added...
Chinese Placeholder Tourcher Predator Support Tank

Formally Formally known as the Predator tank which served the United States Army during 2013-2021, manufactured between during 2011 towards 2024 before being replaced by the newest M4A2 Grizzly MBT, today it is China Detachment of EMTV.

The Type-66 Tourcher Predator used by the Iron Dragon PLA of China was known to using either a set of designed shells for attack or defense, they can use either Nuclear tipped shells for all-purpose Attacks or EMP pulse shells.

Chinese Nuclear Ruckus Icon Ruckus Nuclear Artillery

The finest artillery of China's forces which served the finest offshore forces.

This version of the Type-73 Ruckus is modified by PLA General Tsing Shi Tao's scientists to fire nuclear tipped shells at enemy locations, this was built by Shanghai Battle Tanks Inc. to counter high explosive and napalm warheads for General Tao himself.

Chinese Placeholder Iron Dragon Bomber

A specialised super-sonic bomber competing with the USA's new Aurora bombers and other new generation bombers from other countries, the new Iron Dragon PLA's J-41 Iron Dragon super sonic bomber is equipped with either small yield nukes or EMP bombs to deal with enemy units from a long range transmission between the pilots and base whilst in flight.

There were plans for the Iron Dragon Super-Sonic Bomber to be utilised during the First Eurasian Conflict, but since the GLA's invasion in Beijing funding for the project diverted to emegency field deployments which has caused some set back and some delays for deployment.

But however due to the delays it has not only caused the aircraft not to be deployed yet but it allowed the Iron Dragon to be fully optimised and fully tested for operations when the super-sonic began deployments on the year of 2027 despite some worries and concerns from the United States.

SpecOps General Units

SpecOps Infantry

Cameo Name Description
Chinese Placeholder Royal Guardsman

Equipped with machine guns as a standard weapon for combat against all enemy personnel, the Red Royal Guardsman is the elite forces of the Royal Guard of China under contact with the SpecOps Brigade that can be upgraded to utilise machine guns.

Once trained into combat, they are known to be more deadly than their regular Red Guard counterparts, also being capable with a light machine gun upgrade they can be more of a threat to enemy forces, they cannot attack enemy aircraft due to the range of the machine guns unlike Minigunner Guards.

Chinese Placeholder Specialist Commando

With precision and a code of honor, Specialist Commandos of the Chinese Royal Guard are equipped with a QBU-88 sniper rifle replacing the Sniper Guard in the SpecOps Brigade's lineup of combat regiments, they are known for their capabilities.

The Commando's rifle rounds are specially designed armour piercing Dragon's Breath long range bullets, which pierce vehicle armour and also cause a burn inside them which can be good for damage, but however also lethal to infantry which makes them a good anti-infantry countermeasure if things begin to go rough.

SpecOps Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
Chinese Battlefighter Icon Battlefighter Light Tank

Similar to the ones used by the PLA's Infantry Brigade, the Royal Guard operated Type-59 Anvil Tanks are known to be the primary tier 1 battle whilst deployed, unlike the machine gun being optional it comes as a standard additional for combat.

Despite its light armour plating, it is good for dealing with tier 1 light threats whilst deployed into packs allowing Battlefighters to engage enemy forces within a matter of minutes with cannons and machine guns, once the heavier Type-83 Rammer takes over the Battlefighters can be useful for scout missions.

Chinese Rammer Tank Icon Rammer Battle Tank

One of China's local produced variants of the T-83 Rhino battle tank, the Type-83 Rammer Battle Tank is equipped with the same specifications similar to their Russian counterparts, these tanks are known to serve only on China's homeland defense.

All-thou it is heavier than their Battlefighter allies, the Rammer is a good tank that can rival China's own Battlemaster tank since it was capable in terms of firepower and armour, making it a tank good for home security and defense.

Chinese Placeholder Salamander Fireball Flame Tank

A flame tank, but with a flame streamer swapped for a specialist 90mm fireball cannon similar to ones found on Firefly, the old but still useful Type-56 Salamander is based on the Type-55 Brawlmaster battle tank currently used worldwide today.

Losing its flame thrower and its ability to create an arc of fire to its older Type-45 Dragon cousin, the Salamander tank today is still used as a medium armoured anti-personnel tank to deal with light armour threats and even enemy infantry.

China Dragon Icon Dragon Flame Tank

To be added...

