Beijing "Stalker" Internet Van
Company Internet Van
The Stalker internet van on standby
Faction Company of Liberty
Cost $1100
Build at Weapons Facility
Requires Field Armoury
Detailed Information
Company Stalker Icon Place of Origin China Flag of China Small
Manufacturer Beijing Auto-Works, China
Role Support Vehicle

Security Countermeasures

In Service Active
- Computer Ports /w Internet

- Radar Scanning System
- Disabling System
- Titanium Armour Plates
- Radio Transmitting Equipment

"Lets Exchange Information."
- Stalker Operator -

China's Hackers were masters of computers which gave the Chinese Army an Advantage over their enemies during the First Eurasian Conflict, Many friends & families of the ones lost during the fight joined the Company of Liberty and avenge their deaths. Company of Liberty Internet Vans are the faction's source for hackers to use when they disable enemy buildings and tap cash from enemy accounts.

But after recent complaints from some of the hackers, being they are issued with an Internet Van, this vehicle was codenamed the Stalker, which is slow & heavily armoured but can resist alot of fire-power until the hackers are forced out of the van once destroyed.


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Operational History

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Internet Cafes on Wheels

The Internet Van is capable of housing Hackers while deployed on the battlefield, the vehicle is armoured enough to take a beating, but must be protected due to cannot survive very intense conditions when trying to hack into a Supply Center or trying to disable a target Building or Vehicle, the hackers inside will be forced to evacuate if the vehicle is destroyed.

Operating the Stalker

The best ways to use the Internet Van when it comes to shutting vehicle systems down is near the operators base, best to utilise the van is using it nearby base entryways. At a time, the hackers inside can use their anti-vehicle countermeasures against the designated to shut them down and allow any friendly vehicles nearby to eliminate the threat.

Hackers inside the vehicle are capable of shutting the power down on buildings with a powerful computer virus which will render the building affected useless, this will slow down the enemy's progress until he is eliminated by the opposing faction, the Hackers inside the Stalker is also capable of tapping into enemy funds at enemy supply centers, this will allow the commander using the Stalker to acquire $1000 each time his ability is used.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Internet Van will be based on the Chinese POW Transport Truck with antennae of the GLA Radar Van, a skin recolour of black
  • Stalker Internet Vans will have a pilot-based code to release 6 hackers from the van once destroyed.