Type-146 "Hammerhead" Supertank
Chinese Placeholder
A spy satellite shot of the Hammerhead being assembled in China
Faction Iron Dragon PLA
Cost $10000
Build at Vehicle Assembly Facility
Requires Propaganda Center

Nuclear Missile Silo

Detailed Information
Chinese Placeholder Place of Origin China Flag of China Small
Manufacturer Shanghai Battle Tanks Inc.


Role Prototype Superunit

Heavy Anti-Vehicle
Heavy Anti-Base

In Service Active
- 200mm High-Explosive Cannons

- Tri-Barrel Rocket Launchers (x2)
- Heavy ERA Plating
- Nuclear Tank Drive
- Master Tank Crew /w Specialists

"Radiation levels are high, may cause sickness"
- Hammerhead operator -

To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • The Hammerhead will be China's entry into the Superunit race, this combat vehicle will the juggernaut of the entire armed forces with its heavy nuclear based firepower and armour.
  • Like many other superunits in the game, the Hammerhead will take a long time to build and possibly two Vehicle Assembly Facilities will be required if vehicle based combat is a priority.

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