Type-53DGC "Grasscutter" Gatling Tank
Chinese Grasscutter Render
A Grasscutter, one of China's evolutions of the Slicer anti-aircraft tank, used by General Fai
Faction Iron Dragon PLA
Cost $900
Build at Vehicle Assembly Facility
Requires General Shin Fai
Detailed Information
China Grasscutter Tank Icon Place of Origin China Flag of China Small
Manufacturer Shanghai Battle Tanks Inc.

Shanghai Province

Role Combat Platform

Advanced Anti-Infantry
Advanced Anti-Aircraft

In Service Active


- Type-40 Rotating Machine Gun (x2)

- Light-Metal Hull
- Bullet Proof Windows
- Anti-Aircraft Scanners
- Oil Cans (For Weapon Maintenence)

"Need a bullet barrage?"
- Grasscutter Operator -

To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • Based around the original Gattling Tank from the game, the Grasscutter is inspired by mods that feature other double Gattling Tanks, it will feature improvements to its model and additional models for Slicer based tanks.
  • Like the original Slicer, there are fixes which have been applied onto the tank's base model.
  • Grasscutters are one of many unique Gatling tanks in Reign of Conflagration for China's armoured battalions and regiments, it will be available for Shin Fai's forces.

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