Chinese Placeholder Bushhunter Anti-Air Crawler

First built in Russia as the classic BTR-80 Quantum amphibious crawler, after the Kalini Crisis broke out and split Russia into two segments the Type-84 Bushhunter is a Chinese variant of the Russian BTR-80 Razor Anti-Air Crawler that is being built at China's facilities after the war broke out.

It is equipped with a set of machine guns to deal with any enemy ground units closing on it with the exception of tanks, also it is good for dealing with any aircraft that factions could throw at it and if it is destroyed, it can become an immobile bunker.

Chinese Placeholder Burner Napalm Mortar Track

To be added...

Chinese Placeholder Iron Storm Mobile Rocket Launcher

To be added...

China Overlord Icon Overlord Heavy Battle Tank

The first generation of China's heavy tanks equipped with 130mm rifled cannons and allows additional attachments which can enhance the tank in various ways.

It is known by many countries, including the United States that the Type-93 Overlord is capable of becoming either a heavy transport vehicle, a heavy anti-aircraft platform or assist allies on the battlefield with a Speaker Tower, turning the tank into a supportive unit.

After the first conflict, various Overlord class vehicles and tanks including the new Emperor and Firelord flame tank have originated from this design.

Chinese Placeholder Feral Supersonic Jet Fighter

The MiG-33 Feral is a known marvel and is one of China's best aircraft within the Iron Dragon PLA, currently being used by the country's Spec-Ops Sector, its primary arms consist napalm missiles for all purpose attacks against air and ground targets.

Anytime during a battle, commanders can upgrade any MiG-33 Ferals deployed in battle to carry a small set of nuclear bombs for enhanced roles, turning it into a bomber, once it has turned into a bomber it cannot be reversed.

Napalm General Units

Napalm Brigade Infantry

To be added...

Napalm Brigade Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
Chinese Placeholder Thunderfist Stealth Tank

Replacing the Battlemaster tank, the Type-96ST Thunderfist is a battle tank equipped with a stealth camouflage system that can allow the tank to lurk the battlefield to take out enemy units in its range, it will reveal itself whilst attacking enemy units.

Equipped with a particle accelerator, Thunderfist tanks are also capable of a powershot that can severely damage anything that it shoots, its aim once prepared will shoot but targets can avoid the tank's shell if any targets in its range it must aim at a slow moving enemy or an idle unit, despite this setback its good for damage.

Chinese Placeholder Red Arrow Heavy Tank

First concept drawn in 2015 prior to the GLA launched an attack against China, the Type-98DT Red Arrow is a double barreled combat battle tank capable of destroying any vehicles that it face whilst for base defense or attacking enemy units.

Cannot crush vehicles unlike the Overlord, the Red Arrow is at the same size of a Type-79 Battlemaster but it is slightly larger many of China's units, it is equipped with Overlord based armour plating and a heavy machine gun with incendiary bullets making it a threat to both infantry & aircraft, still vunerable to aircraft.

Chinese Placeholder Firelord Heavy Flame Tank To be added...

Napalm Brigade Aircraft

Cameo Name Description
Chinese Placeholder Beijing Fighter Jet

Based on the SU-47 Berkut built by Russia, the J-47 Beijing is a licensed built version of said aircraft used as a supersonic fighter jet built by Chengdu Aircraft Industries, it is exclusively used by only the Napalm Brigade and is equipped with napalm rockets.

Prior to the Kalini Crisis started, Russia's Sukhoi Company signed a joint contract with Chengdu Aircraft Industries to build the Su-47 for deployment and to help China's air force to advance further, also it is a next generation fighter which serves the position of China's own built J-20 Black Eagle inside the brigade's lineup. 

PLA Brigades

  • PLA Infantry Brigade - General Shin Fai, Infantry General: Consisting of expert soldiers from within China's infantry regiments and further training, the Infantry Brigade has a strategy of infantry charges.
  • PLA SpecOps Brigade - General Leiong Leang, SpecOps General: Utilizes some of China's best uses of weapons and units, this also includes Green Napalm weapons and has great support of propaganda.
  • PLA Napalm Brigade - General Mao Li Chang, Flame General: Brigades with units utilizing napalm weapons have a small cost decrease. Some units will even recieve some additional napalm touches with bullets, shells and rockets.

