Global Front of Liberation
Flag of GFL Large
The GFL emblem, currently in Prince Kassad's wall in a GLRF Palace
Formation November 14th 1940

Unknown - Saudi Arabia
Disbanded in 1945 Flag of Saudi Arabia Small
Succeeded by the BGL

Faction Color Yellow
Allies Warlords Alliance
Enemies League of Nations

Soviet Union
Empire of Japan
Pacific Alliance

Type of Faction Liberation Army
Leaders Unknown GFL Leader
Officers Unknown GFL Officer

Unknown GFL Officer
Unknown GFL Officer

Special Weapons Unknown
Strategies Unknown
Strengths No Power Plants

Stealth and Camouflage
Early Developed ABC Weapons

Weaknesses Weak Tier 1 Infantry and Vehicles
Status Not Started

Will appear in sequel

Before the Global Liberation Army or the GLRF, there was a terrorist faction operating within Saudi Arabia.

They were allies with the Warlords Alliance, another terrorist group operating in Africa, but were also known to be enemies of the European operated League of Nations, the Soviet Union, they were also enemies of the Empire of Japan and the Pacific Alliance, before the Bureau of Global Liberation the GFL were predecessors of the Global Liberation Resistance as found in history of the GLRF once found by Prince Kassad's followers.

Combat Focus

Focusing on their power to take on Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States, they utilised weapons and vehicles stolen from other countries; they also used weapons purchased from black market dealers to help them in their war against enemy forces who oppose them.

Among several units stolen from countries or bought from dealers during World War II were ZSU-28 Ruiner and Japanese Type 95 Ha-Gō tanks, modern forms of stealth technology for vehicles or aircraft wasn't around from the time, early styles of stealth such as make shift camouflage was used to hide their infantry in the sand, jungles and even in snow covered landscapes.

Among their force is the IS-6 "Cobra" (formerly Dynamo); a Soviet Heavy Tank which had construction plans, blue-prints and even a prototype stolen from Soviet armouries and allowing their operators to pretend they were their enemies, thus causing them to place blame on Union for something they didn't even do. Units are weak at the start of the fight, but as time went on, their forces grew stronger with every passing day as World War II went on. Starting up from tier 1 with the Autoblinda 41 and increasing up as their units in armour, firepower and speed, their forces were known to pose a bigger threat than the League of Nations and Soviet forces have seen before since World War I.


Cameo Name Description
WWII GFL Placeholder Worker

The basic construction & maintenance operatives working under GFL guidelines, several Workers were contracted by the leader of the entire faction to build and maintain bases operated by the forces fighting in Europe and across the world.

WWII GFL Placeholder Rebel Frontline infantry, Rebels serve as basic combat infantry using Type-99 Arisaka rifles along with stolen Type-100 SMGs for all combat purposes whilst on the battlefield, despite being trained in poor conditions they do come in fours and are quick to deploy.
WWII GFL Placeholder Tank Hunter Equipped with Panzerschreck launchers & MG34s machine guns stolen from German bases during several invasions, the GFL Tank Hunters serve as primary anti-air & vehicle infantry for dealing with early threats at tier 1, can be dangerous in groups.
WWII GFL Placeholder Salvager Can capture buildings & tech structures, Salvagers as their name states is capable of salvaging abandoned vehicles if the pilots are killed through various pilot snipe capabilities, these men are not equipped for fights so they must be protected at all costs.
WWII GFL Placeholder Ghost Sniper Using only his sights and matching clothes to blend in across the world, Ghost Snipers are equipped with Type-99 Arisaka rifles stolen from various Japanese bases along with bayonets that the sniper can use for long range attacks, also for charging foes.
WWII GFL Placeholder Saboteur Ideal for sabotaging structures & operations of factions, the GFL employed Saboteur is an infiltrator for hire that can cause any type of trouble for hostiles, he can also shut down structures or sources of power along with capable of stealing funds.
WWII GFL Placeholder Terror Squad Elite operatives, good for attacks & defensive roles, the fearsome & powerful Terror Squad is a group of experienced and more better warriors operating in the GFL, equipped with light machine guns, rocket launchers & long range anti-material rifles.
WWII GFL Placeholder Osuma Mohammed To be added...

Ground Vehicles

Scouts & APCs

Cameo Name Description
WWII GFL Placeholder "Panhard" Scout Car French built armoured scout vehicles, the Panhard 178 Scout is a light armoured combat unit that can take on various enemy vehicles with other light tanks including Japanese Hyenas and Italian Carro Armatos, ideal as a low tier scout
WWII GFL Placeholder "Autoblinda" Infantry Fighting Vehicle Also known during production as the AB 41 or Autoblinda in short, the Autoblinda 41 is an armoured car built in Italy during World War II originally for the military, the vehicle is equipped with an automatic cannon for tier 1 attacks and patrols.
WWII GFL Placeholder "Ho-Ha" Armoured Personnel Carrioer Stolen from various Japanese bases, the Type 1 Ho-Ha carrier is an armed APC equipped with mainly machine guns to take on various infantry divisions, they can also transport 10 operatives to the frontlines if mass infantry attacks will be ideal.


