Global Liberation Resistance
GLRF Emblem
The current emblem of the Global Liberation Resistance
Formation January 24th 2026

Baikonur Province - Kazakhstan Flag of Kazakhstan Small

Faction Color Green
Allies Martollo Cartel

GLA Separatists

Enemies Allied Nations

Company of Liberty
New Andes Armada
Middle East Alliance
Iron Dragon PLA
United States Task Forces
Forth Reich of Yuri
Eurasian Commonwealth

Type of Faction Terrorist Faction
Leaders Prince Kassad
Officers Osuma Deathstrike

Zenans Ozilq
Asliraf Masori
Rodall Juhziz
Sheik Ibrahiim Omar Solimaan
(Heavy Armour)

Special Weapons ABC Weapons
Strategies Camouflage

GPS Scramble
Guerilla Warfare

Strengths Tunnel System

Camouflaged Weapons

Weaknesses Weak Vehicles and Aircraft
Status Ingame

Original Units Ingame
New Units Being Added

Whilst at the beginning of late January in the early years of 2026, the new terrorist forces known as the Global Liberation Resistance Forces was founded by ex-GLA stealth general Prince Kassad. Whilst he is in-charge of the new army, he recruited Dr. Osuma Deathstrike, Rodall Juhziz, Zenans Ozilq and Sheik Ibrahiim Omar Solimaan as his generals of the successor faction of the Global Liberation Army, where they are in-charge of the GLRF into three parts in many countries located in the Eurasian Continent.

Chemical scientist Dr. Osuma Deathstrike (Dr.Thrax) controls the GLRF's Viper Cell, which utilises Toxic Weapons. Rodall Juhziz (Crazy Demolitions Man) in-charge of the Scorpion Cell, a group which utilizes alot of explosive weapons, Asliraf Masori (The Scorpion) in-charge of the Cobra Cell, which utilises weapons used by other countries across the world, Zenans Ozilq (Hidden Chameleon), a recent recruit which joined the GLRF in revenge of her family when rescued by GLRF soldiers in Kazakhstan, controls the GLRF's Chameleon Cell, which employs Stealth Technology and Sneaky Tactics which allow her forces to move without being detected by main forces and Sheik Ibrahiim Omar Solimaan, a wealthy businessman who joined Prince Kassad's cause due to sharp drops in Oil Costs his wealth losing primary income.

The Global Liberation Resistance is currently at war with the Multiracial Army aka the Company of Liberty in Kazakhstan, which are their sworn enemy due to having engagements during the late 2020's and early 2030's. The GLRF is also currently in wars in Europe with the US-Task Forces and the Iron Dragon PLA of China with some engagements with the Forth Reich of Yuri for causing trouble in Russia and mainly many engagements the Eurasian Commonwealth Security Network whilst trying to occupy locations for the GLRF to expand for control.


July 20th 2015 - The GLRF was born as the Global Liberation Army as a peaceful group which co-operates with the Allied Nations, China, Pacific Countries, Asia and Third World Countries in allowing to make peaceful pacts and helping to make the world modernised to fight up against Terrorism.

September 11th 2016 - The Leader of the GLA was assassinated by Dr. Osuma "Dr.Thrax" Deathstrike and turned from a peaceful army into a hostile force against the world, which caused a violent outbreak of war between the Allied Nations, The United States and Peoples Liberation Army of China. During times of the GLA's rule, the army started the First Eurasian Conflict, which lasted for 9 years due to their acts of terrorism in Middle Eastern Europe and countries in Asia as their war begins with a twist of violence of assassinations of key leaders in Eurasia and Middle Eastern parts of Asia.

These were entries to a GLRF Soldier's diary. Since the entries were big, they have been moved here.

Notable Command Flagship

Secretly built during the First and Second Eurasian Conflicts, a heavy battle flagship was unknown for various battles and fights in the course of the war; Completed in 2019 but kept in a secret dry dock somewhere in Kazakhstan due to operation costs which effected GLA success, this flagship currently has taken the high seas and currently under Company eyes to see what the ship is capable of.

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Placeholder GLRS Mohmar Deathstrike Currently the GLRF's fearsome waterborne Command Ship and a weapon in the Second Conflict, built during the first but never launched, GLRS Mohmar Deathstrike is equipped with a single double barreled turret and a small rack of guided ABC Equipped missiles, the ship is known to be a threat to several countries within Eurasia.

People don't have any idea why the ship didn't launch during the First Conflict, soldiers and even civilians say that its due to operation costs and lack of aircraft which made the ship's launch to be delayed. By the time the war beginning to end, the ship never made it into combat, but until the GLRF decided to the ship for their campaign against the enemy, GLRS Mohmar Deathstrike made a secret launch on the year of 2027.

Naval Escorts

All-thou the GLRF's flagship could be heavy armoured against enemy naval units, there are known possible threats from hostile aircraft and artillery from various other regions and even from the land ships might not be safe from them, there are two boats which currently patrol areas occupied by the GLRF and there have been these boats sighted patroling around GLRS Mohmar Deathstrike.

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Placeholder Slayer Gun Boat Small anti-personnel battleship like boats developed to take role as a main patrol unit for taking on other ships and boats standing in the Slayer's way, they are equipped with a small rifled gun turret on the front of the deck, orginally set to have two but one is installed to save cost and time.
GLRF Placeholder Piranha Anti-Air Boat Whilst first developed as a waterborne version of the Quad Cannon during the first conflict, the Piranha boasts a set of flak cannons and known to be set for anti-aircraft purposes where the Harbinger cannot reach, factions reported to lose planes to these patrol boats.

Infantry and Combat Motorcycles

Unlike the Global Liberation Army's time of rule and their role on the battlefield against China's army and the United States of America, they have used several soldiers which utilized various techniques whilst they were in combat.

Today the new Global Liberation Resistance has taken its infantry into an overhaul, their forces utilizes specially trained soldiers unlike the GLA since they were poorly trained and not fairly equipped. the new and well equipped GLRF now specializes in advanced training and even better equipment for its soldiers on the battlefield, most of its soldiers can specially seen coming out of the Barracks with a motorcycle with a weapon attached for fast hit & run tactics.

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Worker Icon Worker

In Times of the GLA, Workers were employed to build structures and fund the GLRF by collecting supplies from supply docks and piles of supplies found on the battlefield.

Workers of the GLRF now become equipped with better tools, Shoes and mine detection and removal equipment unlike the GLA supplied them during the first war.

GLRF RPD Rebel Icon RPD Rebel

During the GLA's times, Rebels are mostly equipped with AK-47's and mostly trained in various conditions and not much in terms of combat training, since Prince Kassad became head of the GLRF since the army's revival he overhauled the Rebel training protocols.

He ordered all rebels to equipped with RPD light machine guns and throw molotov grenades at their enemies whilst they are in a firefight with enemy units. RPD Rebels can now attack aircraft, since they received standard AA training also.

GLRF Placeholder Cannon Rebel

The RPG Trooper was very valuable against enemy tanks and aircraft whilst on the battlefield and also guarding many Tunnel Networks from enemy attacks whilst they are keeping entrances for soldiers open for battlefield use.

Today, Cannon Rebels take charge as the GLRF's main personal anti-armour soldier and he can also since utilize his anti-tank cannon made from spare parts to combat vehicles.

GLRF Stinger Trooper Icon Stinger Trooper

Used to hang out at Stinger Sites waiting for missiles and aircraft to show up, Stinger Troopers are equipped with FIM-92 Stingers and are usually found on patrol with soldiers from the GLRF instead of waiting inside nests at bases.

Now since Anti-Air Sites are now replacing Stinger Sites for aircraft defense, Stinger Troopers thanks to authorisation from Prince Kassad during the faction overhaul they have been spotted with their comrades in arms against the oppressors.

GLRF Fanatic Icon Fanatic

The classic blow'em up soldier with a lot of explosives strapped onto him, now that the Global Liberation Resistance forces began their war against America, China and the Company of Liberty.

Fanatics are soldiers which risk their lives for the cause in blowing up enemy bases and causing a lot of damage to enemy units where he chooses to target, either in a vehicle or on foot.

