Sheik Ibrahiim Omar Solimaan
GLRF Placeholder
Solimaan in 2023 at a meeting with Saudi officials, before going rouge
Name Sheik Ibrahiim Omar Solimaan
Faction Global Liberation Resistance
Birth Date July 19th 1976

Saudi Arabia Flag of Saudi Arabia Small

Death N/A
Age 55
Family Eiesha Solimaan

Cal Solimaan

Colleagues N/A
Current Status Most Wanted #9

Armadillo Cell Leader
Oil Investor

Born in Saudi Arabia, Sheik Ibrahiim Omar Solimaan is a wealthy individual which invests in the Saudi oil tycoon, he is currently in charge of the Armadillo Cell operating in the Global Liberation Resistance fighting against oppression due to price of oil dropping and possibly damaging his wealth within the Arabian world.

He joined the GLRF as he pledged to support Prince Kassad's organisation with his military might, including his form of private military operatives which are known to be more prepared than the current forces utilised by Kassad.


Ibrahiim Omar Solimaan was raised by a rich family in the borders of Saudi Arabia before he taken interest in Oil and fuel, his father Cal Solimaan who was a mainstream operator of an oil company known as the Solimaan Oil Futures was a main company operating within Saudi Arabia supplying Africa and the Middle Eastern regions.

Before the Crisis in Libya occurred, his father was backed up by Ibrahiim until the Global Liberation Army led by Lyron Mikin became interested in beginning a co-operative project between him and Ibrahiim, until Lyron was assassinated he pulled support from the GLA in favour for Khaled Deathstrike to weaken the terrorist aggression, since he had good links with the Saudi Arabian forces have been fighting against the GLA he began supporting the Peoples Liberation Army for liberating the country from terrorist control.

This was all before 2026 when things began changing for the worse for Solimaan Oil Futures since the defeat of the Global Liberation Army in the city of Akmola, costs of oil were beginning to go down and was trouble for business, causing Solimaan Oil Futures to go into administration in 2026.

Before the GLRF

To be added...

Joining the GLRF

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His Promise

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Behind the Scenes

  • Shiek Ibrahiim Omar Solimaan is a military character which is currently planned to appear in Reign of Conflagration by V.Metallic.
  • Currently his portrait is still WIP and currently has a placeholder of a mission only unit from the game.
  • He will possibly be added in Generals Challenge, also he and along with newer generals and other characters will appear in several missions.

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