For a modern or Cold War version, see Hammer or its Cold War Counterpart

T-34-85 "Hammer" Medium Battle Tank
Soviet Hammer Tank
A column of Soviet Hammers fighting a group of "Carro Armato" L6/40 tanks
Faction Soviet Union
Cost $900
Build at War Factory
Requires Radar Tower
Detailed Information
WWII Soviet Placeholder Place of Origin Russia, USSR

Flag of Russia Flag of Soviet Union Small

Manufacturer Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau
Role Battle Tank

Advanced Anti-Vehicle

In Service Active
- 85mm Tank Cannon

- DP Machine Gun
- All-Terrain Tracks
- Steel Armour Plates
- V-600 Engine

"Кто дает вам проблемы?" (Translated: Who's giving you problems?)
- Hammer tank operator -

To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • The iconic tank strikes back again, this time in Reign of Conflagration's World War II!
  • First built in the 40s, the T-34-85 variant of the Hammer tank will be available for all commanders of the Soviet Union in skirmish and in the campaigns of World War II.
  • A possible self-propelled howitzer version (Similar to the GLA Separatist Boomer) may possibly appear as an upgrade for the tank that can turn it into an artillery, its a possible chance, currently unconfirmed.

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