Thanks to more efficient training programs introduced by GLRF head Prince Kassad, they're now cheaper to deploy.

GLRF Bio Rebel Icon Bio-Rebel

Special soldiers which utilizes toxic streamers which spew out Beta biological chemicals as specially designed, built and mainly supplied to these soldiers by Dr.Thrax.

The Bio-Rebels are specially trained to use these biological agents which can clear out enemy structures and kill infantry within a matter of seconds. These soldiers cannot throw molotov grenades but due to his training, he can throw a chemical grenade at his enemy.

GLRF Combat Mob Icon Combat Mob

All-thou the GLA utilized hordes of angry civilians which want to rise up against the Chinese and Americans during the 2016-2025 conflict, the GLRF Combat Mobs consist of skilled members using machine guns.

Rocket launchers and sometimes stinger launchers which can deal allot of hurt on the enemy, causing units and vehicles to become prey to these rumbling hordes of war thirsty soldiers.

GLRF Saboteur Icon Saboteur

The keys to the safe mostly depend on how to crack it open and tamper with the enemy. For these jobs, Prince Kassad deployed the best specialists, Saboteurs, a non-combat soldier.

His skills and services allowed today the GLRF to tamper with their enemies and also steal valuable cash and also shutting down power plants when he heads inside the target structure and allowing him to do his work, the Saboteur is armed with a 15 round pistol for defensive measures.

GLRF Hijacker Icon Hijacker

Venerable and silent soldiers which don't appear on the battlefield armed with a fire-arm.

But mostly when he needs to acquire a specific vehicle for the GLRF to study or use on their enemy, the Hijacker is dispatched to that specific target to use when on the battlefield.

Thanks to further training, he is now equipped with a Knife if he is to conduct stealth kills against enemy soldiers if he is discovered by enemy the enemy and sent soldiers onto him.

GLRF Jarmen Kell Jarmen Kell

Rescued by the Global Liberation Army in the year of 2017 by Rodall Juhziz and with training recieved from many of his friends and colleagues in the GLA, Jarmen Kell was a soldier not to be messed with until the GLA's defeat in 2025.

When the venerable sniper acquired special training from GLRF Stealth General, Zenans Ozilq, he is armed with a sniper rifle, a pistol and specially designed C6 demolition charges to plant on enemy structures.

The charges he plant are remote controlled, once his prey is inside any range of the target area, he can blow up the charges to cause large levels of damage to enemy units and the structure planted on.

Barracks Deployed Vehicles

When during the time of the Second Eurasian Conflict, the Arms Dealer cannot keep up with demands from soldiers to build them specially designed Combat Motorcycles to deal with the enemy in a specific time.

After discovering this problem, Prince Kassad ordered Motorcycles to be built at the Barracks, where it will take less time for soldiers to plant weapons on the bikes and ride out to liberation against the armies which are against the GLRF as time rolls by, Motorbike Riders also jump off their bikes if its about to get destroyed.

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Snowbike Icon Snowbike

Used by Prince Kassad's specialist Snow Rebel Teams in the artic and snowy lands of the world, GLRF used Snowbikes is equipped with a front mounted toxin sprayer for dealing with mainly enemy infantry and is capable of clearing garrisons.

Throughout their use in the GLRF's forces, several of these bikes were mainly either stolen from Chinese or USA convoys Snowbikes are known for going through the snow, however some of these were spotted on dry lands traversing the sands of the world's desert.

GLRF Placeholder Burner Scout Cycle

Utilised by the Rebels, these off-roading motorcycles can launch molotov grenades at enemy vehicles and infantry within a matter of seconds once its rider begins the attack on his target, the Burner is armed with a machine gun and molotov launcher.

Which will do decent amounts of damage against enemies infantry whilst fending off hostiles from their home base, Burners whilst being a light cost unit is good for early hit & run tactics.

GLRF Placeholder Viper Mortar Cycle

The GLRF bought a large amounts of these motorcycles from many sources and secret merchants while preparing for war against the Chinese and the Americans.

After they are acquired, Viper Mortar Cycle is armed with a set of mortar launchers which will do massive amounts of damage against enemy vehicles and structures when ordered to attack.

It can be used to destroy small outposts and scout vehicles in groups, it cannot attack enemy vehicles unless backed up by tanks.

GLRF Placeholder Warthog Attack Quad

Found to be a rare sight on the battlefield, the Warthog is a better version of the Burner and Viper motorcycles together in one package, equipped with a series of four machine guns for better anti-infantry capabilities and a series of biological anthrax mortars for fighting off enemy vehicles.

Due to its better capabilities than the Burner scouts, Warthogs can switch riders anytime for various roles, making it one of many best multi-role vehicles deployed from the Barracks.


The GLRF's vehicle overhaul became another priority to its army since it wants to make a refreshing set of units for their soldiers to utilise on the battlefield when their arms dealer is fully built without any problems with the enemy when constructing.

Vehicle usage is based on the category which helps the Commander of the GLRF choose when fielding a vehicle for either battlefield use or support use when dealing with problems on the battlefield when funding the army or supporting the faction with Radar.

Support Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Supply Truck Icon Haynes Supply Truck

The Answer to the GLRF's to gather supplies on the battlefield, the new Haynes Supply Truck can carry around $375 worth of boxes to the GLRF's Supply Stashes and is equipped with an RPD machine gun which can allow the vehicle to defend itself from minor threats.

It is also fast due to a tinkered engine which can allow its operator to evade enemy vehicles, mainly tanks. At the same time it can salvage armour plating for it to last longer whilst out on the field, also it is good for light anti-infantry attacks if they get attacked during their runs.

GLRF Radar Van Icon Locator Radar Van

The sole vehicle in the Global Liberation Resistance, like used by the Global Liberation Army during the First Eurasian Conflict for use in battlefield recon and also spotting hidden units and is capable of providing radar coverage on the battlefield.

It has no weapons but it can acquire armour plates which allow it to survive longer on the battlefield once it has armour plates on its side and also its front and back of the van.

Combat Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Bandit Icon Bandit Scout

When the Technical was replaced by newer and better vehicles which were not used by the GLA, Prince Kassad utilised the Bandit Scout Buggy, fast like the old Ratfink Rocket Buggy and is good at transporting allies in and out of battles.

It is equipped with a pair of machine guns which can be upgraded with scrap parts for further effective use on the battlefield, the new Bandit is one of many replacement vehicles for the Technical used by the GLRF.

GLRF Puma Icon

GLRF Puma Icon 2

Puma Battle Tank

The D-45DR Puma is the GLRF's primary battle tank, these Middle Eastern built battle tanks were made for taking on heavier threats which the tank goes up against with a 90mm rifled cannon and a grenade launcher, making the Puma MBT a threat.

Despite being a threat against any enemy tank due to having a multiple weapons and it can salvage additional cannons, grenade launchers and possibly home-made rockets making the Puma more perfect to deal with enemy forces.

GLRF Scorpion Icon Scorpion Motar Tank

Many cannon Scorpions by the Global Liberation Army were utilised during the First Eurasian Conflict as a light armoured battle tank, during time and time again which made them effective in groups.

During the time of the GLRF's fight, D-34 Scorpions were modified as light mortar tanks which can attack enemy units at far distances and can acquire itself a rocket which the GLRF can purchase for its tanks for dealing with close range threats.

The new D-34 Mortar Scorpion now requires authorisation from their commanding General to begin production.

GLRF Placeholder Marauder Landship Refitted tanks which can transport soldiers, the new marauder has the ability to transport infantry divisions accross water and they come armed with 105mm cannons and a set of rocket launchers to deal with enemy units suppressing them on beaches and other locations where Prince Kassad desires to off-load his troops, the Marauder is one of many vehicles refitted to cross the water.
GLRF Placeholder Crazy Ahmed Combat Track

These urban vehicles were utilised to kill enemy soldiers on the battlefield and they can also take on enemy units which are inside structures, they cannot target faction owned buildings or bunkers. All-thou it looses the contaminate ability to the D-53 Diablo, the new Crazy Ahmed toxin track can now shoot at longer ranges due to being refitted with several new turrets.

