BD "Injector" Scout Dune Buggy
MEA India Injector
Four Injector buggies on patrol in the desert
Faction Middle East Alliance
Cost $400
Build at War Factory
Requires Indian Deployment
Detailed Information
MEA India Placeholder Place of Origin Germany Flag of Germany Small
Manufacturer Brüder Deutschland Automobil

Berlin, Germany

Role Field Scout

Light Anti-Personnel

In Service Active
- INSAS Light Machine Gun

- Automatic Gearbox
- Race-Spec Steering Wheel
- Desert Off-Road Tires
- Crew of 2 (Driver, Gunner)

"How about some off-roading?"
- Injector Driver -

To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • Injectors are inspired from various buggy like vehicles in the C&C franchise, including Nod's Raider Buggy and the GLA's Rocket Buggy, the name is inspired by the BF Injection from Grand Theft Auto.
  • The model of the Injector won't be based on the Rocket Buggy so it will have a different type of style such as a sand-rail design, or a fibreglass design, with some inspiration from Nod's Buggy from Tiberian Sun.
  • All-thou the model will be based on a different design rather than using the Rocket Buggy design for the unit, the Injector will have a design similar to the Rocket Buggy as a WIP model.

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