Not to be confused with T-34 Hammer Tank

T-94 "Hammer" Battle Tank Mk.II
Forth Reich Placeholder
The new Hammer battle tank, built by Yuri's Engineers
Faction Forth Reich of Yuri
Cost $900
Build at Weapons Plant
Requires SpecRush Division

Tier Upgrade 2

Detailed Information
Forth Reich Placeholder Place of Origin New Russia Flag of New Russia Small
Manufacturer Wladimir Vehicles Manufactorium
Role Advanced Battle Tank

Advanced Anti-Vehicle
Light Anti-Aircraft

In Service Active
- 125mm Smoothbore Gun

- NSV Machine Gun
- Steel Reactor Armour
- V-92 Diesel Engine
- Advanced Thermal Sights

"Hammer Tank, ready to crush"
- T-94 Hammer operator -

To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • The T-94 Hammer Mk.II is the successor of the venerable T-34 Hammer Tank, serving as a battle tank for the Forth Reich's SpecRush Ops division.
  • Main stats for the tank such as weapons, armour and engine are inspired from the real T-90 Tank built by Russia, which will feature some small anti-aircraft capabilties, replacing the Bear in the SpecRush division.
  • It is also based on the T-90 Talisman Tank, another tank used by the Russian Resistance.

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