Unlike the GLA's old Toxin Tractor, the Crazy Ahmed can become a bunker due to new tracks replacing the tires, the vehicle can acquire a home-made rocket launcher to fight off enemy aircraft, the Crazy Ahmed is good for contaminating ground since they replaced the old Toxin Tractors.


All through the GLRF don't mainly use robotic weapons and drones for their war against the Chinese-American task force, the Eurasian Commonwealth and the Company of Liberty.

The GLRF Salvaged several old USA Sentry Drones and rigged them up with TNT, bombs and rewired to operate again, it can also be guided to its target by remote control, used by its operator at any Barracks.

GLRF Harbinger Icon Harbinger Anti Arcraft

The Swatter Quad Cannon was a classic, but when Prince Kassad became in charge of the new GLRF forces, the L-AA-6 Harbinger now takes place of the Swatter Quad Cannon as the primary anti-aircraft vehicle of the army.

The vehicle is more durable due to its engine and its capabilities on not just salvaging weapons but the new Harbinger platform has the capabilities of salvaging pieces of armour from destroyed vehicles unlike the L-AA-3 Swatter AA Track.

GLRF Placeholder R470 Bomb Truck

The GLRF salvaged several truck cabs of Swedish truck manufacturer Scania's R Series trucks, the GLRF used these trucks to deliver payloads of bombs to their targets when the TNT Drone is not needed much.

Unlike the TNT Drone itself, the Salvaged R470 Bomb Trucks that the GLRF uses allows the commander of the specific faction to disguise the vehicle and fit additional bombs into the back of the truck for a bigger explosion.

GLRF Placeholder OmniCity Battle Bus

The GLA utilised civilian city buses and tour buses for transporing soldiers into battle when needed, Prince Kassad's new military leadership now utilises the Scania OmniCity bus salvaged across the world and converted them into battlefield transports to replace the older buses which were used by the GLA during the first war.

Within the GLRF, these transports can salvage armour plates to allow it to survive longer on the field, they also serves as immobile bunkers after their destruction, these Battle Buses have been upgraded to transport more GLRF soldiers (10 Men).

Siege Units

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Bucanneer Icon Buccaneer Mortar Buggy

The successor of the GLA's Ratfink Rocket Buggy, the new Buccaneer Mortar Buggy was ordered for battlefield by order of GLRF Leader Prince Kassad where they are good for battlefield use against buildings and groups of targets but they must deploy to fire their mortar cannons.

Buccaneers are unfortunately weak and must be protected in order to complete their bombardment, they can collect scrap pieces for additional mortars along with armour pieces.

GLRF Frontier Icon Frontier Rocket Track

A nimble vehicle which replaces the role of the Ratfink Rocket Buggy with a moderate armoured truck-tank style track which fires home-made rockets at enemy targets.

This vehicle is capable of detecting mines and explosives for the faction's workers and battlefield operatives to deal with without a problem, also works well as a small siege vehicle once it has access to additional home-made rocket ammunition on its turret.

GLRF Placeholder Uragan Scud Launcher

Nowadays, most of the world's finest armies utilized the best and modern siege weapons when it comes to bombardment, ballistic missiles and rocket artillery.

The 9K72 Uragan Scud Launcher was utilized by the GLA in the First Eurasian Conflict, during the GLRF's formation, the Uragan was utilized in the GLRF's siege vehicle ranks along with the Mustang Buccaneer and other artillery vehicles, making the GLRF almost an army to fear.

During some point in the GLRF's campaign, the faction acquired so many Scud Launchers from trades, from veterans of the GLA and other ways obtaining them, they will require promotion to utilise still. They now come with Tracks, also they are now harder to destroy due to modifications but unfortunately they are slower and they cost more due to the new modifications added on.

Misc Units

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Scrap Battlemaster Icon Salvaged Battlemaster Tank

Salvaged Chinese tanks which have been used by the GLRF to be utilize by reservist forces in their ranks, they look old due to the damage but they have rocket launchers unlike the current Type-79 Battlemaster tanks in service of the Iron Dragon PLA.

They have been painted in GLRF-style beige.

GLRF Leopard Icon Salvaged Leopard Tank

These obsolete M5A2 Leopard Tanks were used by the US Army before they were replaced by gauss cannon variants during the first war, after the first war they were sold to other factions, stored, scrapped or donated to museums.

The GLRF managed to acquire many Leopards, fixed the tank's main 105mm rifled Cannon, installed  a set of home-made launchers and resprayed them with sand-style beige.


The Global Liberation Army utilised no aircraft when they mainly used ground vehicles and infantry which were mostly were pinned down by American and Chinese Air Superiority.

Prince Kassad utilised a small air-force for the battlefield when his army starts conflicts against the Chinese-American Forces. Then during time, the Company of Liberty and the Eurasian Commonwealth were involved trying to stop his forces, his aircraft consists of old USA Planes, Russian Jets and Helicopters

Support Aircraft

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Placeholder Flying Boxcar Cargo Plane

Built by knockdown kits and robust materials, the C-119 Flying Boxcar is the Global Liberation Resistance's primary aircraft for dropping soldiers and terrorists into areas across the world.

Prince Kassad's sneaky operators tend to try and get the United States into trouble by copying Old US Air-force paint schemes onto new built aircraft, this plane is the only transport unit for GLRF Forces across the world.

GLRF Placeholder Peacebreaker Bomber

The second former USA Aircraft found to be in service of the Global Liberation Resistance, it was formally known as the Peacemaker by United States Veterans over its 10 year production line, now dubbed as the Peacebreaker by GLRF Pilots and Prince Kassad.

This plane drops strategic biological or dirty nuclear bombs on areas which Prince Kassad targets for attacking. Like the Flying Boxcar, pilots and crew sometimes copy old US Air-Force Paint schemes.

GLRF Shadow Gunship Icon

GLRF Shadow Strike Icon

Shadow Gunship

Before the AC-130 Spectre taken flight and replaced the Shadow, the plane was fast and was moderate armoured compared to its predicessor known as the AC-47 Spooky Gunship.

Most Shadow Gunships in former US-Air Force paintschemes like Peacebreakers and Flying Boxcars were spotted flying around areas where the GLRF mostly strike, causing concern to civilians and military operators. But forces have been warned by the United States that GLRF Forces have been stationing these over areas, and to keep a full watch.

Combat Aircraft

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Placeholder Midget Light Bomber

Lightweight and weak, the Midget is the GLRF's answer to all-purpose bombing capabilities. The Midget is armed with a pair of biological bombs, the Midget dosn't do much damage to buildings but it is good in dealing with infantry and vehicles that don't have anti-aircraft escorts.

The plane is very vunerable since its systems are aging, it cannot survive much power from enemy weapons and they must be protected with Fulcrums at all times.

GLRF Placeholder

Forger VTOL Interceptor Salvaged, rebuilt and rearmed for combat against their enemies, as the Second Eurasian Conflict rages on, the GLRF currently utilises this old Soviet-Era VTOL Interceptor with auto-cannons and salvaged engines to keep up with their targets and bring them to the ground, whilst being known to be short lived unlike the Harrier from the Cold-War.
GLRF Fulcrum Icon Fulcrum Jet Interceptor

Introduced in Russia around 1983, still in active service today, the MiG-29 Fulcrum serves as the GLRF's main and only superiority fighter for combating enemy aircraft and vehicles. Its ammunition consists of unlimited amounts of rockets, similar ones which were used by former GLA Ratfink.

Fortunately, the ammunition for the aircraft itself are a set of rockets are full of biological anthrax beta, at some point a commander can upgrade the ammunition with a set of into dirty radioactive rockets if desired.

GLRF Placeholder Battle Balloon

Cheap and heavyweight, the Battle Balloon is specially designed to carry large amounts of soldiers and vehicles over areas where the GLA cannot reach, the balloon can allow infantry inside the balloon's side cabins to attack enemy vehicles and aircraft which come close to the vessle itself to stop its advance.

The Balloon's heavyweight armour allows it to become stronger than conventional helicopters and transport VTOL aircraft.