Generals Promotions

Rank 1 Promotions

Cameo Name Description
Guardsmen Training Guardsman Training All guardsmen will be trained as Veteran
Artillery Training Artillery Training Artillery units, including general restricted artillery units will be built as Veteran
China Armageddon Icon Armageddon Artillery Grants commanders of the PLA access to the Armageddon for combat

Rank 3 Promotions

Cameo Name Description
Cluster Mines Cluster Mines Calls in a Y-8 Jackal fly into a target area and cover with a set of mines
Chinese Carpet Bomb 1 Carpet Bombing Run A formation of 3 H-6 Pounders will be dispatched and bomb an area with explosives
China Zedong Icon Zedong's Revenge Grants commanders access to utilise the H-16 Zedong, an airborne missile platform
Artillery Barrage 1 Artillery Barrage Level 1 Shells a target area with a set of 12 artillery rounds
Artillery Barrage 2 Artillery Barrage Level 2 Shells a target area with a set of 24 artillery rounds
Artillery Barrage 3 Artillery Barrage Level 3 Shells a target area with a set of 36 artillery rounds
Emergency Repair 1 Emergency Repair Level 1 Repairs Vehicles with 15% health
Emergency Repair 2 Emergency Repair Level 2 Repairs Vehicles with 30% health
Emergency Repair 3 Emergency Repair Level 3 Repairs Vehicles with 50% health
Cash Hack 1 Cash Hack Level 1 Steals funding from an enemy commander's visible supply center - Takes $1000
Cash Hack 2 Cash Hack Level 2 Steals funding from an enemy commander's visible supply center - Takes $2000
Cash Hack 3 Cash Hack Level 3 Steals funding from an enemy commander's visible supply center - Takes $4000
Frenzy 1 Combat Frenzy Level 1 Grants all units an extra 30% combat capabilities for a 10 seconds
Frenzy 2 Combat Frenzy Level 2 Grants all units an extra 30% combat capabilities for a 20 seconds
Frenzy 3 Combat Frenzy Level 3 Grants all units an extra 30% combat capabilities for a 30 seconds

Rank 5 Promotions

Cameo Name Description
EMP Bomb Electro Magnetic Pulse Calls in a H-6 Pounder bomber to fly in and drop an EMP bomb, disables vehicles and structures in an affected area
Chinese Placeholder Emergency Nuclear Access Grants use to the Nuclear Missile Silo, the PLA's ultimate superweapon

Generals Specific Powers

Tank Brigade Protocols

Cameo Name Description
Battle Tank Training Battle Tank Training Trains the Battlemaster to Elite, and the Shatterer and Emperor tanks to Veteran
Tank Paradrop 1 Tank Drop Level 1 Calls in two Il-76 Great Dragons to deploy tanks to a target area, 1 Battlemaster and 1 Shatterer
Tank Paradrop 2 Tank Drop Level 2 Calls in an two Il-76 Great Dragons to deploy tanks to a target area, 2 Battlemasters and 2 Shatterers
Tank Paradrop 3 Tank Drop Level 3 Calls in an three Il-76 Great Dragons to deploy tanks to a target area, 4 Battlemasters and 2 Shatterers

Infantry Brigade Protocols

Cameo Name Description
Guardsmen Training Elite Guardsman Training Several guardsmen will be trained as Elite, others will be trained as Veteran
Airborne Paratroopers 1 Minigunner Paratroopers Level 1 Calls in an Y-8 Jackal to para-drop 5 Minigunners into battle
Airborne Paratroopers 2 Minigunner Paratroopers Level 3 Calls in an Y-8 Jackal to para-drop 10 Minigunners into battle
Airborne Paratroopers 3 Minigunner Paratroopers Level 2 Calls in two Y-8 Jackals to para-drop 15 Minigunners into battle

Nuclear Brigade Protocols

Cameo Name Description
Chinese Carpet Bomb Nuclear Nuclear Carpet Bombing Run Calls in a formation of H-6 Pounders to bomb an area with low yield nuclear warheads
Nuclear Strike Medium Yield Nuclear Strike Launches a medium yield nuclear missile outside the battlefield at a target area
Chinese Placeholder Iron Dragon Bomber Grants commanders of the Nuclear Brigade access to the new J-41 Iron Dragon, a supersonic nuclear bomber
  • Armageddon Nuke Cannons will be available upon using the Nuclear Brigade.

