Grenadier Rebel
GLRF Placeholder
Rebels equipped with Grenade Launchers in posotion, ready to engage
Faction Global Liberation Resistance
Cost $400
Build at Barracks
Requires Scorpion Cell
Detailed Information
GLRF Placeholder Place of Origin Middle East Flag of Unknown Faction
Trained Unknown
Role Advanced Anti-Personnel

Garrison Cleaner

In Service Active
- Milkor MGL Launcher

- Kevlar Vest
- Backpack /w Grenades
- Binoculars
- Compass

"They will not get up after this"
- Grenadier Rebel -

Specialising in explosive weapons and teaming up with RPD Rebels in the Scorpion Cell, Grenadier Rebels are different types of rebels replacing the Bio-Rebels in the cell itself; Equipped with a Milkor MGL Launcher with a selection of warheads to utilise, these infantry can clean out buildings and take on enemy infantry & vehicles with explosives or radioactive warheads.

Combat Training

To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • Grenadier Rebels are the Scorpion Cell's replacement of the Bio-Rebel, utilising two types of grenades.
  • This type of Rebel is one of Rodall Juhziz's special units, which will be one of the GLRF's special units which will be present as a part of the main faction itself.

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