GLRF Placeholder Black Shark Attack Helicopter

The main attack helicopters of Prince Kassad's forces, this Russian helicopter is armed with a pair of autocannons, several anti-ground tockets with two occasional rocket pods.

These helicopters were salvaged and re-used for combat situations for when they are needed to suppress an area for GLRF forces to expand, the Black Shark is the only helicopter with enough weapons to survive hasty conditions in the air.

Generals Specific Units

Not all GLRF commanders utilise the same equipment when they are fighting the either China's Iron Dragon PLA, the US Task Forces, the Company of Liberty, the Eurasian Commonwealth, South America's Security Forces & even Middle East's Joint Forces in numerous locations accross the Eurasian continent.

Prince Kassad allowed his Generals to utilise the best weapons and mainly vehicles for their combat ways, which mostly consist of tanks and better vehicles to replace their older ones once they have acquired them for battlefield specialisation.

Chemical General Units

An all time Veteran of the First Eurasian Conflict, Dr. Osuma Deathstrike was commanding the GLA with his brothers known as General Momar and General Khaled Deathstrike leading the army to war against America and China whilst he utilised vast units to his proposal.

Until Khaled Deathstrike defected the GLA, Osuma decided to stay with his brother even after Khaled told them he had enough of the terrorist madness. After 2026, Prince Kassad offered Osuma a position in the GLRF's Chemical Division and accepted. Khaled Deathstrike joined the Company of Liberty and started fighting against the GLRF during the time, Prince Kassad enlisted his brother into the GLRF war machine.

Viper Cell Infantry

To be added...

Viper Cell Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Diablo Icon Diablo APC

Replaced the Toxin Tractor with APC design during the GLA times, the D-53BF Diablo is equipped with a 90mm cannon which can shoot out Beta tipped shells and it can comtaminate areas of ground around the it.

The vehicle can poison enemy infantry which makes the job easy when fighting off platoons, with its mounted sprayers on the toxin tanks, its 90mm cannon can deal with enemy vehicles and structures when contaminating the ground.

GLRF Placeholder Admiral Sprayer Truck

Specially designed to take role of the LT-3 Crazy Ahmed since it has increased mobility, the LT-5 Admiral is based on the Russian Ural-375D truck with a turreted chemical sprayer which is covered by several chemical storage tanks on the back.

If destroyed, the chemical storage tanks on the back of the flatbed will explode which will leave a pool of hazardous toxins in the area for a small time, the truck is useful for dealing with enemy infantry and garrisons.

GLRF Desertstorm Icon Desertstorm Halftrack Artillery

Stolen from SBT Inc. shipments, the Type-88HT Desertstorm is a desert themed operated version of the Napalmstorm which were on their way to China's Iron Dragon PLA offshore forces and the Company of Liberty.

The GLRF's Desertstorm half-track artillery comes armed with Miniature Biological rockets which have Beta tipped biological Anthrax inside them which can upgrade to Anthrax Gamma which will add an extra pinch to the explosion, if at any point the half track is destroyed it leaves a small pool of Anthrax behind.

Viper Cell Aircraft

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Placeholder Schwalbe Jet Fighter

Known as the first jet fighter built in history, Messerschmitt's finest and jet powered Me-262 Schwalbe (Swallow) is a fighter equipped with a set of machine guns and rockets to take on any units, the aircraft attack all units either air or ground.

Not replacing any aircraft regiments inside the Viper Cell but used as a unique unit for combat, the Schwalbe can be upgraded to be equipped with a pair of bombs to cause massive damage but it will be vunerable to aircraft if it does get upgraded at anytime since the Swallow is mostly used for anti-air or anti-ground duties.

Other units will be added.

Demolitions General Units

Rodall "Demolitions" Juhziz preferred all of his men to wire up explosives to themselves to sacrifice themselves for honour of the GLRF or explode when they die to their enemies. Towards utilisation of the latest units for Rodall Juhziz to utilise, he prefers to use latest and experimental units in his style of combat.

Scorpion Cell Infantry

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Placeholder Grenadier Rebel

Expert explosive weapon handlers which replace the Bio-Rebel for General Juhziz.

The Grenadier Rebel is armed with a grenade launcher which he can launch any grenade of his choice at enemy targets, he is best in taking on enemy infantry with two types of grenades to choose from in his backpack.

He can use HE grenades or maybe a threatening radioactive grenade which he can use to clean out garrisons.

Scorpion Cell Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Placeholder Prowler Light Tank

The latest armament recently developed by Juhziz' top researchers and builders, the new Prowler Light Tank is a wheeled armoured combat vehicle baring the resemblence other vehicles such as the FV721 Fox and the FV601 Saladin featuring the same configuration.

In battle, the Prowler Light Tank despite being classed as a light armoured scout unit is capable of dealing with enemy units in numbers, it is equipped with a 75mm Light Cannon for going against other light vehicles and a machine gun to deal with enemy infantry at close range.

GLRF Wrecker Icon Wrecker Anti-Air Tank

Replacing the new L-AA-6 Harbinger with this APC Style anti-aircraft tank, it is armed with a set of Stingers, D-42TM Wreckers are slow unlike the Harbinger but it can take a beating from enemy vehicles but abit resistant to enemy bullets thanks to bolt-on armour.

All-thou its operators focuses its primary functions on enemy aircraft, it can destroy enemy Vehicles.

GLRF Deployer Minelayer Icon Deployer Mine Layer

Moderate armoured vehicles which deploy mines in an area. The Mine Layer is based on the old Marauder Tank design, which has been built to deploy a hidden set of explosives in an area of the Rodall Juhziz's desired location.

These types of traps include Demo Traps, Mine Fields and Decoy Missiles which appear to have landed in the ground and did not explode, the D-43MR Deployer is unfortunately slow and don't show armed on the battlefield.

GLRF Venom Icon Venom Heavy Howitzer

One of the world's heavy armoured wheeled artillery, the Venom is currently utilized as a main artillery of General Juhziz's forces.

The G6 Venom is an armoured vehicle that has been known to be seeing action in Africa against the UFA and Company forces in a campaign to take the continent, these versions are known to pack a high-explosive punch.

GLRF Maus Icon Maus Super Heavy Tank

The classic tank built from World War II, the Panzer VIII Maus tank was the first of many super tanks to be built in the history first stated back to 1943, it is a large tank that can crush enemy vehicles and is the first tank to be equipped with two tank cannons.

Capable of attacking heavy and light vehicles, with a light cannon to deal with lighter threats which can be crushed at anytime but along with that the Maus is equipped with a heavier tank cannon to take on larger tanks and heavier vehicles, along with its extensive on the field it can also salvage armour pieces from destroyed vehicles.

Stealth General Units

Zenans "Chameleon" Ozilq was given some of the latest equipment for her battles ahead. Her weapons for battles and wars against the enemy and anyone who oppose the GLRF consist of new and improved technical units which allows her to become more of a threat on the battlefield.

Chameleon Cell Infantry

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Placeholder Desert Sniper

Surviving veterans of the Global Liberation Army which are specially trained in assassinating their enemies from a far distance with a sniper rifle like Jarman Kell.

Most of the Desert Snipers were recovered from regions which were targeted by the Company of Liberty and the Eurasian Commonwealth where they live, now serving as the primary sniper which followed Zenans Ozilq road against their enemies.

GLRF Placeholder Mercenary

Known for their capabilities on fighting enemies within their areas at a faster rate than regular infantry, Mercenaries serve as core infantry for tier 2 combat within the class range of anti-personnel making them a good asset to the Chameleon Cell.

These operatives are equipped with expensive weapons such as grenade launchers and rocket launchers, giving the Mercenary operatives the impression of being a tank on feet since they can multi-task between tanks and aircraft, however the men are still vunerable to being ran over by hit & run and sniper fire.

Chameleon Cell Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Hammer Tank Icon Hammer Medium Tank

Salvaged Tanks from Russia. The old T-34 Hammer Tank was utilised with D-34A Scorpions and D-45DR Puma MBT battle tanks utilized by Rodall Juhziz and Osuma Deathstrike.

