Mercenary Placeholder
A random set of Guerillas loyal to Kurtis Martollo preparing their munitions
Faction Martollo Cartel
Cost $500 - Trained in pairs
Build at Martollo Gang House
Requires N/A
Detailed Information
Martollo Guerilla Place of Origin South America Flag of Unknown Faction
Trained Self-Trained
Role Basic Infantry

Light Anti-Tank
Light Anti-Aircraft

In Service Active
- RPG-13 Direct 2028

- Face Covering Mask
- Martollo Tattoo
- Flame-Proof Gloves (Stolen)
- Yellow Hood

"Keep an eye out!"
- Guerilla -

Small time crooks found on the streets of South America. Kurtis Martollo hired these jackbooted soldiers in destroying Andes Armada government vehicles for the advance of the Martollo Cartel. They have some good skill with their homemade rocket launchers codenamed the RPG-13 Direct 2028, Guerillas mostly covers their faces from anyone who don't know them so they can try and escape the law. They are weak against enemy infantry like the Watchers, they are mostly found in garrisoned buildings and near tanks, watching their backs.

Kurtis Martollo's Promise

Several Guerilla troopers were broken out of Andes Armada Government prisons and county detention facilities by Kurtis Martollo's personnel. With Panther Tanks and Watchers storming several of the government's positions and rescuing prisoners and ex-convicts out of government hands, they were out of action due to being arrested after their violent acts; But since Kurtis Martollo helped them to escape, he gave them a chance to get revenge.

Utilising new rocket launchers imported from Russia with decent training to destroy vehicles, the new trainees were known to be the Guerillas of the faction.

Behind the Scenes

  • Guerillas are inspired by Nod's Militant Rocket Soldiers from C&C 3 Tiberium Wars like the Guerillas, their capes and hoods are yellow instead of red unlike in the game.
  • House colours like on the cape will stay the same.