Cameo Name Description
WWII GFL Placeholder "Hyena" Light Tank Imported versions of the Japanese built Ha-Gō Kitsune tank, the Type-95 Ha-Gō Hyena is an export version of Japan's Kitsune tank that were used by various countries in the Middle East and in Europe before the war began, the tank serves as the faction's light AFV.
WWII GFL Placeholder "Carro Armato" L6/40 Built by Italy, several stolen from bases in Europe, the light armoured and fast Fiat Carro Armato L6/40 is equipped with a light gun with a machine gun to deal with any hostile forces but only for tier 1 attacks however, the tank can be upgraded with newer guns.
WWII GFL Placeholder "Char B1" Heavy Tank First used by France, salvaged by the GFL in 1939 but re-used in 1944 with the Free French Forces to combat the invaders, Char B1 tanks are equipped with a heavier gun and is capable of salvaging a second gun, making it good for double barrel combat.
WWII GFL Placeholder "Ruiner" Anti-Air Tank Soviet built tanks, acquired through various means as an anti-air tank, the ZSU-28 Ruiner is a variant of the T-28 mediun tank equipped with a pair of Soviet built machine guns and is known for its survival with medium armour plating, making it good for defense


Cameo Name Description
WWII GFL Placeholder Semovente 75/46 Artillery A self propelled artillery built by Italy but stolen in large numbers from various armouries during raids in 1942, Semovente 75/46 serve as the self propelled artillery guns for the GFL's campaign that can attack hostile units & bases from a long range.

Super Tank

Cameo Name Description
WWII GFL Placeholder IS-6 "Cobra" Experimental Heavy Tank To be added...



Cameo Name Description
WWII GFL Placeholder VL "Myrsky" Anti-Air Reconnaissance Finnish built fighters assigned with anti-airc reconnaissance to ensure the skies are clear of enemy forces, the Myrsky was first secured in 1943 during the inter-war period but it did come late since it was used by Finnish Air Forces.
WWII GFL Placeholder IAR 80 "Spinner" Fighter Primary fighters separate from Finnish Myrsky anti-air recon planes, the Romanian built IAR 80 Spinner is a fighter plane equipped with machine guns that can allow it to strafe enemy foot soldiers & clear out light movements.
WWII GFL Placeholder A6M "Zero" Dive Fighter Secured from black market merchants with several numbers mainly stolen from Japanese bases, the A6M Zero built by Mitsubishi is mainly a fighter plane but mainly used in dive bombings, it can be used in dangerous Kamikaze moves.
WWII GFL Placeholder Re.2005 "Sagittario" Interceptor Italian interceptors, equipped with automatic cannons for swift attacks against armoured vehicles and even better aircraft, Re.2005 Sagittario interceptors were also used by Italy in 1943 prior to the GFL occupation.


Cameo Name Description
WWII GFL Placeholder Amiot 143 "Reaper" Medium Bomber To be added...
WWII GFL Placeholder Ki-48 "Pincer" Light Bomber To be added...


Important Buildings

Cameo Name Description
WWII GFL Placeholder Command Bunker To be added...
WWII GFL Placeholder Barracks To be added...
WWII GFL Placeholder Supply Center To be added...
WWII GFL Placeholder Vehicle Forge To be added...
WWII GFL Placeholder Airstrip To be added...
WWII GFL Placeholder Radar Facility To be added...
WWII GFL Placeholder Palace To be added...
WWII GFL Placeholder Oil Refinery To be added...
WWII GFL Placeholder Superweapon Unknown To be added...

Defensive Emplacements

Cameo Name Description
WWII GFL Placeholder Tunnel Network To be added...
WWII GFL Placeholder Stinger Site To be added...
WWII GFL Placeholder Mortar Emplacement To be added...


To be added...

Warlords and Armies of the Global Front of Liberation
Flag of GFL Small
Ground Forces
Infantry RebelTank HunterSalvagerGhost SniperSaboteurTerror SquadOsuma Mohammed
Scouts and Armoured Vehicles Autoblinda 41Panhard 178Type 1 Ho-Ha
Tanks Carro Armato L6/40Char B1Type 95 Ha-Gō Hyena
Anti-Aircraft ZSU-28 Ruiner
Artillery Semovente 75/46
Super Tank IS-6 Cobra
Air Forces
Fighters IAR 80 SpinnerA6M ZeroRe.2005 SagittarioVL Myrsky
Bombers Amiot 143 ReaperKi-48 Pincer
Naval Units
Combat SubmarinePT BoatDestroyer
Heavy Duty CruiserAircraft Carrier
Main Command Command Bunker
Production Structures BarracksVehicle ForgeAirstrip
Resource Structures Supply CenterRadar FacilityPalaceOil Refinery
Defenses Tunnel NetworkStinger SiteMortar Emplacement
Superweapons Superweapon Unknown
Prominent Characters
Leaders To be added...
Military Personnel To be added...
Faction Technologies
Weapons To be added...
Detailed Information
History History of the Global Front of Liberation

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