Although the Hammer are not better in battle with enemy vehicles head-on, the Hammer Tank works well with T-72 Devil Tanks and causing trouble with anyone who is against Zenans Ozilq when the Hammer tank has the Home-Made Rocket Upgrade, the tank is also good in protecting home bases.

GLRF Devil Icon Devil Battle Tank

Salvaged tanks from Russia which were utilised to use as the GLRF's battle tank to assist the GLRF in their war against the USA and the Chinese. The T-72 Devil is medium armoured and comes with a 105mm Cannon for combat against vehicles and a fitted 50.Caliber Machine Gun for defensive measures.

The Devil battle tank can also salvage pieces of scrap pieces to help improve the tank's firepower and armour so it can survive in harsh conditions, Zenans Ozilq was impressed with the T-72 during her childhood so she utilized these tanks instead of Puma Tanks due to their durability.

GLRF Ghost SUV Icon Ghost Combat SUV

Based on the civilian Mustang Blur SUV, the Mustang Ghost is a military variant which serves as an advanced technical for fighting off the enemy in dangerous situations and scouting missions.

Nowadays the Ghost can mostly be found off-road racing when not on duty and hunting down enemy infantry, the SUV is durable and is also a medium-weight alternate unit due to its weapons and handling compared to the Bandit Buggy.

GLRF BM-21 Icon BM-21 Rocket Artillery

A Light Armoured siege vehicle utlised for artillery purposes to replace the Uragan Scud Launcher for General Ozilq. This Russian Rocket Launcher was salvaged to use for combating the enemy from long range.

With the BM-21 Grad in Ozilq's hands, she can equip the rockets with a set of high explosives or she can equip special ABC classed dirty radioactive rockets which is an alternate solution to biological warheads utilised by both Desertstorm MLRS and the Uragan Scud Launcher.

GLRF Heavy Supply Truck Icon Hauler Supply Truck

Mainly a basis for the old UME based Bomb Truck, the Hauler is a heavy supply truck capable of carrying a bigger load of supplies for primary operations within the Chameleon Cell, despite them being known as convoy vehicles the trucks have been targeted since they have been affiliated with terrorist forces.

These heavy transporters can be useful for various roles, all-thou it is the best if the UME Haynes Supply Truck isn't carrying required loads, all-thou it isn't armed with any type of defensive weapon it is known to be heavy armoured against enemy units, allowing them to get back to base if under attack.

Terror General Units

Whilst using various units and vehicles to mostly mimick their enemies on the battlefield, Asliraf Masori, who operates the Terror Operations utilises his forces with expert battle experience as they assist Prince Kassad in their war against the aggressors and mostly the Company of Liberty.

Cobra Cell Infantry

Cameo Name Description
GLRF RPD Rebel Icon Terror Squad Rebel Elite versions of RPD Rebels, equipped with an upgraded RPD machine gun and known to hide among civilian crowds but they are found easily with their weapons, along with their molotov cocktails on their belts. Despite being hidden among the crowds, they can strike without hesitation thanks to new training.
GLRF RPG Trooper Icon RPG Trooper Replaced by Cannon Rebels during the GLRF's Overhaul along with almost being outdated by newer weapons and technology, RPG Troopers have been found operating within the Cobra Cell and known to be fighting in sets of Terror Squads which sometimes recieves backup from newer Cannon Rebels.
GLRF Terror RPG Trooper Icon Terror Squad RPG Trooper Upgraded from normal RPG Troopers, these elite set of troopers are equipped with a series of biological rockets with civilian clothing to hide among civilians, several of these soldiers have been found in the elite ranks of the Terror Squad, like their RPD Rebel allies.
GLRF Placeholder Terror Squad Assassin Similar to Zenans Ozilq's Desert Sniper operatives, these forces are long-range hunters equipped with a crossbow to hunt down hostile forces without sounding any alarms, these men can also utilise biological tipped arrows to poison enemy units from a distance.
GLRF Placeholder Terror Cell Officer Operating all Terror Squad Operatives across all regions operated by the Cobra Cell and Asliraf Masori's forces for world domination, Terror Cell Officers can call in a series of airstrikes and raise the morale of any GLRF forces around them, they are known to be high value targets by opposing factions

Cobra Cell Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Speeder Icon Speeder Interceptor

Can serve as a suicide vehicle, attack unit or recon for many types of jobs, this speedy vehicle is the good deal for any specific duty on the battlefield.

It can switch riders for combat purposes which can also allow drivers to utilise their weapons in their combat duty, this can give opportunities for attacking more than Combat Cycles.

GLRF Placeholder Marauder Anti-Air Tank

Replacing the Harbinger in Asliraf's forces, this unknown version of the Marauder was developed by the Middle East.

It was going to be an armoured anti-aircraft counterpart of the original tank, but didn't see much action in several countries across the world but until the Second Eurasian Conflict, where this version of the Marauder saw much action.

GLRF Placeholder Sheridan Light Tank

First built in 1969 by the United States, the M551 Sheridan is a light armoured tank which was utilised during the liberation of Vietnam, organised by the Allied Nations and the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

These old tanks were found in service by Asliraf Masori's Terror forces, it is stronger than Scorpion tanks since they are equipped with a rifled gun and missiles.

GLRF Placeholder Tarantula Battle Tank

Whilst being used as a main battle tank for the Cobra Cell's terror operations when taking on targets, T-64 Tarantula replaces the GLRF's standard D-45DR Puma tank due to its heavier rifled cannon and a set of unguided chemical grenade launchers.

During battles, the Tarantula tank can obtain a home-made rocket like with other battle tanks utilised by the GLRF for extra damage, adding extra firepower to the tank to make it an effective anti-vehicle tank for all Tier-2 combat.

GLRF Placeholder Stinger Battle Tank

Battle tanks built by France during the 1980s, these tanks were known be in combat service with various military units such as forces in Chile, Venezuela and most parts in Europe.

They have seen combat during the Gulf War whilst fighting along side with the M1 Abrams, AMX-30 Stingers are equipped with a 105mm cannon as a primary anti-vehicle weapon whilst it also has a 20mm automatic cannon to deal with lighter threats.

GLRF Placeholder Mauler Super Heavy Tank To be added...

Cobra Cell Aircraft

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Placeholder Komet Rocket Interceptor

The evolution of aircraft before the introduction of the German built Me-262 Swallow, the Messerschmitt Me-163 Komet is a rocket powered interceptor aircraft that was introduced in 1944 as part of Germany's lineup, equipped with machine guns.

Despite being phased out in 1945 before the end of World War II due to the aircraft being set back several times, it managed to be replicated by various manufacturers under GLRF contract using experimental SCUD missile engines along with rebuilt operational replicas of Walter HWK 109-509 engines.

All-thou pilots that fly the Me-163 Komet are specially selected they are also instructed to crash into enemy units if things go bad for them, if possible the pilot operating the Komet might be able to get out before it crashes into a target.

Other units will be added.

Heavy Armour General Units

Sheik Ibrahiim Omar Solimaan's personal force, the Armadillo Cell or a common nickname known by his GLRF allies as the White Guard, Heavy Armoured units are his main feature in the Global Liberation Resistance in while he faces off those who are against him.

Armadillo Cell Infantry

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Guardsman Cell Guardsman

RPD Rebels transformed into Cell Guard regiment units by Solimaan's training and donation of newest weapons, there have been sightings of Cell Guardsmen leading rebels into battle against his enemies.

These well-experienced soldiers are more accurate and double their ammunition rate, doing more damage than standard RPD Rebels do and their anti-aircraft capabilities have also improved.

GLRF White Guardsman White Guardsman

Upgrades of Cell Guardsmen.

The ultimate rank of the Cell Guardsman, the rare but better equipped White Guardsmen which currently have specially designed ceremonial uniform and better equipment.

GLRF Placeholder Bazzoker Trooper

Equipped with modified Rocket Launchers, Bazzoker Troopers can launch 2-4 rockets at a time if required to hold down an area for expansion of the GLRF.

They first start off launching 2 rockets at a time, and when they desire to face off with more enemies, they can launch 4 more rockets with additional ease onto their enemies.

