Jagdpanther "Hunter Panther" Tank Destroyer
Martollo Jagdpanther
Hunter Panther operators preparing its main gun
Faction Martollo Cartel
Cost $1000
Build at Martollo Gang House
Requires N/A
Detailed Information
Cartel Hunter Panther Icon Place of Origin Germany Flag of Germany Small
Manufacturer Knockdown Kits

Built at Gang Houses

Role Tank Destroyer

Advanced Anti-Vehicle

In Service Active

1944-1945 - Germany

- 88mm Tank Destroyer Cannon

- 50. Calber Machine Gun
- V-12 Petrolium Engine
- Mine Plow
- All-Terrain Threads

"Demolition derby!"
- Hunter Panther operator -

Serving as tank killers in the Martollo Cartel, the Jagdpanther was one of many vehicles that can destroy a tank with several shots, originating from World War II. First utilised by Germany in the war against terrorist forces in the Company of Nations, the Martollo Cartel utilises these vehicles from knockdown kits to serve for additional purposes on securing areas from the New Andes Armada. Thought they are currently restored, they take less damage from explosive damage and tank shells, they are still weak to rockets.

Related Vehicles

Martollo Panther

Panther Tank in the service of the Martollo Cartel.

Panzerkapfwagen V "Panther" Tank

Medium battle tank hailing from World War II now serves for Kurtis Martollo as a main battle tank of his Cartel. Panther Tank is build using a modern equipment but keeps its appearence and combat performance.

The only major difference in its appearence is a large spiked plow on the front, this helps for better passability through the jungle and a protection against mines.

Panther Artillery

Panther Artillery in the service of the Martollo Cartel.

Geschutzwagen V "Panther" Artillery

The never-seen-before variant on the Panther tank chassis, the Panther Artillery has ever been used only by the Martollo Cartel. The tank is more armoured than Panther with even larger gun than Hunter Panther, but is less accurate than other artilleries.

Still its shells can inflict significant damages in larger radius. The Panther Artillery mounts a spiked mine plow to ptorect itself against previously unnoticed mines in jungle based terrain.


The Hunter Panther was known to be a good tank for dealing with enemy armour when deployed.

Behind the Scenes

  • Modelled after the real life German Jagdpanther tank destroyer. They serve as the Martollo's tank destroyer, however are some additional features such as increased armour and a mine plow to take mine damage unlike its real variant due to being built via knockdown kits in Reign of Conflagration.
  • The Hunter Panther is suggested and modelled by V.Metalic, it has currently been finished and skinned by SmasherJackson.