Igla Trooper
Forth Reich Placeholder
Four Igla Troopers with their launchers aimed at the sky
Faction Forth Reich of Yuri
Cost $300 - Trained in doubles
Build at Underground Training Facility
Requires Tier Upgrade 1
Detailed Information
Forth Reich Placeholder Place of Origin New Russia Flag of New Russia Small
Trained Classified
Role Basic Infantry

Basic Anti-Aircraft

In Service Active
- RPG-20 Stinger Launcher

- Winter Greatcoat
- Military Cap /w Sunglasses
- Flak Vest /w Identity Card
- Watch /w Compass

"How will they get past us? They Won't"
- Igla Troopers telling a joke with Conscripts -

Main anti-aircraft infantry operating the AA-Force in the Forth Reich, equipped with RPG-20 Stinger Launchers specially crafted by themselves using parts found from old FIM-92 Stinger launchers found scatted around several places of Russia, with the old and possibly useful parts found from old US-Task Force camps and in ruined towns and cities the Forth Reich currently takes control of.

Combining them with several RPG-7 Launchers seized from rebel factions and giving them such attachments and parts like on the FIM-92s found in the old US camps in Russia, during the course of the Kalini Crisis, this unusual creation was known by scientists was known after its creation as the RPG-20 Stinger. After the weapons were developed and fielded by Igla class Anti-Aircraft Conscripts, the weapon proved effective and most useful against enemy aircraft and but when against vehicles, they do decent damage against them but not much against them.

Combat Effectiveness

To be added...

Latest Attack Records

To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • Inspired by the Stinger Trooper from the GLA Stinger Sites from C&C Generals, the Igla Trooper is a mobile version of the defense, but packing a home-made launcher.
  • The Igla Trooper is a good alternate to some anti-aircraft vehicles when garrisoned in nearby buildings, if located near a Forth Reich base.

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