Another feature which makes them more capable at their anti-armour job is that they wear thick kevlar coats which gives them better protection against all kinds of attacks, but makes them slower. They are a valuable asset to Solimaan.

Armadillo Cell Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Placeholder Beaver Recon Vehicle

The BRDM-2 Beaver is a light vehicle from the Soviet-era, they replace the Technical for Solimaan as his basic armoured car.

Equipped with a light machine gun as default against infantry, the vehicle can be upgraded with a Missile Launcher to deal with the light vehicles and also aircraft, Beavers are amphibious which can allow it to cross the rivers but not used much.

GLRF Placeholder Drake Battle Tank

These old tanks are the Solimaan's workhorses despite being old and outdated, the T-80 Drake can take a real fight to modern battle tanks against China or the USA.

Armed with a 125mm smoothbore and coaxial 7.62 MG, the Drake is a fearsome opponent which can deal great damage to enemy vehicles and structures while mowing down enemy infantry bold enough to come too close.

There were some Drakes spotted with turret-mounted missiles, possibly a next generation of bolt-on rockets.

GLRF Placeholder Shilka Anti Air Tank This famous Soviet anti-air weapon serves well in Solimaan's army, taking down all aerial threats with its 4 rapid-fire guns.

During battle, the ZSU-23-4 Shilkas are common with T-80 Drake since they have the same speed and can guarantee the maximum protection against F-22 Raptors and A-10 Thunderbolts of the United States or the Iron Dragon PLA's J-10 Annihilators.

Armadillo Cell Aircraft

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Placeholder Hind Attack Helicopter Old but still a powerful helicopter, the classic Mi-24D Hind-D has been around for Solimaan's airborne support to assist ground units by bombarding the area with barrage of AT-missiles and transporting infantry.

His Hind helicopters are bought directly from post-Soviet states in Eastern Europe rather than salvaged, they are expensive but they are good for taking on enemy forces on the ground and air with a minigun, rocket pods and Anti-Air Missiles.

GLRF Placeholder Flanker Interceptor

Fighters built to last, equipped with Heat-Seaking Missiles and a small Autocannon to take on their enemies. Sheik Solimaan utilized Su-27 Flankers to support his ground battalions units from the air.

The fighters were recently improved for airborne dynamics whilst several numbers in his military forces are being reserved with a number currently under restoration, the Su-27 Flankers are still flying around Saudi Arabia protecting their leader.

However to the extent of other factions, it is unknown as of today on how Solimaan got his hands on these fighters.

GLRF Placeholder Fishbed Close Support Bomber Sheik Solimaan isn't a fool whilst he is in battle, he knows that this aircraft isn't armoured but yet fast, so the MiG-21 Fishbed works as Solimaan's personal close range support bomber with a single barrel autocannon for strafing enemies whilst going fast.

It can also be seen sometimes eluding enemy missiles and also outrunning anti-aircraft vehicles, due to pilots being experts in air combat. Ibrahiim utilised these fast aircraft to strafe and bomb targets given to the pilots via co-ordinates from main command.


The Global Liberation Resistance Forces uses these buildings for training soldiers, buildings tanks and constructing and fielding aircraft to guard the skies and take on enemy aircraft opposing them, they consist of mainly buildings used by the Global Liberation Army during the first war.

The buildings they construct don't require power to function but they have underground generators to allow them to function. During the GLRF's time where the GLA failed their mission, the structures the GLRF construct sometimes consist of different blueprints and different looking buildings from structure ideas stolen from civilians.

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Command Center Icon Command Center The Main Facility which allows the Global Liberation Resistance Forces to keep an eye on their soldiers and vehicles on the battlefield. As time goes by, the Commander can utilise his/her Generals Powers to turn the tides of any battle or fight in their favor. The Command Center can train Workers and build Club Radar Vans, the structure can also be upgraded to become fortified to resist more damage.
GLRF Barracks Icon Barracks This structure was redesigned to house soldiers in a professional manner. The GLRF since they have more soldiers to train unlike the Global Liberation Army, the barracks was designed to house soldiers in better conditions and with a better supply of drinks and snacks for new recruits to consume until their time for duty has came and required on the battlefield.
GLRF Supply Stash Icon Supply Stash Main structures which have been redesigned to house supplies like the GLA's version of the Supply Stash during time in the First Eurasian Conflict. The GLRF's Supply Stash is at a decent size and during time the structure can build supply trucks instead of training workers to collect supplies. Also since the Haynes Supply Truck can acquire a 50. Cal Machine Gun, they are more safer than the workers themselves, the workers can also collect supplies.
GLRF Arms Dealer Icon Arms Dealer The Arms Dealer, a Classic War Factory which houses construction plans for the Global Liberation Resistance Forces offensive and support vehicles which can help them field equipment on the battlefield on the battlefield when it comes to bombing locations, bombarding locations and attacking enemies with tanks and scout missions, the GLRF's Arms Dealer has almost every vehicle for use for any task or job.
GLRF Placeholder Airfield Air Force was the main thing which completes an army. The Global Liberation Army didn't have access to aircraft during their war against America and China in Kazakhstan but they have access to Naval Units instead of aircraft, but it also makes it hard for GLA Commanders to fight harder. The Global Liberation Resistance Forces utilised a functional air-force which consists of out-of-date aircraft.
GLRF Palace Icon Palace Tech Structures which houses the main technical upgrades for the Global Liberation Resistance Forces to use on the battlefield. In the past, the Palace plays an important role in allowing the GLA to access important units and mainly Tier 3 units which allows them to become almost an unstoppable force, the GLRF utilises these structures to acquire access to their army's Tier 3 units, it is also garrisonable for soldiers to defend it from attacks.
GLRF Local Market Icon Local Market Global Liberation Army forces utilised the Black Market to bring in additional income on sales of clothes, weapons, food and household items at cheap prices. Nowadays the GLRF decided to replace Black Markets with disguised civilian variants so they can bring in additional income from $60 each few seconds into $300 every 10 seconds, they hold additional upgrades for the GLRF to purchase.
GLRF Fake Structures Icon Fake Structures The GLRF's workers not only can build structures and clear out mines and explosive traps. Like the GLA during the first war, their workers are specially trained to build fake copies of original structures which can throw hostile forces off course when they are just looking at fake variants of the actual structures itself, they can also build fake defensive structures and their super-weapon to throw the enemy off track.

Defensive Structures

Sometimes consisting of new defensive sites and buildings to help with the Global Liberation Resistance Forces defend their positions from waves of attacking enemies whilst in their battles against their other enemies.

These buildings consist of two sites for anti-aircraft and anti-ground defensive countermeasures and a tunnel network which allows the GLRF to go around the battlefield without attracting trouble from their enemies, also good for taking care of the enemies within a small amount of time.

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Tunnel Network Icon Tunnel Network Consisting of a network of tunnels utilised for underground movement across the battlefield, these tunnel entrances and exits to move soldiers and ground vehicles to various places where Prince Kassad could send units to strike, they are also equipped with an RPK Machine Gun turret.
GLRF Mortar Site Icon Mortar Site Dealing with enemy units from the ground, the Mortar site is equipped with a pair of mortar turrets which take roles to replace the Stinger Sites, fortunately there are Mortar Sites can upgrade from high explosives to radioactive and biological weapons for combat use against enemy units.
GLRF AA Site Icon Anti-Aircraft Site Replacing Stinger Sites for anti-aircraft usage, Anti-Aircraft sites are equipped with a set of machine guns which can be used for swift destruction of enemy aircraft, these sites can also bypass laser based defenses on several aircraft, they can also sometimes come equipped with rocket launchers.
GLRF Demo-Trap Icon

GLRF Advanced Demo-Trap Icon

Demo Trap


Improvised explosives, set to ambush enemy units nearby any enemy forces for a devastating blow to an advance, Demo Traps act like landmines that can be separately upgraded at anytime to pack either anthrax or radioactive munitions.

An advanced version of the Demo-Trap is available for Rodall Juhziz and his Scorpion Cell forces, this can however pack extra radioactive bombs for more effect than standard versions, once it gets upgraded the explosive trap cannot revert back.

