GLRF Placeholder
Hijackers standing ready for orders from command
Faction Global Liberation Resistance
Cost $600
Build at Barracks
Requires Palace

Generals Promotion

Detailed Information
GLRF Hijacker Icon Place of Origin Middle East Flag of Unknown Faction
Trained Unknown
Role Combat Support

Vehicle Thief

In Service Active
- Personal Knife

- Civilian Clothing (To blend in)
- Lockpicks
- Hot Wiring Kit
- Screwdriver

"Lets go car shopping"
- Hijacker looking at vehicle sales -

From being just part time vehicle car jackers to military operatives for Prince Kassad, the Hijacker is an operative that can acquire any specific combat vehicle without the need of vehicle keys or additional reinforcements, upon entry of any vehicle of his desire he can kill operators with his personal knife, which can make him a shadow hidden assassin and a threat to all foot mobiles.

During the events of the GLRF Overhaul which was organised by faction leader Prince Kassad, all Hijackers were given additional training in vehicle hijacking and were also known to have close quarters combat training for dealing with other infantry, whilst they are close towards them, unlike their Saboteur partners they are a threat to all signs of vehicles.

Combat Service Edit

To be added...

First Eurasian Conflict Edit

To be added...

Second Eurasian Conflict Edit

To be added...

Training Edit

To be added...

Vehicle Hijacking Edit

To be added...

Infantry Assassination Edit

To be added...

Other Units Edit

  • Saboteur - Agents in Prince Kassad's main forces, trained not to hijack or assassinate infantry but can deploy explosives, decoy traps and mess around with buildings whenever nearby.
  • RED Spy - Operatives found in the Company of Liberty, utilising capabilities in sabotage and combating all signs of hostiles, Spies can disable structures like Saboteurs.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • Hijackers are units of the GLA, from C&C Generals Zero Hour, will feature some minor changes.
  • They will remain unchanged in hijacking codes but they will have the ability to kill infantry with his knife, which can make him a covert-ops anti-infantry if unseen.

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