J-41 "Iron Dragon" Supersonic Bomber
Chinese Placeholder
Two docked Iron Dragons under evaluation by the Peoples Liberation Army
Faction Iron Dragon PLA
Cost N/A
Build at Airfield
Requires Propaganda Center

PLA Nuclear Division

Detailed Information
Chinese Placeholder Place of Origin China Flag of China Small
Manufacturer Unknown

Chengdu Aircraft Industries (Claims)

Role Supersonic Bomber

Fast Anti-Ground
Fast Anti-Vehicle
Fast Anti-Structure

In Service Active


- Low Yield Nuclear Bombs

- Long Range EMP Bombs
- Supersonic Engines
- Sniper Assisted Tracker
- Crew of 2 Pilots

"Prepare bombing run"
- Iron Dragon pilot -

To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • Iron Dragon bombers are units that were known to be in the prototype phase of C&C Generals, this also include a mission and cutscene featuring the aircraft in the game's build when it was in development but was removed.
  • The aircraft does have a model ingame, but dosn't include the required texture to come the aircraft.
  • Lucky enough, mods that have used the Iron Dragon aircraft have featured textures for the base of the plane itself which can allow it to be utilized ingame.
  • Despite not having a texture, and being cut from the final game, it will return for service in the Iron Dragon PLA with a new model & skin and being brought back to life with fully functional bones and a skin by two veteran modders The_Hunter and also ChrisV80.

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