Super Weapon

This is the only structure holds the capabilities of the GLRF's ultimate weapon, known by the GLA as a devastating weapon which could almost level an entire base within seconds with its payload of Anthrax mixed with high amounts of Explosives inside the missiles.

Cameo Name Description
GLRF SCUD Storm Icon SCUD Storm

Known to be a threat to all units across the world, this structure is the GLRF's last resort superweapon in turning tides in a battle.

Newer designs for the SCUD Storm was proposed by Prince Kassad allowed it to be upgradable the option to use either dirty radioactive warheads or use a classic blend of biological toxins whilst mixed in with explosives, this new SCUD Storm is known to be more stronger than its predecessor.

Other Structures

In the GLRF, there are some other types of buildings that'll help the Resistance in various cases in combat, some of these can assist in various ways.

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Hole Icon Hole Found as left-overs from destroyed GLRF duildings, these holes are hidden underground pits located under structures and are revealed after any enemy units destroy a building. If left alone, Workers will come out of these holes and begin reconstruction of a specific building which can be found by the rubble around the Hole itself.
GLRF Prison Camp Icon Prison Camp Used to hold prisoners captured by the GLRF, Prison Camps are used to interrogate captured soldiers from rival factions or civilians that could be possible collaborators with their enemies, they are heavy to break into and are usually targeted by factions or civilians resistance the GLRF rescue their comrades from capture, they will be found in missions only.


From vehicle repairs to weapon upgrades, these upgrades help the Global Liberation Resistance's fighters and its armed forces to fight harder and achieve their goals.

Cameo Name Description
Capture Building Capture Building This allows RPD Rebels to capture enemy buildings, they can also acquire tech structures which could prove important.
Booby Trap Booby Trap Training RPD Rebels in the GLRF will recieve Booby Traps they can utilise on structures of their choice, these include civilian buildings, tech structures or buildings inside bases.
GLRF Placeholder Kevlar Vests Mainly stolen from USTF and Company bases, Kevlar Vests provide extra protection from bullets and explosives from any enemy units, cost effective but won't last long once equipped.
Home Made Rockets Home Made Rockets Equips several tanks, including Puma tanks, with a rocket launcher that will launch home created rockets at hostile units within its range of attack, the rockets will cause extra damage.
Camouflage Netting Camo-Netting

(Chameleon Cell Special) - All buildings can become hidden into the shadows, this allows bases for temperory cover if a commander would like to go for an ambush, bases affected by this upgrade will remain hidden until revealed.

Other GLRF sectors except the Scorpion & Viper Cells can also utilise Camo-Netting for their base defenses.

Fortified Structures Fortified Structures This adds additional protection to all production structures in the GLRF, it includes base defenses which could also prove good for the additional.
Anthrax Beta Anthrax Beta The original upgrade that was implemented as a second type of anthrax to use in battle when Mohmar Deathstrike was in control of the GLA, this was soon phased out in favour for the new Anthrax Gamma mixture, all factions except the GLRF's Scorpion Cell can use this for all units.
Anthrax Gamma Anthrax Gamma (Viper Cell Special) - Before the introduction of Anthrax Gamma, there was a green original version of the substance and Anthrax Beta. Since the Beta version is now considered a standard version in the GLRF's Viper Cell forces, Anthrax Gamma can be attained any time.
Armour Piercing Rockets Armour Piercing Rockets All rockets within the GLRF including home-made rockets will recieve a small damage increase of 10%, this applies to aircraft, combat mobs and vehicles.
Armour Piercing Bullets Armour Piercing Bullets Increasing all bullet type damages for all infantry and vehicles equipped with any machine guns, AP-Bullets will give a 10% damage increase.
Dirty Weapons Upgrade ABC Dirty Weapons (Scorpion Cell Special) - These new weapons will replace all original explosive shells and explosives used by some tanks & units with new sets of weapons that have been infused with Radiation, Biological and Toxins that'll leave fields behind.
Demolitions Protocol Demolitions Protocol (Scorpion Cell Special) - Strapping themselves with explosives, also placing bombs in vehicles, this protocol allows units in the GLRF to commit suicide in the name of freedom.
Mortar Improvements Scorpion Mortar Improvements These add another mortar barrel along with an extra bolt-on missile with a newer turret, these classified improvements can make newer Scorpions an extra threat.
GLRF Placeholder Enhanced Combat Training Following newly introduced protocols and special orders from Prince Kassad's officers, new combat training techniques and combat skills are brought together by order, making them better during a fight.
Camouflage Camouflage All Rebels in the GLRF will attain camouflage kits and suits, allowing them to hide into the shadows from any hostile units nearby them, making them good for ambush tactics.
Frontier Rocket Ammo Frontier Rocket Ammo Adds a set of additional rockets to all Frontier Rocket Tracks deployed on the battlefield, increasing fire power and adding extra ammunition for the vehicle to launch more rockets.
GLRF Placeholder Junk Armour Plating (Cobra Cell Special) - Adds pieces of salvaged scrap armour for battle tanks within the Cobra Cell, these pieces of armour unlike Reinforced Armour Plating come cheaper but at a cost provide less protection from enemy attacks.
GLRF Placeholder Reinforced Armour Plating (Armadillo Cell Special) - Instead of packing junk armour for his tank divisions and aircraft since most are mainly new and robust still, Reinforced armour plating can ensure longer for Solimaan's forces battlefield unlike salvaged armour.
Drug Treatment Drug Treatment Whilst there are no medics on the field, operatives are given painkillers and health to help them survive harsh conditions on the field, these will allow all soldiers to heal themselves on the field.
Junk Repair Junk Repair Repairs are usually often expensive, but not for Prince Kassad. Officers and operators which operate vehicles can repair their vehicles if they are not in combat, it helps if many best vehicles are weak from a fight and in need urgent repairs.

Unit Upgrades

These are upgrades for the R470 Bomb Truck, a unit utilised by the GLRF which can disguise itself as any target vehicle, including vehicles operated by enemy brigades.

Cameo Name Description
High Explosive Bombs High Explosive Bomb Upgrades the standard issue payload onboard with a higher grade of explosives for a better damage increase, occassionaly good without biological or radioactive bombs.
Biological Bombs Biological Bomb Conflicts with Dirty Bombs, these leave behind biological pools which can be lethal to any infantry which travel inside it, good combined with High Explosives to achieve better results.
GLRF Placeholder Dirty Radioactive Bomb Conflicting with Biological explosives, radioactive bombs can be deadly in most occasions than normal explosives, good for devastating an entire group of units.

Splinter Cells

As Prince Kassad's mighty GLRF began spanning across many countries, its military forces became divided and formed into so-called Splinter Cells which fights on different frontlines by its own means and along with their unique weapons, most of those possessing a little different equipment than others to fit their needs. There are currently five of the strongest Splinter Cells that are those close to Prince Kassad, serving him and his plans with utmost dedication for world domination.

In the game, you will have one option to choose one of five current Splinter Cells to assist you in your fight with the enemy. Most likely this will be accessible at the Command Center. Once you choose one Splinter Cell, the others will lock and you won't have a chance to use their units. However, along with the exclusive units of each General, you will also gain access to their exclusive Support Powers which can greatly affect the battlefield and turn the tide of any fights in your favour.

Generals Promotions

Rank 1 Promotions

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Placeholder Armoured SCUD Launcher Grants GLRF commanders access to the Armoured SCUD Launcher for combat
GLRF Scorpion Icon Scorpion Mortar Tank Allows access to Scorpion Mortar Tanks, upgraded versions of the old Scorpion Tank
Technical Training Technical Training Upgrades all technical scout units to veteran status when deployed

Rank 3 Promotions

Cameo Name Description
GPS Scrambler 1 GPS Scrambler

In a small radius, this allows units to become hidden from enemy view making it perfect to conduct ambushes.

However, if the Chameleon Cell is deployed into combat during a battle they can upgrade the GPS Scrambler to increase the size of the radius & range.

This can allow more units to become hidden from enemy sight by all means making the Scrambler more of a threat to all enemy forces, but at the commander's benefit can make it easy to hide important units and combat groups.

