Romero Gun Turret
Company Gun Turret Icon

Company Turret

Company Gun Turrets operating in pairs
Faction Company of Liberty
Cost $900
Build at N/A
Requires Landsweeper

The Gun Turret (or Romero by its codename), is a base defense which deals with threats on the ground. Its primary focus is taking on armoured vehicles which venture too close. This base defense structure is capable of spotting enemy airborne units at night with a set of red lights and stealthed units with its own built-in radar dish, allowing it to spot enemy units which are camouflaged.


The structure can be built by both Landsweeper and Bulldozer, the structure takes 2 points of power due to its underground power generator on the right of the structure (which consumes less power).

The Gun Turret is good at long range and can hold out against early armour rush attacks due to its high-powered anti-tank gun, stealth detector system and strobe search lights used to mark enemy aircraft when built at night. The turret comes with an infra-red camera and a NV sight, allowing it to track hostile units by heat signatures and also help track units at night.


The Occupants have assess to a drinks machine which is refilled on a weekly basis with popular drinks such as Pepsi Cola, Lucozade Energy, 7Up, MANERGY Drinks and many more. If the turret is destroyed, there are crates behind the turret which allows the occupants to grab themselves an assault rifle, shotgun, recoiless rifle or stinger launcher to fend off the enemy while they call for backup.

Double Barreled Versions

Company Turret Upgrade

A Double Gun Turret

Nowadays, when turrets need to become more of a powerhouse for mainline base defense, there is clearence for turrets to become double barreled, for additional defensive capabilities and firepower.

Allthough this modification makes them more reliable on the battlefield, the Romero becomes more powerful without any additional weapons such as machine guns, shotgun or rocket launchers.

Even without the improvements, the Company of Liberty decided to keep with the classic style along with the cameras & radar, ammunition and strobe lights; even after a hard day manning the turret's defense systems, the drinks machine supplies the operators their favorite drink anyday.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Gun Turret is scratch made, based on the Red Alert 1 Turret of the Allied Nations, the turret has additional extras such as housecolour on the base, barrels infront, crates on the back, a power generator, searchlights and a radar dish.
  • Mostly when advancing into the future, the turret comes with an IR camera and NV sight. To give it a Futuristic Feeling.