SAM-51 "Hotknife" Heavy Battle Tank
MEA Saudi Hotknife WIP
A prototype of the SAM-51 Hotknife, was first designated as the XPS-51 during the tank's development
Faction Middle East Alliance
Cost $1800
Build at War Factory
Requires Research Labs

Saudi Deployment

Detailed Information
MEA Hotknife Icon Place of Origin Saudi Arabia Flag of Saudi Arabia Small
Manufacturer Saudi Arabia Military Plant No.14, Medina
Role Heavy Battle Tank

Heavy Anti-Vehicle
Heavy Anti-Structure

In Service Active
- 140mm Smoothbore Cannons

- 50. Caliber Machine Gun (Optional)
- Nightvision Rangefinder
- Crew of 3
- All-Terrain Tracks

"Arm up and roll out!"
- Hotknife Operator -

To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • The Hotknife is basically a re-incarnation of the old Mammoth Tank that was cut from C&C Generals during early development and being replaced by the Paladin Tank in the final game.
  • When viewed in W3D or in RenX, the tank has no moving treads or bones but did have a flag, however since the model will be used in RoC it has been restored to a playable use with renovations.
  • Since the tank is in the game's files after the release of Zero Hour, the skin and model will be tweaked to meet standard for Reign of Conflagration as a usable unit for Saudi Arabian forces in the Middle East Alliance.

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