GLRF Hijacker Icon Hijackers Allows training of Hijackers, use a knife against enemy infantry and steal enemy vehicles
GLRF Shadow Strike Icon God's Wrath Strike Calls in an AC-119G Shadow to bombard an enemy position with bullets and shells
RPD Rebel Ambush 1 Rebel's Suprise Level 1 4 RPD Rebels will come out of hiding and take on enemy units around them
RPD Rebel Ambush 2 Rebel's Suprise Level 2 8 RPD Rebels will come out of hiding and take on enemy units around them
RPD Rebel Ambush 3 Rebel's Suprise Level 3 12 RPD Rebels will come out of hiding and take on enemy units around them
Cash Bounty 1 Cash Bounty Level 1 Earns money for every object eliminated, gives 5% of value depending on unit cost
Cash Bounty 2 Cash Bounty Level 2 Earns money for every object eliminated, gives 10% of value depending on unit cost
Cash Bounty 3 Cash Bounty Level 3 Earns money for every object eliminated, gives 20% of value depending on unit cost
Emergency Repair 1 Emergency Repair Level 1 Repairs Vehicles with 15% health
Emergency Repair 2 Emergency Repair Level 2 Repairs Vehicles with 30% health
Emergency Repair 3 Emergency Repair Level 3 Repairs Vehicles with 50% health

Rank 5 Promotions

Cameo Name Description
Anthrax Bomb Anthrax Bomb Calls in a Peacebreaker to drop an anthrax bomb on an area, effective against infantry
Sneak Attack Sneak Attack Deploys a Tunnel Entrance / Exit for effective suprise attacks, linked with Tunnel Networks
GLRF Placeholder SCUD Barrage Grants commanders access to the GLRF's superweapon, the SCUD Storm

Generals Specific Powers

Viper Cell Protocols

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Placeholder Biological Carpet Bomb Calls in a Peacebreaker to carpet bomb an area with medium range toxins
Bio-Rebel Ambush 1 Bio-Rebel's Suprise Level 1 4 Bio-Rebels will come out of hiding and take on enemy units around them
Bio-Rebel Ambush 2 Bio-Rebel's Suprise Level 2 8 Bio-Rebels will come out of hiding and take on enemy units around them
Bio-Rebel Ambush 3 Bio-Rebel's Suprise Level 3 12 Bio-Rebels will come out of hiding and take on enemy units around them

Scorpion Cell Protocols

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Placeholder Suicide Drone Drop Drops three TNT Drones in a specific area
GLRF Demo-Trap Icon Hidden Bomb Attack Level 1 Deploys an explosive Demo-Trap, destroys units within a range
GLRF Advanced Demo-Trap Icon Hidden Bomb Attack Level 2 Deploys an extra explosive Demo-Trap, destroys units in a medium range
GLRF Demo-Trap Radioactive Icon Hidden Bomb Attack Level 3 Deploys a nuclear Demo-Trap, destroys an entire army in a large range

Chameleon Cell Protocols

Cameo Name Description
GLRF BM-21 Icon BM-21 Rocket Artillery Grants GLRF commanders in the Chameleon Cell access to the BM-21
GPS Scrambler 1 GPS Scrambler Level 1 In a small radius, this allows units to become hidden from enemy view
GPS Scrambler 2 GPS Scrambler Level 2 In a medium radius, this allows units to become hidden from enemy view
GPS Scrambler 3 GPS Scrambler Level 3  In a large radius, this allows units to become hidden from enemy view

Cobra Cell Protocols

Cameo Name Description
Airborne Paratroopers 2 RPD Rebel Paradrop Being replaced by Fanatic's Suprise, 8 RPD Rebels will be dropped into combat
GLRF Placeholder Fanatic's Suprise Level 1 Replacing RPD Rebels, 4 Fanatics will come out and take on enemy units
GLRF Placeholder Fanatic's Suprise Level 2 8 Fanatics will come out of hiding and take on enemy units around them
GLRF Placeholder Fanatic's Suprise Level 3 12 Fanatics will come out of hiding and take on enemy units around them
GLRF Placeholder Black Market Nuke Replacing the Anthrax Bomb, this calls in a Peacebreaker to drop a stolen Black Market grade nuclear explosive on an area, effective against infantry

Armadillo Cell Protocols

  • Reserve Paradrop - Drops reserved but damaged vehicles, Beavers and Drakes
  • Cell Guardsman Training - Upgrades all Cell Guardsmen to veteran status once deployed
  • Mi-24D Hind-D Helicopter - Allows deployment of the Armadillo Cell's attack helicopter, the Hind-D
  • Black Market Nuke Strike - Calls in a Peacebreaker to drop a stolen nuke on a target position
Splinter Cells and Warlords' Armies of the Global Liberation Resistance

Flag of GLRF

Ground Forces
Infantry WorkerRPD RebelCannon RebelRPG TrooperFanaticStinger TrooperBio-RebelMercenaryCombat MobGrenadier RebelDesert SniperSaboteurHijackerJarmen Kell
Misc Infantry OperatorPrison GuardRioter
Generals Specific Infantry Cell GuardsmanWhite GuardsmanBazzoker TrooperTerror Squad RebelTerror Squad RPG TrooperTerror Squad AssassinTerror Cell Officer
Scouts SnowbikeMustang BanditTechnicalMustang SpeederMustang GhostMustang BurnerMustang Viper
Armoured Scouts LT-3 Crazy AhmedLT-5 AdmiralScania OmniCity Battle BusBRDM-2 Beaver
Suicide Units Scania R470 Bomb TruckTNT Drone
Tank Divisions D-34MS ScorpionM551 SheridanD-48 ProwlerD-41J MarauderD-45DR PumaD-53BF DiabloT-34 HammerT-64 TarantulaT-72 DevilT-80 DrakeAMX-30 Stinger
Last Resort Category Heavy Tanks G5K10A ScarabM28 MaulerPanzer VIII Maus
Support Units Locator Radar VanD-43MR DeployerHaynes Supply Truck
Anti-Aircraft L-AA-6 HarbingerD-42TM WreckerZSU-23-4 ShilkaD-40GS Marauder
Artillery Pieces Mustang FrontierMustang BuccaneerType-88HT DesertstormBM-21 GradG6 Venom9K72 Uragan Scud Launcher
Other Units Salvaged Type-79 BattlemasterSalvaged M5A3 Leopard
Air Forces
Helicopters Mi-24D Hind-DKa-50 Black Shark
Fighters & Interceptors MiG-21 FishbedMiG-29 FulcrumSu-27 FlankerYak-38 ForgerMe-163 KometMe-262 Schwalbe
Bombers & Gunships MiG-15 MidgetAC-119 Shadow GunshipB-36 Peacebreaker
Other Aircraft Battle BalloonC-119 Flying Boxcar
Naval Units
Flagship GLRS Mohmar Deathstrike
Patrol Boats & Ships GLRS DaemonGLRS LycanGLRS Penumbra
Frigates & Battleships GLRS HexerGLRS Ruffian
Deployable Naval Vessels Slayer Gun BoatDinghySeashark SubmarinePiranha Patrol BoatCorvette Battleship
Aircraft Carriers GLRS AkmolaGLRS Nemesis
Main Command Command Center
Production Structures BarracksArms DealerAirfield
Resource Structures Supply StashPalaceLocal Market
Defences Tunnel NetworkMortar SiteAnti-Aircraft SiteDemo Trap (Advanced)Fake Structures
Superweapon SCUD Storm
Prominent Characters
Leaders Prince Kassad
Heroes Mohmar Deathstrike
Military Personnel Osuma DeathstrikeZenans OzilqRodall JuhzizAsliraf MasoriSheik Ibrahiim Omar Solimaan
Faction Technologies
Weapons ABC Weapons (Various)
Support CamouflageGPS Scramble
Faction Information
History Global Liberation ArmyTimeline of the GLA to GLRFGLRF OverhaulSalvage Upgrading
GLRF Terrorist Cells Anaconda CellArmadillo CellCobra CellChameleon CellScorpion CellViper Cell
Other GLRF Accociates Martollo CartelGLA Separatists