Inferno Defense Artillery Mk.V
Company Placeholder
Inferno Artillery emplacements firing artillery barrages towards hostiles
Faction Company of Liberty
Cost $2000
Build at N/A
Requires Landsweeper

Field Armoury

Many defensive positions the Company of Liberty set up can be compromised by hostiles which can seek units and bases from a distance, to counter this, the Company decided to utilise a stationary artillery defensive building, known as the Inferno Defensive Stationary Artillery Mark.V, a specially designed defensive alternate to long range threats which threaten Company of Liberty Positions where the Inferno Artillery Mk.V is deployed & built.

The base defense is capable of firing at a far range like standard artillery vehicles, but it has capabilities on taking on hostiles at long range from its home base.

The Company's Ultimate Defense

This defensive structure is very powerful in terms of its Green Napalm Payload it can unleash on hostiles who venture close to the sight and range of this beastly structure, it is one of the expensive defenses in the game, also takes allot of time to build and also will take allot of power to function on the battlefield.

But to compensate for this weakness, the structure has capabilities of decimating enemy units from a far range; it has been a threat to siege vehicles and can take on attack ground units, whilst at this stagem the Inferno Artillery Emplacement can allow an ordered bombardment from its location to a target region.

Believed Failures

The Inferno Defensive Artillery during design phases had experienced failures such as extensive leaking of Petroleum; Green Napalm Compound and Sparks from turrets of many Artillery Structures not turning, causing many of the defensive structures to become a burning inferno during the tests of Models I, II, III and IV.

After research on how to make these structures more safer for battlefield specialisation, modifications to the structure such as seperate leak-proof tanks, better wiring, storage for Green Napalm Shells allowed the structure to become more safer for battlefield utilisation of the Mark.V version of the defensive structure.

Immobile Dragons Breath

Many soldiers believe that the Inferno Artillery should of been named the Dragons Breath instead of standard Inferno Defense Artillery, due to the artillery shooting green flaring shells from the cannon to where the round will impact, the structure is also known for causing a Green Firestorm when fired at the location the buring artillery round is at, causing a firestorm after the shell impacts.

All-thou due to its beastly appearence, its power is unmatched by a Type-73 Ruckus or a Type-75 Iron Storm, since it can be fired at a same range of fire to the artillery vehicles themselves.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Inferno Defense Artillery is based off an Inferno Cannon which cannot move due to being restricted to its position.
  • However, the Inferno Defense Artillery emplacement is to be modelled and to be coded into game.

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