SpecOps Brigade Protocols

Cameo Name Description
Spy Satellite Hack Spy Satellite Hack Grants commanders of the PLA's SpecOps Brigade to use a hacked satellite to reveal enemy positions and locate any stealth enemy units, takes a short time to recharge its energy and is also capable of revealing large areas for a long amount of time for examinations.
Elite Guard Drop Elite Guardsman Drop Deploys the best airborne regiments of Guardsmen by air into the battlefield, these specialist operatives can change the tide in any fight against Chine's specialist SpecOps forces.
Chinese Placeholder Royal Guard Deployment Special forces of China's military forces, this allows the nations's elite home defense forces to be deployed into combat and serve their people in the call for defense.

Napalm Brigade Protocols

Cameo Name Description
Chinese Placeholder Type-93FB Firelord Grants access to the Overlord class Type-93FB Firelord, a tank equipped with two flame throwers to deal with infantry and even with medium armoured vehicles, can use attachments and crush small vehicles.
Chinese Placeholder Napalm Carpet Bombing Run Calls in a formation of H-6 Pounders to fly towards a designated position and drop a load of napalm bombs in the region, can be dangerous to infantry and vehicles.
Chinese Placeholder Napalm Armageddon Artillery Instead of using nuclear shells, modified Armageddon artilleries fielded by the PLA's Napalm Brigade will be equipped with napalm tipped shells with optional EMP shells, can cause single firestorms or excessive ones if used in numbers in battle.

Battalions of the Iron Dragon PLA of the People's Republic of China

Flag of PLA

Ground Forces
Infantry Red GuardRoyal GuardsmanRocket GuardMinigunner GuardDragon GuardSniper GuardMortar GuardSpecialist CommandoOfficerCombat HackerIron Lotus
Misc Infantry Vehicle TechnicianSecret Service AgentAmbassadorBio-Hazard AgentPrison Guard
Scouts & Armoured Cars SnowbikeType-37 ProtectorType-38AC Assault ProtectorMustang RatfinkType-30 Listener
Support Type-18B BulldozerBeijing Escort Supply Carrier
Tanks Combat Type-55 BrawlmasterType-59 BattlefighterType-79 BattlemasterType-87 WarmasterType-96ST ThunderfistType-99MT DragoonType-98DT Red ArrowType-105 Pyromaniac
Flame Type-45 DragonType-51 FireflyType-56 Salamander
Anti-Air Type-53GC SlicerType-53DGC GrasscutterType-46FIR Sparkler
Other Type-42 BansheeType-96PR Toad
Supertank Type-146 Hammerhead Prototype
Artillery Vehicles Type-73 RuckusType-75 Iron StormType-88 NapalmstormType-203 Armageddon
Overlord-class Vehicles Type-93 OverlordType-93FB FirelordType-93RD WarlordType-93SB BunkerlordType-93-A-LT Guard-LordType-94 EmperorType-95PR ThunderlordType-100LSP Landlord
Export Type-66 TourcherType-83 RammerType-86NT BurnerType-84 Bushhunter
Experimental Vehicles Type-38CR HedgehogType-53TG ShattererType-73N Nuclear Ruckus
Air Forces
Helicopters Ka-28 HelixWZ-10 Tianchao
Fighters & Interceptors J-7 AirguardJ-10 AnnihilatorJ-20 Black EagleJ-47 BeijingMiG-33 Feral
Bombers & Gunships JH-7 FlounderXian H-16 ZedongJ-41 Iron DragonH-6 Pounder
Other Aircraft Shaanxi Y-8 JackalIlyushin Il-76 Great Dragon
Naval Units
Flagship PLAS Furious Dragon
Main Command Command Temple
Production Structures Guardsman RangeVehicle Assembly FacilityAirfieldAirstrip
Resource Structures Nuclear ReactorSupply CenterInternet CenterPropaganda Center
Defences Gatling BunkerSteel Dragon Missile SystemSpeaker Tower
Superweapons Nuclear Missile Silo
Prominent Characters
Military Personnel General Ta Hun KwaiGeneral Shin FaiGeneral Tsing Shi TaoGeneral Leiong LeangGeneral Mao Li ChangGeneral Gray Chen (Retired)
Faction Technologies
Support Propaganda
Weapons Nuclear WeaponsEMPMicrowave WeaponsNapalm Weapons
Faction Divisions
Iron Dragon PLA Sectors PLA Tank BrigadePLA Infantry BrigadePLA Nuclear BrigadePLA SpecOps BrigadePLA Napalm Brigade