Type-38CR "Hedgehog" Fire Crawler
Chinese Hedgehog Crawler
An overview of the Hedgehog, presented during a meeting with Ta Hun Kwai and PLA officials.
Faction Iron Dragon PLA
Cost $1400
Build at War Factory
Requires PLA Tank Brigade
Detailed Information
Chinese Placeholder Place of Origin China Flag of China Small
Manufacturer Shanghai Battle Tanks Inc.
Role Amphibious Support Transport

Garrison Cleaner

In Service Active
- Flame Streamer

- Buffed Hull
- Fireproof Hull
- Bucket Seats x8
- Built-in Speaker System

"Hedgehog, ready to burn!"
- Hedgehog Operator -

The Hedgehog is an advanced amphibious combat support vehicle, the project started in late 2021 when the war was beginning to go out of control; But due to costing for materials, it was put on hold for 3 years. General Kwai, China's head in Tank Divisions and currently in charge of the Iron Dragon PLA's tank battalions, continued the project in secret until the vehicle's unveiling in 2025; thus beginning the service of the new Hedgehog Fire Crawler.

Service in China

Chinese Hedgehog Crawler Snow

A white Hedgehog, utilised during winter operations

Since the First Eurasian Conflict was coming to an end, the Hedgehog didn't get much action in the fight against the GLA, the service was limited before the end of the First Eurasian Conflict.

The crawler was known to be utilised by US-Chinese combined forces in storming the final stronghold of the terrorists in Akmola, boasting a flame streamer along with four speaker units deployed on the sides, on the front and back which can boost moral of Chinese Operatives.

Second Eurasian Conflict

The Beginning of the Second Eurasian Conflict caused all of China's forces across the world to return back to its homeland for security purposes, thus the action allowed the formation of the Chinese Royal Guard.

But as the second fight in Eurasia rages on, and risks of GLRF Forces preparing to begin terrorist operations against China's forces, The Iron Dragon PLA was prepared to tackle the enemy from offshore; The Branch utilised the Hedgehog for more active time in the war.

All-thou still in a Prototype condition, there have been results from the vehicle's last utilisation that the fuel tanks on the sides were ignited by a premature use of flame or known to have leaks; but since the vehicle now has leak and fire proof tanks and a fireproof hull, they have been more safe than their first variant.

Related Vehicles

Chinese Protector Crawler

A Type-37 Protector

Type-37TC "Protector" Transport Crawler

Original vehicles utilised by the Iron Dragon PLA. Revised from the older version of the crawler from the First Eurasian Conflict, currently equipped with a 50.Caliber along with a cheaper price.

Along with local modifications such as the removal of two wheels on the front and along with better mobility over terrain and water, the 6-Wheel Protector was counted as a cheaper alternate.

All-thou armed with a 50.Caliber, they do good against enemy infantry whilst transporting them and crossing the water. This modificatio to the vehicle made them more better than their longer cousins.

Chinese Armoured Protector

A Type-38AC Assault Protector

Type-38AC "Protector" Assault Crawler

Procured from additional funding by General Fai, this version of the vehicle was transport vehicle were mostly uncommon on the battlefield. However since they were first sighted in the conflict, they do have fireports and they can support their followers on the field.

They are rare unlike the Hedgehog Crawler and the original Protector, but assault versions were rumours which were said to be true by Iron Dragon Officials.

Behind the Scenes

  • Hedgehog Transports are similar to its Protector cousins.
  • They serve as a transport, an attack vehicle and a support vehicle.
  • With the flame streamer, they can clean out buildings, but don't have the fire wall ability.

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