Gray Kun Chen
Company Placeholder
Gray on a billboard giving orders to his robotic minions
Name Gray Kun Chen
Faction Peoples Liberation Army

Robot Empire

Birth Date October 19th 1992

Jinghong, China Flag of China Small

Death N/A
Age 45
Family Unknown Father

Unknown Mother

Colleagues Adolf Steiner

(Intelligence Officer)
Phillipe Franchira
(Combat Supervisor)

Current Status Active

Robot Empire Overlord

A former general that operated in the Peoples Liberation Army of China, Gray Kun Chen was one of China's known generals that operated the country's SpecOps Brigade before his retirement from the army, he was then succeeded by Leiong Leang, a female general.

His first commanding roles were noted in 2016 when the GLA Attacked Beijing which started the course of China's involvement in the First Eurasian Conflict were leading counter-attacks in most areas including liberating Hong Kong, Destroying a GLA Toxin Facility in the Tanggula Mountains and launching a Brutal Counter attack in Dushanbe which led to him being one of the known muscle of the PLA.

Some of his actions were known to be controversial by many of his comrades which led some cautionary measures to be taken place, but after these types of actions were known to stop after several weeks Chen was given praise by many of his soldiers after his swift victory against the GLA which ended the GLA-Chinese Conflict, also being assisted by many western allies including America.

Military Career

Peoples Liberation Army  (2016-2028)

To be added...

After the Peoples Liberation Army (2028-2037)

To be added...

World Robot Empire (2037-Present)

To be added...

Conflicts Participated

To be added...

Eurasian Conflicts

See First Eurasian Conflict
See Second Eurasian Conflict

To be added...

War Against Machine

See War Against Machine

To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • Gray Chen is a mix of Gray Mann from Team Fortress 2, who operates his personal personal army of robots and Brink's Brother Chen, the leader of a resistance faction.
  • His career is inspired by the events of Brink, first being a general in the Peoples Liberation Army and then being the overlord of his own faction after hears of military work.

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